March 15, 2014

Currently Playing: John Mayer

I was never a John Mayer fan! So many people LOVED his music, and I liked a few of his songs, but I just didn't get him.

But, then, he started dating Katy Perry…And suddenly he didn't seem all that bad. Here and there, I've started listening to his music and I was blown away. Like, how can someone's writing be THAT GOOD?!

This week, I've just been in a John Mayer kick and I can't get enough of it. It's like the kind of music you want to listen to to feel inspired, whether it's writing or brainstorming…whatever. That's exactly what I'm doing and I'm just loving it. I never realized how borderline "country" he is. He has so many songs that remind me of the early country days with Hank Williams and the like. He truly tells a story from start to finish.

I'm just really excited to be listening to new music and branching out more. It's also really exciting to see how his songwriting/style has evolved over the years.


That's all for now,

Captain America

My Storyboard

I am currently writing a new story. I like to get an idea of who my characters are going to be, so I make a sort of visual aid to capture it. These are just a few ideas I have so far. :) It's a fun little daydreaming technique I like to use!

My Storyboard

March 14, 2014

Parks and Rec Episode Recap

I thought that in honor of Paley Fest coming up, I would list my favorite Parks and Rec episode recaps and a few favorite moments each day to get in the mood. Like I need any help! HA!

Although, I don't think I can do it in any particular order. It was hard enough to narrow it down to ten.

Without further ado, here we go…

Freddy Spaghetti (2x24)

When Ben and Chris first came to town, I'll admit that I didn't know what to think and I didn't really want to like them. We had already gone almost two seasons without them, and I get used to things going a certain way very quickly. Ben was not the nicest of guys; very uptight and a real "Debbie Downer" most of the time, but yet I did like him; his wit, the way he wanted to do his job right, etc. Ben and Leslie's relationship was the reason I started watching, but I was starting to wonder when his attitude was going to change. Well, this was the episode that did all of that.

I feel like "Freddy Spaghetti" really embodies the heart of the show as a whole. Leslie Knope is the glue of Pawnee. People pull together because of her hard work, determination and love for the city. It also made me see that Ben is not a bad guy..He was always just doing his job, like he's always done. Until Leslie opens his eyes and helps him to see that it has more to do with caring about people than just getting a task done.

"The government is shut down and the parks are closed, but Leslie tries to skirt the rules to hold a children's concert in the vacant lot. Meanwhile, will April's jealousy of Ann keep her from getting with Andy?"

  • Government shutdown. this makes Ron very happy, which is amusing for all of us. 
  • "12% interest, it's like one of the highest you can get," says Andy after he buys a motorcycle.. Oh, dear, sweet Andy. He's so uncoordinated! HAHA!
  • Parks are closed until further notice. "It's not a competition, but if it were, I'd win, but that's neither here nor there." ~Leslie
  • Ron wishes it was forever. 
  • "School is out in two weeks, what am I supposed to do with my kids all day? Keep them in my house? Where I live?" BEST. QUOTE. EVER.
  • Freddy Spaghetti is going to be canceled, but Leslie Knope is not about to give up just yet.
  • It's funny that I originally didn't like these new guys.
  • "Leslie Knope-What a surprise!" -Chris
  • Ben was toats not a fan of hers. 14 meetings, can you guess who?
  • Poor Ben always had to be the bad guy!
  • "My goal is to run to the moon!" Way to go, Chris.
  • "Pawnee is not special." way to kill dreams, ben
  • "You're non-essential." OUCH! Obviously, you are new. Leslie is extremely essential
  • I love how persistent Chris is with Ann
  • I'm kind of glad Mark left, he started getting annoying.
  • Oh…Tom!
  • Ann and Leslie's friendship is the cutest thing! 
  • "April's here, move Jerry!" haha..No one likes Jerry
  • "Slash it, slash it."
  • Ron's gun shot ringtone…How appropriate for him.
  • It's weird that Leslie's eating pancakes. I mean, waffles are her thing.
  • "He is notoriously funky!" Donna on Freddy Spaghetti
  • Aw! Poor Andy wants to talk to April, but she's ignoring him 
  • Tom's crush on Ann is cute! "A girl like you can have any guy she wants."
  • Cutting Leslie? Don't even think about it.
  • Andy- "Reverse psychiatry"--trying to get her in a "romantical" sort of way."Perhaps we shall go out this evening?"
  • April says no, that she thinks he still has feelings for Ann
  • There's no one like Leslie Knope, they just don't get it. Oops! Ron spilled the beans about Freddy!
  • The relationship between Ben and Leslie is amazing, even when they don't like each other, they try to understand each other.
  • Andy's too excited about his songs and gets hit by a car…Ouch…HHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Rat Mouse "The show must go wrong-everything will go wrong and you just have to deal with it."

  • Leslie "Rinada Ricotta" is her new stage name and she doesn't want to have to disappoint children everywhere.
  • But, wait..Freddy showed up.
  • Ben actually pulled it off. WHAT?!
  • Yum, that bacon turkey leg that Ron is eating looks goooood.
  • Ann kisses Andy. Not cool.
Ben-I'm not a monster. Leslie-Mean Ben has a soft side. Ben-Is that what you guys call me. His little smirk while he teases her! He totally loves her already.

  • April comes to see Andy and he tells her that he wants to be with her, but being honest kills it. He tells her that Ann kissed him. Uh oh.
  • Chris walking in on Tom and Lucy. He's so awkward!
  • Mark and Leslie-I did like their friendship. He was always looking out for her. Then again, they all do. With the park plans, he tells her "I wouldn't bet against you."
  • Leslie flashes her new "essential" badge at Ben and that she has so many ideas. You can tell that Ben is coming around!
  • Uh oh--Swanson is with Tommy's ex-wife! This is not cool, bro!
That's all for now,
Shelby :)

American Idol

American Idol has been one of my very favorite shows since it first premiered. I have done reports on it, given speeches, been to the concerts, the tapings of the live show and met many of the contestants. It's kind of my thing. My area of expertise, if you will. I mean, I even talked to "crier girl" when I met her at Carrie Underwood's holiday special taping, and to some extent we bonded over the fact that we're both known as the "American Idol girl" at school. Though, she might be a bit more extreme.

Coming off of the high from last season, where I was able to talk with and get to know some of the contestants throughout the competition through Twitter and in-person, I was looking forward to having that same bond again this time with a new group. That's what the show is all about, it connects you to dreamers like yourself.  

Moving forward--I was SO excited about this season's premiere. 

First off, it's the "13th" season, which is my favorite number, so it had that going by default. Secondly, I LOVED the idea of the new judges, even though I wasn't too happy with J.Lo and was glad she left when she did. I was just SO over Nicki and Mariah that it felt like this would be a good change. They got rid of Nigel (THANK GOODNESS) and a whole lot of the other crew. It was like they were starting from scratch and completely revamping it into what it used to be. The reason that people fell in love with it.

I thought the auditions were pretty good! I found several people that I was rooting for, and I loved that they didn't showcase any of the bad auditions, just for the sake of good television. But, what I liked most was the camaraderie with the judges messing with one another; Harry's charm and wit, Keith's use of big words and being so expressive, along with J.Lo's beauty and tenderness towards the contestants. Each of them had something different to offer.

And then Hollywood week came. Suddenly, they were knocking out quite a few people that I liked. Shocker! But, there were still a couple that I was going to be rooting for. However, it seemed that the further we got into the week, the worse the contestants were. Like, what were they thinking?! Did they just get lucky with a good day?

Then came the top 13. Normally, by that point, you have this incredible group that is so talented and they just continue to get better. But, so far they haven't. My mom had gotten tickets for one of the first live shows, and we had seriously considered going, but I had a lot of work to do that day. Plus, we just thought we'd go another time when we really had a chance to get into the groove of the show. But, as it progressed it wasn't getting much better or more exciting. It was just kind of blah…And then, Emily, the ONE person I was really rooting for went home last week. BOOO! Although, with this one, I only have myself to blame, because for one of the first times in history…I didn't vote *GASP* That never happens. I usually vote as long as the phone lines are open. She had such a beautiful voice and nice control over it, too, and she actually seemed to have personality, which most of the contestants seem to lack. Sure, most of them can carry a tune, but they aren't strong like the judges go on and on about. I just feel like they're missing a lot of energy.

This is also the first time in awhile that I honestly don't care if I go to a live taping, because I'm just not that into it. It seems that I'm not the only one who felt that way either, because every week, a few hours before the taping, I get an e-mail saying that tickets are still available. Don't get me wrong, I know I'd still have fun, but it just wouldn't be the same. I'd really only be going for the judges, which stinks, because this season you can take your phones inside the studio and take pictures. Hmmm…There's always the finale. That's one thing I DON'T want to miss.

We'll see if the group gets any better to comment on later.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

I miss those rainy days...

As excited as I am for spring, I'm still sad that we didn't get much of a winter while it was here. We had about a week or two when it was cold, and maybe one full day of rain, but it wasn't enough. One of these days, I'd love to travel to a completely different city, like Seattle or New York, to walk into random coffee shops and just write, listen to music and observe people. That's my happy spot.

I miss those rainy days...

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