December 22, 2012

Friday, Friday!

Yesterday was quite a day! I must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed, which really put a damper on things for a good portion of the day. I woke up at a more reasonable hour, got dressed and was ready to go! I was looking forward to getting out of the house, but somewhere along the lines, excitement got lost in the shuffle. 

My mom and I had lunch at Chic-Fil-A, which was tasty as always! Then, we went over to the Hallmark store just to look around, since it's usually all decorated for Christmas. They had a lot of really cute things, but we didn't buy anything. We had to run to Target to get a few more gifts, and came home.
That's when things got interesting. My mom and I tried to program our remote in the car to the garage door opener, which doesn't sound that hard, but for whatever reason, it's just not working. We were laughing pretty hard, because neither one of us apparently had the magic touch. I guess we'll just keep working on it. 

On the inside: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! *with dialogue from the show talking*

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading my magazine (the one shown below), watching TV and wrapping a couple presents. It was a nice afternoon after exhausting myself. 

Later on, we watched Christmas in Washington, while eating dinner when my dad got home. We were laughing at Scotty McCreery's facial expressions; the kid is entertaining. We then decided to go to the mall to have Candy Cane blizzard's from Dairy Queen. It's the only Peppermint treat I haven't tried, so it was my last part of the challenge. Now that I've tried all of the desserts, I'm going to post my favorites in order. They're all really good, it just depends on what kind of peppermint or type of peppermint you're looking for. 
  • McDonald's Peppermint McFlurry
  • Jack In The Box Andes Mint Shake
  • Chic Fil A Peppermint shake
  • Dairy Queen Candy Cane Blizzard
  • Sonic Chocolate Peppermint shake

We walked around the mall for a little bit, but everything was starting to close, so it didn't last long. Sears was still open when we were getting to walk out, so we went in there and ended up spending awhile in there. They had a lot of things on sale, so we were checking out those deals. But, by the end of the night I was nowhere near cheerful, and it's sad when I can't even blame it on needing sugar, because I'd just had some ice cream. I was able to relax in the car, but honestly I think somewhere in my subconscious, I can't handle the holiday without my grandparents anymore. Things just aren't the same since they've been gone, and they never will be.
I spent the rest of the night working on my blog, watching The Office and finally around 4 a.m, I went to bed. Yeah, I don't know why I keep staying up that late...But, I'm almost done with the series, so then I can go back to a normal schedule. You're only young once, right? Gotta live it up while you can. And that includes watching a TV series until the wee hours of the morning.

Alright, well, that's all for now,
Shelby :)

Things I'm Loving Right Now

John Krasinski:
 I wanted to be an English teacher. I wanted to do it for the corduroy jackets with patches on the side. When I got to college, as I was walking across campus one day, I ripped off a little flyer for this sketch-comedy group. It ended up being one of the greatest things I've ever done." 
(You all should have seen this one coming. If not, shame on you). But, seriously, this guy is incredibly smart and is such a natural at acting, and just seems like a really normal and nice guy. I admire that about him the most. 

OPI Nail Polish (holiday colors)//
They all have festive names and they have tiny sparkles in the polish, which makes your nails extra pretty :)

BIC Velocity assorted ink pens: 
They write AMAZING!

Paint sample cards: 

I use them for writing quotes and I plan on using them for scrapbooking. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest. 


Random Thoughts From My Constantly Chaotic Mind

John Krasinski is my new favorite person in Hollywood. There are just so many reasons that I think he's awesome...Like the fact that he majored in creative writing and wanted to be an English teacher. He just seems SO nice. He's hilarious without being crass, etc. You get my point though. 

My new year's goals and resolutions usually have to do with a TV show or a celebrity.

I'm debating on whether I want to audition for the youth band at church. GULP!

I NEED an internship at Warner Brothers Studio! I just have to at least once before I die. It's the perfect place for me, I'm sure of it. 

I really want to work in TV. I feel like I could be really great at it, yet I just get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that it might not turn out like I plan for it.

I wish Netflix had Something Borrowed. You already know my reasoning, so don't ask yourself why would she want that? It's pretty obvious really.

I sent in an application type thing to be a seatfiller at the People's Choice Awards. It would seriously be a dream come true if it all works out.

I should have been born in a small town back in the midwest or something. I just feel like I'd fit in a lot better around there. 

I feel like I'm totally wasting my life away. All I do is get sucked into TV shows and my life revolves around that. I need to find a more valuable way to pass the time. 

Something that makes me happy: When my best friend texts me and says she saw an Erin (from The Office) look-a-like at Chipotle one afternoon as well as an almost John Krasinski at the mall earlier in the day. 

I constantly have a notebook with me or at least be able to get to the notes in my phone quickly, because my head is always filled with ideas and if I don't get them out right away, I lose them. 

Sometimes the things that keep me up at night are hypothetical conversations I would have with my fave celebs if I were to run into them at an award show. Although, sometimes it also helps me fall asleep too. 

Welcome to my life.

December 21, 2012

My Must See Shows

1. Friends// Only one of the greatest comedies around. When it came on back in the 90s, it was so different, because it was about a group of friends, where most were about families and how to solve problems in 30 minutes. The way each character brought something new to the table was really something special. They weren't trying too hard, they were just naturally funny. When I'm feeling down, I can pop in one of the DVD's or find an episode on one of the TV stations and it makes me feel better. They made me feel like I was part of the gang!

2. Gilmore Girls// This will always be my number one show, sorry to everyone else out there! This show has been with me throughout my most important years of life. I believe I started watching repeats on ABC Family in about 6th or 7th grade. Eventually I got all of the seasons for Christmas and other random occasions and watched them religiously. Now, this was the show I could tell you what episode was on which disc, because I'd have marathons of it just about every afternoon and watch whenever it was on TV. This was what made freshman year of high school so bearable. It's just such a relatable show to me and my life; I have so much in common with Rory being journalism majors and being so close with our moms. And because I've been to "Stars Hollow" on the WB tour, it makes it feel that much more real. Stars Hollow is a state of mind; a place to realize that there will always be people around who love you and no matter what quirky characters you usually meet along the way, they usually mean well. It's the kind of town I want to live in and spend my days people watching. Amy Sherman Palladino will forever be my hero for creating this show, even if it was just a fluke thing when she pitched it.

3. The Vampire Diaries// You know, I always say I'm not into Vampires, but I guess I really am, because I tend to watch just about everything they're in (Halloween movies, Twilight, etc). I love that this one is a little more interesting than just the typical love triangle. Sure, that's what I mainly watch for, but there are also a lot of intricate story lines that branch off from that, where it doesn't just focus on the vampire-isms, but there's actually real substance to the plot.

4. American Idol// I've been obsessed with this show since day one, almost twelve years ago. I can't believe it has been that long, but this show has been with me almost my entire life. I remember watching the first season dreaming of the day that I'd be 16 and would be old enough to audition. I think why I clicked with this show so much is that being a singer has always been my biggest dream, and I love watching other people live out their dreams. Besides, everyone loves a good "Cinderella story" like this one.

5. Pretty Little Liars// I always tend to start most shows late, and this was one of those cases. One of my friends kept telling me all about it, and I was just like "Nah, it's not my kind of show." Well, we ended up killing time before watching another show one night with this one, and I was hooked. I didn't really know anything about the characters, except for Aria and Ezra's relationship, but I wanted to know more. I ended up catching up on the last few episodes later that night on the On Demand channel and was ready to go for the next week! I love how they tackle the modern age "bullying" with technology, because it's a kind of conflict that has never really been talked about before. Especially to keep a series going on about it. There's so much action and drama, yet funny moments and moments of sincerity intertwined with the relationships and flashbacks. I'm starting to get a bit bored with it, but I'm interested in seeing how things play out in the second half of the season now that things are really starting to unravel in the mystery of A.

6. Boy Meets World// This is one of those shows I'll be showing and telling my kids all about when I have them someday. It's a show full of lessons, and that's what I loved about it. When Cory, Shawn and Topanga did something wrong, they showed the consequences, and they showed their reasoning and steps in deciding whatever they did.

7. One Tree Hill// There's only one Tree Hill. This was a show that had its own voice; it talked about the hard issues. They didn't glorify things and they certainly didn't write an episode just for the sheer entertainment factor. It was never the show up for nominations at award shows or anything like that, but you know what? It lasted nine years and won the hearts of so many viewers, so they must have been doing something right. I feel like this was the modern Wonder Years with its narration and life lessons, helping kids find their way and things really do turn out alright in the end. They showed that you have the potential to be someone really incredible and you shouldn't let anyone else tell you differently. The life you desire is out there and it can be yours.

8. The Office// Oh, The Office. So much to say about this show, yet where to begin? It's definitely not like anything else I've ever seen, and maybe that's because it originated over in the UK first with Ricky Gervais, but it's stinkin hilarious! I honestly didn't expect to like it so much, but after a couple episodes, I was glued to my ipad. I'm just blown away at the fact that a show simply about an office and the people that work there can last for nine years without it really getting boring. They've been able to come up with new story lines and have kept things going with just as much humor and wit. But, the real reason I keep watching is for how relatable Jim and Pam are. I feel like everything they've brought to that relationship has been so real and it has been amazing to watch it blossom from a great friendship into them getting married and starting a family. Plus, Jim's (John Krasinski) facial expressions are just amazing.

9. The Ellen Degeneres Show// I just love Ellen! She has a way of making everyone in the live audience and everyone at home feel good about life, whether it's through making someone's dream come true or having positive guests on the show. It's inspiring to see the good that she endorses; families, teachers, friends, etc. She reminds us that there are good people who still like to help others and reminds us to do the same. Watching her show everyday brings a smile to my face and never fails to make me laugh. Gotta love Tony doing karaoke or those random cat videos.

10. The Wonder Years// I've grown up watching this show with my dad, so it always brings back a lot of sentimental memories with it. Honestly, it's just another one of those feel good shows. There are plenty of laughs, tears, and aww moments to go around. It just talks about life; it highlights the good moments, but also deals with the bad because unfortunately life has its share of those too.

These are "my shows". A small part of those characters come along with me, as weird as that may sound. But, after awhile of watching they become your friends or they represent the kind of people you would know or do know. They're the kinds of shows you turn to when the real people in your life might not always be there or maybe you just don't feel like dealing with them. Somehow these characters and the stories they tell just make your world a little bit brighter, even if only for 30 minutes-one hour each week.

Beauty Products I Use (Makeup)

 1. Bare Essentials mascara// I normally buy the cheap brands, just because it's easier, but this one goes on really well without clumping my eyelashes together like the last one I bought. It also makes them look fuller and longer without having to do anything else.

2. Smashbox eye liner// Once again, I usually just buy whatever brand I happen to find, whether it's Ulta or some other brand at Wal-Mart, but my mom happened to give me a Smashbox pencil one time when I needed a new one. She doesn't use black, so I took it and loved it! After using other pencils, I can tell a difference. It just tends to go on a lot smoother.

3. Bare Essentails Warmth bronzer// This is obviously a bronzer as stated in the title, but I use it for blush. Sometimes it makes me a little too tan, especially in winter months, but also helps give me more color when I'm starting to look a little pale. It's great to blend them.

4. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream// I've used several primers before, but this line is probably the best! It almost works as a foundation, which is nice.

5. Covergirl Nature Luxe foundation// I've used MAC, Bare Essentials, and a few other brands, but I'd say this one works as one of the best. The color seems to work really well with my skin and it goes on smoothly.

6. Covergirl TruBlend pressed powder// I switch around with different lines of powders as well. Most of the time because they don't work and other times, just because I'm bored and feel like I need to change things up a bit. It's pretty simple, really, but it does the trick of settling the makeup in. And all of their powders always smell really fresh and clean, which is nice.

What are some makeup products you guys use? Tell me on Twitter or in the comments below :)

That's all for now,

Thursday=Best Friend Day

Well, today I didn't do anything. I woke up around 11 or so, had my quiet time with God, drank some coffee and finally decided to get out of bed around noon. Sounds like I'm living the dream, doesn't it? I was lazy the entire morning, which consisted of not doing anything, except for watching TV, eating lunch, and messing around with some things on my computer. Finally around 2, I knew I had to start getting ready because my best friend was going to come over pretty soon. Finally I was all "purdied up", and around 4, Marissa came over.
I always look so forward to Thursdays, or whatever night she comes over, because it's just a way for me to unwind and vent, as well as have a few laughs and a few words of wisdom in the process. Today was no different. We talked with my mom for a few minutes, while watching Katie, then went over to Ulta to check some things out, because Marissa had never been there before. She has seriously been missing out, but today I believe things changed for her. We basically made our way to every nook and cranny in the store, looking at everything! There is SO much to see, and I wanted one of each of everything. We also talked about our love for makeup, because there is no better place to do it than in the middle of Ulta. When we were done, we went over to Starbucks and got some coffee. I finally decided to try the Peppermint Hot Cocoa, which was as delightful as Bethany Joy Lenz described it. I also thought it was appropriate since it's so close to Christmas and I've been having Peppermint in everything else. 

We came back to my house and started our John Krasinski marathon. Okay, so it was only one movie, but still...It was something, and I truly believe this is a nice start of more to come! The only movie I have so far is License To Wed that my aunt gave me, thank goodness. It was a rather interesting movie; a little sacrilegious, but the ending was cute, and a good portion of the time we just focused on how awesome John is anyway. Plus, there were cameos from Kelly, Kevin, and Angela on The Office. We were freaking out about that too! When I looked at the back of the movie, I noticed Ken Kwapis was the director, who also does The Office, so it all made perfect sense. 

We ate dinner and watched The X Factor for a little while, while adding our own rather hilarious commentary to it. Honestly, I think that's what I love most about reality TV. There's just so much to comment on. And with me, my mom and Marissa in the same room...The possibilities are endless. Dinner was delicious as well; my mom made lasagna, salad, and bread. YUM! Then, Marissa and I took a bunch of pictures since we wore our festive sweaters. 

We watched a couple episodes of The Office and snacked on some chocolate covered pretzels, and did a little talking about life. You know, girl talk! Those are some great moments, let me tell you. Marissa went home around midnight, so I walked her out to her car...and it was FREEZING! All of us Californians complaining about no cold weather has finally been made up for because it is seriously cold. Winter is here. If only it would snow, it would make all of this worthwhile...But, more than likely that will not happen :( Oh, sad day!

Now, I will finish out the night as I always do with a "Office" marathon. Life is good and I am extremely happy :)

That's all for now,


Yesterday was my official last day of the semester, so I had to return my books back to the student store. Since my school is in such a quaint little town, I wanted to spend the day there and look at some stores, etc. My mom and I decided to get an earlier start, instead of my sleeping until noon, so we could get everything accomplished.
We got ready, then had to run a few errands in town before we left. While my mom was at the bank, I decided to take pictures...Because that's pretty much all I do in my spare time.

Eventually, we made our way out to Taft, listening to Celine Dion's Christmas album, which is magical if you've never listened to it. She has the voice of an angel and the songs are incredible, so it will make your Christmas that much more enjoyable.

Our first stop was the student store, which didn't take long at all. I think because everyone has such weird times for finals, it wasn't very busy, so I was able to get in and out. That was a load off of my mind, because it's one step closer to being done with school. After that, we decided to have lunch at this little diner that a couple of my friends and I would go to. I also realized that this was going to be my last  trip to the town for a very long time, until graduation, which made me really sentimental. So, I tried to soak up as much of it as possible in all of its glory. Lunch was pretty tasty, but not quite as good as I remembered it being. Then again, I usually get the cheeseburger.

After lunch, we went exploring around town, which is basically a street of everything we wanted to see. It looks like just about every other small town out there, which my mom and I commented that Hollywood should totally use it to film stuff, because every shop on the block had just about closed down, making it all available. It's a charming place too, with a movie theater, several antique stores and a couple of restaurants. There was no one else around when we got out of there, which totally made me feel like I was on the backlot at WB Studios, and that felt awesome! I totally could've made my own mini movie in the center of town. Taft is also known for making a few movies in its time! There's one starring Robin Williams called "The Best Of Times" that was pretty big, I believe. Why didn't I think of making my own movies out there sooner? Oh well, maybe next time! There was such a nice chill in the air that for the first time in quite awhile it actually felt like winter. We went into an antique store, Old's Cool (Old school is how it sounds when you say it), because the last time we visited a few months ago, they said they were going to go all out for Christmas, and I definitely wanted to see that.
They weren't kidding when they said they'd decorate. It was complete with trees, lights hanging off objects, a small Christmas village, and several other Christmas items. Plus, all of their original antiques that had been there awhile. They have some really great stuff. Even though, I don't usually buy anything when I go in antique stores, I just love looking around and exploring...You can get a lot of great ideas to make things or even find things you remember having. There was even an adorable cat that followed us around for a bit and wanted to be our friend.

We walked down the street a little, and realized there was nothing else open, so we decided to go to Ben's Bookstore, which my mom used to go in all the time when she would wait for me during class. It's a cute little place filled with used books, sometimes autographed copies and a little sitting area with coffee and treats. Ben seemed really nice, wandering around to ask customers how they were and even offering us chocolates. They were tasty, by the way. I found several books, but seeing as most of the time lately I'll buy books and just not read them, I decided it would be best for me to not buy more. However, it reminded me of how much I want to open a little bookstore or something like that; somewhere that has regulars and is warm and inviting to strangers. I don't know, just something that sparked in my mind and heart while perusing.

We weren't really sure that there was anywhere else left to go, so we ended up at Albertson's picking up our Christmas roast. By that time, I was losing interest in anything, and was ready to head home. We listened to George Strait's Christmas album, and I admired the view. I was always able to take some really awesome pictures of the sky on the way home from class. Plus, I'd pass this sign that says "Mifflin" which naturally made me think of Dunder Mifflin and it would make me really excited every time. I know....

We got home, and decided to go to the store since it was in the middle of the week and it might not be as crowded to get some of our baking goods that we need to make Christmas treats. The store wasn't too bad and we ended up running into an old friend of my grandparents' that was nice to say hi to.
Ingredients for Faith Hill's Coca-Cola Cake. 
The rest of the afternoon was spent inside, working on my critique and watching TV. My mom had even made Kimberly Schlapmann's (of Little Big Town) recipe for Limeade, which I had my doubts about, but was super tasty! Extremely sweet, but perfect for summer I'd say!
I watched a Christmas movie with my mom, had dinner, drank some hot cocoa, watched The X Factor, and looked up some outfit ideas from Bethany Joy Lenz and Demi Lovato; had my brain storming away for Vegas next month. It was a really relaxing night!

 Here were a few throwback pictures:
Melora Hardin (Jan on The Office) at the Emmy's when we watched the red carpet in person! Also got REALLY close to Steve Carell, but only through a window where Ryan Seacrest was interviewing him and didn't have my camera :(
Leighton Meester
Me and Sheryl Crow at the Nashville airport! She was on our flight from Los Angeles! 
Amy Poehler and Will Arnett on the red carpet at The Emmy's! 

That's all for now,