January 30, 2013

The TV Round-Up

Normally, I don't blog about a specific TV show episode unless it's really just THAT good or it's a finale of sorts, but this week there were so many good episodes, that I have to comment on all of them. Because I was sick, I was able to really pay attention to new TV shows and some of my favorites with an earnest eye. Here are my favorite episodes from the past couple weeks; some are even just summaries. Let's get started!

**Also, none of these photos belong to me**

Every week, this show continues to grow on me. The more they get into it, it reminds me of my beloved Gilmore Girls. I love how whatever Amy Sherman does, she brings all of her sparkle and quirkiness to the characters. She creates this entire world around a certain group of people, and you can't remember what your life was like before they entered your world. I still haven't totally mastered all of their names yet, but I'm getting there! LOL. And the scene between these two last week was just SO Lorelai and Rory! It totally got to me.

Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:
I don't usually watch the spin off shows during the off seasons every week, but this time, I decided I would give it a shot. I have to say I'm really feeling for Scott. Once again, no matter what he does, it just seems like he's never good enough for Kourtney and what she thinks he should be doing. And Kim is proving to be her usual Kim self. The comments about Kourtney being a "slob" after having a baby, and all of this foreshadowing of her having a family someday just has me really excited to see what she's like as a mom, after she has given Kourtney such a hard time about it.

The Office:

Over the past eight seasons of The Office, we have become so attached to Jim and Pam as if we are involved in their relationship...Which would make things extremely awkward if you think about it, but you get what I'm saying. Anyway, we've seen every moment from before there even was a "Jim and Pam"; We've seen them get married, the birth of their kids, and all the sweet moments in between. However, nothing could have prepared us for the fight between our favorite couple last week. I think it is probably one of the best moments that has ever been done on the show, as much as it hurt to watch. I was almost sobbing because of how real it was. It started off as something so lame that Jim was just frustrated about and pretty soon it blew up into a huge fight about why he's so far away, working at the new company him and some buddies were starting. John and Jenna were so fantastic! I still can't get over it. Such a great episode for other reasons, but I'm just going to let this scene speak for itself.

The Vampire Diaries:
Well, I watched The Vampire Diaries right after The Office, which I was still in awe from, and wasn't paying much attention. I tried watching it again the next day, and I just couldn't get into some of the scenes at all. I'm not a big fan of the story line with Bonnie/Shane at all. I like Bonnie just fine, but this new story just feels like a sort of waste of time with her. Maybe that's just me. As for Stefan, I'm really over him and the holier than thou attitude. I get that he's hurt and he loved Elena SO much, and that was why I liked him so much and rooted for him. But, now, because she's choosing Damon over him, he's acting like a baby, let's be honest. Damon, being the "bad" brother, has even been stepping back when he needs to, and letting Elena choose what she wants, even when it means that he doesn't get what he wants. Stefan just wants to be right and win the prize! Paul Wesley is incredible with Stefan, but Stefan's motives with his character are just making me shake my head most of the time and scream at the TV. However, I think he had some great lines this week, like, “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you." OUCH! He has a point there....And I did LOVE the moment when Elena said she loved Damon, and didn't think it had anything to do with the sire bond. I was disappointed that we didn't get a meet up scene this last week after Damon gave her the okay, but maybe something will come of that this week. I guess we shall stay tuned, but it sounds like it's just the beginning of all the craziness.
Here's a great article from Zap2It with Carina Mackenzie and Ian Somerhalder talking about Damon and where he's coming from. If you're a fan, give it a look! 

Pretty Little Liars:
I go through phases with Pretty Little Liars, because I feel like sometimes it's just the same old thing, and not much is developing. But, the past couple weeks have left me on the edge of my seat, for sure! Last week, Spencer found out Toby was A! GASP! And what I loved about the scene when she lets him know, is the fact that she knew ahead of time. I didn't want her to fall apart in front of him, like he'd had the upper hand the entire time. I was glad that she was able to hold it together and state the facts, then break down to her mom. Troian Bellisario has really been showing just what she's capable of in some pretty tough scenes to watch. You can feel the anger and heart break she's going through, and it makes for a great scene. This week, Spencer was pretty feisty; yelling at Fitz, then sneaking around and not telling the girls what had happened. Which just goes to show you...Trust NO ONE.
And who can forget the scenes between Aria and Ezra last night?! They've been my favorites from the beginning! In fact, they're the reason I started watching...Since then, I haven't been quite as involved in their relationship, but I don't want them to break up. Seeing the way Fitz was acting a little sketchy at the sight of Aria, even after forgiving her for the way he found out about his son, makes me wonder what he's hiding or what we're going to find out about him/his past in the weeks to come. Just when you start to think you have everything figured out, or at least some of it, Marlene King changes everything up. THAT'S TALENT!

Other shows I'm watching:
*American Idol
*The Carrie Diaries

(More to come on those a bit later)

That's all for now,

January 28, 2013

SAG Awards

Like I've said before, I LOVE award season. But, mainly just because I get to see my favorite stars, catch up with their lives/what they've been up to, as well as all of the incredible fashion that walks down the red carpet. Considering I haven't seen most, if any, of the movies that are ever nominated.

I got all cozied up on the couch just in time to watch the special presentation yesterday, with my bowl of caramel corn; so excited to see some of my favorite people. I watched the red carpet show on E! as always, because I love Giuliana Rancic! But, was disappointed in the fact that they did not talk to John Krasinski or Jenna Fischer, the two I was wanting to see most. I just love Giuliana, though, and how FUN she makes every single interview. I would love to be like her in the fact that she doesn't take the interviews too seriously, and knows how to be relaxed with whoever she's talking to, like you're catching up with a friend, but also knows her facts, unlike others who are on the red carpet.
There wasn't really any one person who "Wow-ed" me or that I'm necessarily pulling for on the Best Dressed List, but I did like a few looks! 

Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Lawrence
Justin Timberlake
John Krasinski
Jessica Chastain
The ladies of The Office :) This makes me really happy!
The awards have all been going about the same; same winners, which is cool! They're easy to call now. Other than that, there's not to much report. I really wish that The Office would have won for comedy ensemble, but I'm really happy for Modern Family! It's seriously one of the funniest shows. I watched religiously during the first season, but now I always forget when it's on or we're busy and just haven't recorded it. But, definitely a well-deserved cast! Another bone I have to pick is with the actor/actress in a comedy categories. Why were John and Jenna not nominated for The Office when other shows that were nominated just the same had their leads nominated in those categories? I'm just really curious about that. And after their last scene together on The Office...They should win all of the awards! Just saying.

That's really all there is to say about that,

The Weekend Review


Let me just start off by saying, it was a really good weekend! Yesterday, I slept in a bit, took my time getting ready, then watched a little Boy Meets World. I don't think there is honestly a better way to start off a weekend than hanging out with Cory, Shawn, Topanga and the rest of the gang.

We ate at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants around town, which was always good, where we talked about a whole lot of random nonsense! Then, decided to make a stop at Costco, where one of my best friends, Marissa, works! I was really excited to see her, because it has been way too long! We talk on a daily basis, but still. I've been sick and driving myself crazy, so it was good to just catch up with her for a few minutes. My parents picked up a few things they needed, then we checked out. We went to Target after that, and I got a book that I'd looked at the day before, oh, and BOY MEETS WORLD seasons 1 & 2! I'm pretty excited about that. 

We came home for a little while, I watched TV, tried to write a little, and was feeling sort of blah again, so I laid down for awhile. Pretty soon, we had to get ready to meet up with some family friends for dinner at Eureka! Burger, which was really good! We told all about the adventures we had at Disneyland and in Las Vegas, so that was cool. I also ended up running into one of my old friend/classmate's from high school. We didn't really talk that much while we were at school together, but he came out of his way to say hi and give me a hug, which I thought was really nice. It had me thinking about some of those days and how I think if I went back now, things would be a lot different. I'm a lot more confident in who I am than I was back then, and I don't think I would crumble so much at every little thing. I think I would enjoy it a lot more now and make the most out of things. But, it all happened the way it did for a reason, so for now, I'll just write about it instead. 

Tweets to think about: 

After we finished dinner, we walked outside and talked for a bit. We had thought about going to get dessert, but Bob's Big Boy was closed and nothing else really sounded all that good, so we just decided that we'd meet up for lunch today and call it a night. I was freezing by that point and couldn't wait to get in the car to warm up. 
The rest of the night, I was lost in a day dream and brainstorming, and I tend to get carried away with little moments in my life and turn them into "what if" scenarios in case my life is ever turned into a TV show/movie someday. It's good to have these things planned out. I got ready for bed, watched a little Boy Meets World and took some medicine, drifting off into sleepyland.


This morning, I had set my alarm for 8:45 to Nsync's "Celebrity". I always think that tone will make me feel like a VIP, knowing that I have somewhere important to be, but nope, I kept right on sleeping. My mom actually had to come in and tell me that I needed to get up at 9:15. Well, I jumped up, got ready and was set to go, with even a few minutes to spare. I tell you, I'm like a ninja when it comes to that. Probably all of those mornings getting up for school, and taking advantage of as much sleeping time as possible. 
We made our way to church, while I was still trying to wake up and stay alert. We found our seats, and the band had just kicked into gear. 

The sky on the way to church this morning! It was GORGEOUS!
The service was great as always! I just really love my church, I can't say that enough. After, I was able to run into a lot of people I haven't been able to talk to in awhile. That's one of the coolest things about having gone to the church all of my life! I have built so many relationships with people over the years; some who have known me since before I was even born, and others that I've gotten to know at this stage in my life. They're all part of my story and I'm so thankful for each of them. 

Found this quote on the car ride to lunch! AWWWW! :*)

We stuck around a lot longer than we usually do after the service, talking to people, then went to a restaurant called the Steak & Grape for lunch with our friends. It's actually a really nice place, even though it sounds like it would be a saloon to me. It's a really classy atmosphere, with chandeliers and fancy table lining, but not so fancy that you have to dress over the top or anything like that. I had the Mac And Cheese with Chicken, and the sauce was SO good! But, it is "food of the gods" after all. At least that's what Haley James Scott thinks ;). When we finished lunch, we headed outside for a bit, but found that it was WAY too cold to stay out for long, so we said goodbye and headed home.

The rest of the afternoon, I was feeling artsy! I think it's something about this weather; cloudy and a bit rainy, that just inspires me. It always has for whatever reason. I looked on Pinterest for a few minutes, then made some "sharpie mugs", wrote a bit, and watched the red carpet for the SAG awards. There isn't really much to report on those, but I'll be doing a separate post for that, of course. Luckily, the awards were on at the same time as the east coast, so we didn't find out who won ahead of time, and were able to watch them LIVE! Imagine that. 

After the awards were over, my parents and I had dinner at Arby's. And you know what? That was probably one of the most awesome dinners we've ever had. We ended up starting to write a parody of Taylor Swift's song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and you know what? I think it's actually sounding really good. We have to do a few more things, but I'm really impressed with our skills. Now, I'm home and thinking it's time to call it a night. I'm wiped out. My eyes have been staring at way too many screens these days. I think I've almost forgotten what the insides of my eyelids look like. It's time to be reminded.

That's all for now,

January 27, 2013

The Weekly Review

Well, this week there really isn't a whole lot to update on, other than the fact that I was sick. Yup, it looks like I caught the cold bug that everyone and their brother is starting to get. As soon as we got home last Saturday, I started getting a sore throat, which I didn't think much of because I get those all the time. Sunday morning/afternoon I started getting a cough and was sniffly; it just got worse from there. So, all week long, I was taking medicine and trying to rest up to kick it out of my system. That gave me a lot of time for catching up on shows, brainstorming, reading, checking things out online, and I even edited some pictures with my new app "Overgram", while reminiscing of our trip to South Carolina. It was nice, but after awhile, I was starting to go crazy, not going anywhere and not doing anything!

Also, in the midst of not feeling well, I started my last online class at Taft, so I tried to focus long enough to read and start the homework, but I didn't get very far with it. 

Finally, around Thursday evening, I was getting my strength back to actually feel like doing something, so I went out with my parents to run errands, which was cool. And I got Chic-Fil-A, so I was a happy camper. But, after that, my brain kicked into full on working mode and I could not turn it off. I was weighing all of these possible options of getting a job or trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do from here. I just feel like I don't know what I want anymore, though....And that's kind of where the planning stops. Actually, I know exactly what I want to do and where I want to end up. The real problem is figuring out the steps to get there that stops me in my tracks, and I just end up doing nothing about it. It's not like being a lawyer where you go to law school, and you have all of your credentials, etc. Being a writer/journalist is all about making connections, the right opportunities, and obviously, the talent. I just feel like I haven't walked through the right door just yet.

Also, just a forewarning, because I haven't updated very much this week, I have A LOT of pictures in this post!! :)

Love her!!!! such a talented songwriter! 
Carrie Underwood's new video! INCREDIBLE! 

Tim McGraw is following me on Tumblr!!! Uh, WHAT?! :)
Still CANNOT believe Chris Young actually tweeted me back!! AH!
Me...Sick! Cute, right? lol

My new necklace from Disneyland! :)

Katy Perry's pop chips. SO GOOD! 

That's about all for now,