December 21, 2012

Thursday=Best Friend Day

Well, today I didn't do anything. I woke up around 11 or so, had my quiet time with God, drank some coffee and finally decided to get out of bed around noon. Sounds like I'm living the dream, doesn't it? I was lazy the entire morning, which consisted of not doing anything, except for watching TV, eating lunch, and messing around with some things on my computer. Finally around 2, I knew I had to start getting ready because my best friend was going to come over pretty soon. Finally I was all "purdied up", and around 4, Marissa came over.
I always look so forward to Thursdays, or whatever night she comes over, because it's just a way for me to unwind and vent, as well as have a few laughs and a few words of wisdom in the process. Today was no different. We talked with my mom for a few minutes, while watching Katie, then went over to Ulta to check some things out, because Marissa had never been there before. She has seriously been missing out, but today I believe things changed for her. We basically made our way to every nook and cranny in the store, looking at everything! There is SO much to see, and I wanted one of each of everything. We also talked about our love for makeup, because there is no better place to do it than in the middle of Ulta. When we were done, we went over to Starbucks and got some coffee. I finally decided to try the Peppermint Hot Cocoa, which was as delightful as Bethany Joy Lenz described it. I also thought it was appropriate since it's so close to Christmas and I've been having Peppermint in everything else. 

We came back to my house and started our John Krasinski marathon. Okay, so it was only one movie, but still...It was something, and I truly believe this is a nice start of more to come! The only movie I have so far is License To Wed that my aunt gave me, thank goodness. It was a rather interesting movie; a little sacrilegious, but the ending was cute, and a good portion of the time we just focused on how awesome John is anyway. Plus, there were cameos from Kelly, Kevin, and Angela on The Office. We were freaking out about that too! When I looked at the back of the movie, I noticed Ken Kwapis was the director, who also does The Office, so it all made perfect sense. 

We ate dinner and watched The X Factor for a little while, while adding our own rather hilarious commentary to it. Honestly, I think that's what I love most about reality TV. There's just so much to comment on. And with me, my mom and Marissa in the same room...The possibilities are endless. Dinner was delicious as well; my mom made lasagna, salad, and bread. YUM! Then, Marissa and I took a bunch of pictures since we wore our festive sweaters. 

We watched a couple episodes of The Office and snacked on some chocolate covered pretzels, and did a little talking about life. You know, girl talk! Those are some great moments, let me tell you. Marissa went home around midnight, so I walked her out to her car...and it was FREEZING! All of us Californians complaining about no cold weather has finally been made up for because it is seriously cold. Winter is here. If only it would snow, it would make all of this worthwhile...But, more than likely that will not happen :( Oh, sad day!

Now, I will finish out the night as I always do with a "Office" marathon. Life is good and I am extremely happy :)

That's all for now,

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