August 4, 2012

God Moments

God moment: Those moments which interrupt the normal time and space.

Last weekend, we had a guest speaker at church who talked to us about God moments. Well, I just had mine. I was sitting on the couch, completely into the story I was writing, and had been for the past two hours (off and on), my parents were both asleep on the couch, and the Olympics were on the TV. All of a sudden, I could've sworn I heard wind and rain outside. That seemed crazy, though. There had been no forecast of rain, that I knew of, and well, here... it's just rare. I went to the door and tried to open it just a little, without waking my parents, but I ended up doing that anyway. To my surprise, it was raining...pretty hard. The street was shiny from the wet concrete, the sweet smell of rain was present, and the air was a little sticky, seeing as it's summer. I couldn't believe it. I looked up at the sky, seeing the clouds perfectly parting around the moon. It was glowing ever so gently, filling the night sky. I tried to take a picture of it, but moments like that are hard to truly capture. I came in to tell my parents, and show them the picture, but it just wasn't the same. By the time my dad went outside, the rain had stopped, the clouds had covered the moon once again, and the wind had died down. It was as if nothing else had happened, yet it had only been mere minutes before that all the commotion I'd heard had taken place. It was strange. I stood by my dad's truck, as he sat on the bumper and we just stay there for a few minutes, talking and watching as lighting occasionally flashed in the distance. The breeze was cool and unlike Summer...Again, a God moment.

It's moments like that I truly treasure. God moments. Those little things that we're not expecting, rushing for, unexplainable or the fact that we don't even know they're coming...They just happen. In fact, they remind us to slow down and pay attention to details more. God's beauty and character are all around us on a daily basis, it's just a matter of us noticing them. I want to feel God more in my daily life, instead of just on Sunday's during the worship set at church or when I expect Him to show up at Bible study. I want to let Him work through me in the most unconventional of ways on any day, whether it's at McDonald's or while I'm riding my bike. I want to set the world on fire for Him. It all starts with these moments.

Let Him work in your life today.


August 3, 2012

Music I'm Diggin

Random Pictures From Thursday

Here are a few random pictures from yesterday!

Working on a song/poem based on this chapter! 
LOVE this CD!
August challenge.

My cat when I woke up yesterday morning... Silly kid! 
After the Messengers trended #ThankYouColtonDixon...AWWW!
So, I was just drawing a vest, but a Colton fan pointed out that it looked like, maybe in the back of my mind I was drawing that. Totally didn't really mean to LOL.
Love his boots! 

When I get bored...I draw!
That's why he inspires me. 

That's all for now,

It's Finally Friday

My mom and I don't usually do much during the week. She doesn't work, and neither do I, so I really look forward to the weekends when we do stuff with my dad and get out more. Anyway, today was a lot of fun! I slept in reallly late, got ready, did a bit of my devotion, watched some One Tree Hill, and off we went. We had to run a few errands first, then I had mentioned a couple antique stores downtown that my friends had gone to yesterday.
I've been wanting to check some out, so we decided to check them out. I found so many neat things! And got some cool ideas for my own stuff that I could redecorate! It reminded me of all the times my grandma would take me to all of these antique stores when I was little, and I wasn't that crazy about them. Don't get me wrong, I always ended up with something, but the smell of antiques and the thought of used stuff sort of weirded me out to some degree. But, now it seems to be the "in" thing, I guess. Go figure. Plus, the older I've gotten, I realized how cool it is to find so many old trinkets that tell a story, that you can put your own twist on.  It was fun pointing out some really cool items and some that were a little interesting...Random days like this are the best!

We had thought about going into checking out some others in the area, but it was SO hot outside and we hadn't eaten lunch. I thought we should do it another day and devote the entire day to that when it was a bit cooler. We decided to have lunch at a local restaurant, Jake's. I had a Taco Salad, and of course, we got their famous Texas sheet cake to go! No trip there is complete without a slice. Then, we went to the car wash and headed home. I decided to go on a bike ride, even though the air quality was probably horrible out, and it was a little overcast and muggy. I just needed to get out of the house! It was still nice to just put my headphones on and ignore everything else for a few minutes...I call it my 'Me time'. I came home to work on a story I've been writing, watched some TV, messed with my iPad a bit, posted some pictures on Instagram and that brings us up to this moment.

The rest of the night will be spent with my parents, probably just watching the Olympics, though I never seem to pay attention. Does that make me a bad American? I really do love this country! :)

That's all for now,

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...BE PRESENT!

August 2, 2012


Ah! It's been awhile, other than the last post about the American Idol concert! Things have been pretty relaxed for the most part. Let's do a short recap of the past couple weeks, shall we?

  • I finished my math class and passed with an A!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! SO glad it's done.
  • I've been writing a lot.
  • Looking up a lot of American Idol/Colton videos because I basically have no life and am living vicariously through them.
  • Had dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandpa to celebrate and thank my aunt for all of her help with my math class. They came back over to our house to watch the Olympics and hang out for a bit. There was a lot of laughing involved. 
  • I sang at church for the first time in awhile on Sunday. It was really good to be back with everyone, singing and just being around believers. It was such a wonderful message about God moments in our lives too. Ya know, those moments when God's bigger plan invades what you were thinking and planning up all along. Yeah, those. I'm ready for mine any time now.
  • I found a video that me, my cousin, aunt and mom are in from the American Idol finale...Let me just mention, it's an interview with Colton. Cue the fan-girling! I took a lot of screen caps. ;)
  • I've been bike riding, sitting on the couch practically all day, watching TV, and whatever other random thing comes to mind. It feels like I'm just killing time before bed. 
  • I've also been listening to more Christian music lately. After Catalyst, I got into people like Gungor, but I'm not usually a fan of Christian music. Some of it just all tends to sound the same or doesn't really hit me like worship. But, Colton completely changed my mind about that with some of his songs and the approach he has on his new song "Never Gone." 

Colton inspired outfit

Yeah, this tweet pretty much made him even more awesome! He's a Disney movie nerd like me....
Really great book! 

 Can you spot me?!?!?! You have no idea how excited I was to see this interview! :)

I'm pretty sure this was either right after we'd gotten our picture together or after he signed my cousin's arm! 
You can see the top of my head between Jessica and Phillip! Cool, because I didn't get a picture with either of them!
Bought Gloriana's new CD! LOVE IT! I've never been a huge fan of theirs. They're cool, but not a big deal to me. This CD really shows a lot of growth for them. 
 I was asking a bunch of random things, hoping he'd respond. Then, I started responding to texts or tweets from other people, when I saw the little bar at the top flash "@CDixonAI11--" My heart pretty much stopped right about there. sjg/brjgb/jbrgkjrgj rlgnlrgbbrgjb...I don't even know what to say. Maybe now this can give me a nickname with our love for Disney movies.
Started listening to this group the other day! Love them!

That's basically all for now,
Shelby :)