December 20, 2012

Live Each Day To The Fullest

"Let me live each day to the fullest,
For who knows what tomorrow may bring,
Each day our time grows shorter,
And closer Eternity rings.
So never look back in sorrow,
To what might have been.
Live each day in contentment,
For it may very be the end."

I mentioned that I went to a funeral last Monday for my cousin's great grandmother, and this poem was written on the inside of the bulletin they handed out. I realized that it was actually her great grandmother that wrote it. I had no idea that she was a writer. That's when it hit me...There are people around us whether it's on a daily basis or even just random people that we come in contact with and know so little about. It's saddening to think we find out so much more about a person after their passing than we ever did when they were alive.

I don't want to keep being at funerals, only to find that I didn't know someone as well as I thought I did or that I just didn't get a chance to know them at all. I want to take in all of the conversations and memorize their quirks while they're alive, instead of waiting until it's too late.

I've found out a lot of things or even just details about my grandparents after they passed away, and wondered how I could have missed those things before. It reminds me that I shouldn't be so self absorbed, only worrying about my own problems or what I like, when there is so much to be learned about others around me.

Don't wait! Live life now and make it matter. 

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