January 3, 2013


When I'm bored, I do quizzes! So here's one I found on Tumblr:

1. If you could live anywhere else, where would you?
  • Nashville, LA, or South Carolina. They're just perfect for me! Plenty of things to do and a lot of places to people watch. I love the city and I love the country too, so any of these would be easy to consider "home."
2. What is your favorite TV show character and why?
  • I have way too many favorite characters from each of the shows I watch; The Office- Pretty much Jim...But, also Jim and Pam, Friends-Chandler and Rachel, Gilmore Girls-Rory, One Tree Hill-Haley. I like them for their strength and usually I love the characters that are most like me. I mean that in a sense that I like real people who are represented on TV, not crazy people doing random things that would never in a million years happen. I like it when they have sarcasm, are witty, have the same interests as mine, and have big goals/dreams, all of which these have.
3. Where are you from?
  • California
4. Disney or Europe?
  • Well, since this is really hypothetical and I've already been to Disneyland...I would definitely go to Europe! I can go to Disneyland anytime! And I've always wanted to visit Europe. There are so many incredible places to visit over there.
5. What is your favorite book?
  • The Last Song or Safe Haven... or really any other Nicholas Sparks book! I really love his style of writing.
6. What is the most annoying fandom you are in? And the most amazing one?
  • I think every group has their "crazies", but honestly I'd have to say the most amazing ones are One Tree Hill and Carrie Underwood. They're the groups that I've made some of the greatest friends in.
7. If you could get married to any celebrity, who would it be?
  • Nick Jonas for sure! 
8. What countries have you been to?
  • Just the USA and Mexico.....
9. What is your favorite movie?
  • Titanic, 13 Going On 30, Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted, Father Of The Bride; any chick flick or comedy I'm usually into if they don't go too far like The Hangover or any of those.
10. Do you have pets?
  • Yup! Two cats :) But, I really want a Border Collie. That will never happen until I move out. HAHA!
11. Are you in love/ have a crush?
  • Not so much! I've basically given up on that right now, because it never seems to pay off. It's good to be free of worrying about that anyway.

5 Reasons Why Jim Halpert Is My Hero

Best Jim scene EVER! 
  1. If you're patient with something, yet do your best to get what you want, it WILL pay off in the long run. Jim let Pam know how he felt, but she was with Roy at the time, and you know what? Nothing happened for the longest time. He tried to move on, but it still wasn't working...and long story short, he ended up getting the girl of his dreams. Just because something isn't happening right when you want it to, doesn't mean it will never happen. I think about some of the people that I think that a relationship is never going to happen with, because timing is off or he's dating someone else...Or he's a popstar...whatever. Never say never! One of these days it can happen. It did for Jim. 
  2. Jim is still one of the good guys left in this world, or represents the fact that somewhere out there (possibly in Pennsylvania) that there are still guys that treat women like true gentlemen. They're not pushovers or anything like that, but they're strong enough to treat ladies out there like they should be treated. 
  3. He's not crude or vulgar, but he is witty and hilarious! In fact, I always thought Michael Scott was the best before I started really watching the show, just because I loved Steve Carell. Now, I can say that after watching the entire series, Jim is truly the glue that holds it all together. With the crazy personalities (besides Pam) that are in that office, he is the voice of reason. I respect that.
  4. Jim has reminded me that sometimes we get comfortable with where we're at in life. Sometimes he has an attitude like this is as good as things are going to get, but he dreams of doing more. It's just that he has such a great job, where he works with his wife, some "friends" and he knows the system...Why mess with it, you know? I can understand that, and to be honest, that's where I am right now. I'm comfortable with my day to day schedule, because nothing out of the ordinary is happening, and to some degree, I like it that way. But, when the right thing comes along...You just have to jump at the first chance you get, because you don't know when another one is going to come around.
  5. His honesty and loyalty. Jim is just one of those really trustworthy guys and that's why I love him so much overall. When he goes away for a business trip and that Kathy chick tries to sleep with him. The way he handles it and is so awkward with the fact that she's even trying that is amazing. He's always there for Pam and his friends at The Office; he always comes through for others, even Dwight in his time of need. That's part of his charm and what makes him such a loveable character.
 I'm really going to miss him when the show is over!

Stop Waiting For Your Dream To Come True...Go Get It!

Towards the end of 2012, I started feeling a bit complacent. Because my schedule was a little different in December, due to finals and the holidays, I'd spend my days on Netflix and just sit there all day on the computer checking Tumblr, Pinterest, and whatever other blogs I read. After awhile, the thought of doing anything else seemed like too much, because it probably wasn't going to turn out the way I wanted it anyway. Plus, I've been staying up way too late, and sleeping in way too late the next afternoon.

The haunting feeling that I'm never going to achieve the goals and dreams that I have, has followed me over into the new year, which should be a time of planning new ideas and feeling inspired by the opportunities to come. I've felt more depressed than ever just thinking about it and dwelling on it. It's like the enemy is really just trying to talk me out of being someone great and fulfilling the plans that God has for me. To tell you the truth, he almost won...NOT this year, he's not! Because I realized...I need to stop thinking and just do it. It's better to jump into things without really weighing your options of how something better could come along or where things could go wrong in the future. There is never perfect timing and there's always something that could go wrong. That's life! You have to learn to roll with the punches, because the outcome is usually greater than you ever could have imagined.

Some changes I'm hoping to make happen this year:
  • I have decided that I'm pretty sure I'm going to try out for the youth worship band at church. I'm kinda scared, because it's a little more hands on than I've ever done before, but that's pretty exhilarating. Really, this is an opportunity I've been waiting for...and I was almost just too scared, feeling out of my element to take it.
  • I'm getting back into exercising! Bike riding is one of my favorite things to do, but timing has been weird and I've been lazy...So, it's time to change that.
  • I've been spending too much time online. I need to cut back and fill my time with more productivity, even if it's still on the computer; crafts, reading, etc.
  • Staying up way too late and sleeping in way too long, ignoring my alarm clock because I'm just too tired. 
  • Going to start eating healthier instead of eating junk food all the time. With the holidays over, this should be a little bit easier to maintain.
  • Getting back involved with the Young Adults group at church and spending time with God in the mornings. My spiritual health hasn't been in great shape the last month or so...I need to make some big changes with that.
  • Possibly getting a job. I'm looking into one specifically right now, but we'll see how things go after Sunday.
Here's to an incredible year and some pretty epic changes!

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

I think this is the first time I've actually been really sad to say goodbye to a year. I'm starting to wonder if anything can top the memories that I had in 2012? It seemed just about perfect in every way. Even looking at some of the bumpy moments, they've turned out to be better for it in the long run. I feel like I started such a cool journey, but wonder if adding to those moments now will mess up the really great thing I had, or if it will just continue to grow and blossom into something even more wonderful? I guess there's only one way to find out and that's to just jump in. But, I feel more fearful now, and I'm not really sure why. *More on that later.*

I was able to sleep in and still felt exhausted. I don't know why I've just felt completely out of it lately, but maybe it's staying up too late every single night. Anyway, my mom was making pancakes, and I wasn't about to miss that, so I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. My mom fixed me a plate; I sat at the counter with my dad and ate. We turned on the Rose Bowl Parade in the living room and watched that for awhile, before I decided to start getting ready, since we were going over to my grandparents' house. 
Even as I was getting ready, I felt like this cloud of unfulfilled dreams and wishes is following me around. I just constantly feel like I should be doing something else or be somewhere else, and I have no idea why, because I don't even know what I feel like I should be doing right now. 
This was what I had on....
Then, I decided to change to this! 
We made it to my grandparents' house, and my aunt and uncle were already there. The minute we walked in, my grandpa asked me where my boyfriend was. I'm like "Uh, I don't have one..." and nervously laughed. He was like, "I thought you'd be bringing a boyfriend over today." Yeah, this time last year, I would've been thinking the same thing too, grandpa. But, it looks like it's another year of that NOT happening. So, there's that....
I decided to head to the kitchen with my aunt, grandma, and mom. We ended up sitting at the table for the rest of the afternoon; eating, talking, and all breaking out our ipads or phones looking up whatever. About midway through the day, I felt inspired to start looking into internships or something, because I feel stuck. I feel like I need to do something, but I'm not sure what. I want to get out of town, even though, it'll still be a little while for that. Right now, I have nothing to lose. I have nothing holding me back, so I might as well give something a shot right? I've always wanted to do an internship at Warner Brothers or Ellen, but as of lately, I thought the program at Disneyland sounded like a great experience. I really want to do something BIG with MY life this year, instead of just supporting some other actor or musician. I'm taking the wheel, and I'm going to make something happen. But, God has the final say, of course.
My day>>>
Then, I started looking up inspirational quotes on Pinterest...and The Office on Tumblr....

My cousin came over a little later, then we had dinner, which was delicious. Our conversations at the table never get old, either. If only we could have dinner with the entire family every night, I'm telling you we could have our own sitcom. My family is hilarious! And I don't even know that they're always trying to be. But, I love them, oh, so much!
We spent a little while longer visiting, then came home. I was still feeling a bit frazzled and I was still feeling extremely anxious about making a decision for whether or not I should do the worship team for the youth at church. I thought it kinda sounded like a good idea at the time, in passing, but the more I seriously think about it, I just don't know if I really want to. I keep praying about it, and in my experience when I've still felt anxious about it, my deciding not to do it has been okay. I just don't want it to go by and me missing the opportunity. Last year, whenever I was given an opportunity and it sounded like something I really felt called to do or that sounded like a learning experience, I'd jump at the chance, and sure I was nervous, but more in an excited way. This time, I don't really know exactly how I feel. But, maybe I really want to do it, and I'm just scared. I'll probably be driving myself crazy until Sunday afternoon, debating on whether or not I should do it. UGH! I hate making decisions. I wonder if I can end up doing it later on if I decide I'd still like to get involved.

I asked a friend to say a prayer for me, and I felt a little more at peace. I decided to watch The Office, and after almost losing my mind, I finally got to sleep around 3 or later.

Hope you all have a happy new year and that 2013 is your time to do something really great.

New Year's Eve Photos

Gotta love MAC computers!

New Year's Eve

I've always loved New Year's Eve; getting dressed up with sparkles or something a little out of the ordinary and usually going out to dinner with family friends and watching movies at one of our houses. It's always a fun way to say goodbye to the past year of all the exciting things that happened, and welcome in a new year of all the unknown that is to come.

I wanted to make the most of my day, since it was the last one in 2012, so I set my alarm. But, of course, I ignored it when it actually came time to wake up. I knew I needed to get some things done, so I eventually got out of bed around 11, I think it was, did my devotion, then got to work on my end of the year videos. Quite some time passed, and I had to run to the store with my mom, so I got ready and headed out with her. I was feeling pretty optimistic about the day and I felt really good, but it quickly went downhill.

Well, let's just say that Wal-Mart brings out the worst in me and that I tend to have meltdowns there just about every time we go, depending on what we're going for. This was one of those times and it was not pretty. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to recoup and get myself together; to stop having a pity party and making myself miserable for whatever reason.

I helped my mom in the kitchen a bit, making some chocolate covered pretzels and cookies for that night, which was fun. Something light and fun, which was just what I needed after my little crazy rant. It's like I've bottled up some things or haven't been around friends in awhile to get it all out, so it has all just been sitting there, along with me. I watched some TV, finished working on my videos, and when my dad got home, we went to California Pizza Kitchen to meet up with some family friends. There was quite a wait everywhere else, and that didn't have much of a wait, which was good.
Dinner was a lot of fun! We all talked about our Christmases and how things were going, etc. My mom and I even tried a new dish. I figured it was really the last crazy and daring thing I could do, so might as well give it a shot. It was an interesting dish, but I turned out to like it.

We ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few last minute snacks, then went back to our house. Mandy and I took a bunch of crazy pictures, opened our Christmas presents from one another, then hung out with our parents in the living room. I remember the days when we were younger, and on New Year's Eve, we'd spend hours coming up with some dance routine or other crazy nonsense, then I'd end up falling asleep before midnight. Now, midnight is nothing compared to how late I'm usually up. It's crazy how times change like that.
We watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve; strange being his first year gone :( It was great as always, especially since my girl, Taylor Swift was on it. We laughed, we asked Siri a bunch of random questions on my iphone and ate a lot too. I wasn't that hungry, but I kept going back for the snacks. You only live once, right? Who cares.
My new hat! LOVE. 

hahahaha I don't even know....

Our family friends stayed until about 1 or so, then we all called it a night. I was still wide awake, as usual, so I spent most of the night watching The Office. I can't think of a more perfect way to spend the New Year...LOL. You know, I keep waiting for that one special New Year's Eve when everything is different and magical like you see in the movies, but it never is. I guess I'll keep waiting...Until then, I'm just going to enjoy those precious moments with good friends and my awesome family, because they're always there for me.

That's all for now,

Last Minute Highlights of 2012

I could learn a thing or two from 2012. It was a year of living on faith and being fearless.