April 13, 2013

It's Time For Dodger Baseball!

I can't believe it has been almost two weeks now since opening day and that I haven't talked about it yet, and just the fact that I haven't been on to update in quite awhile is surprising me.

Well, it was a little bittersweet, because for the past five or so years, my mom, dad, and I have gone together. It's something that my dad really got me into doing (even though I was a fan of baseball before that), and it has become a tradition and something that I look forward to every year. But, this was the first year that my dad wasn't able to get off work to come to. He hardly ever does anything for himself and works so many hours, and this is the one thing that he truly wanted, so for him not to be there with us broke my heart.
Anyway, my friend, Viviyan, was able to come with us, and she is a HUGE Dodger fan, so I knew we were in for a good time. I woke up early that morning, got ready, and she met up with us at our house. We stopped at Jack in the Box for breakfast, then headed to LA. I supplied the music, of course with a little bit of everything from Colton Dixon to the Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake...Interesting mix, I realize. Opening day is always nuts, so it's important to get their ahead of time, and luckily, we did. We also have new seats this year, so that was an interesting little twist to add. It was only around 10:30 or so, and the game wouldn't be starting for another few hours, so we had plenty of time to walk around and see some of the new additions to the stadium, as well as finding our seats and checking out the level we'll be on for the rest of the season.

We went down to the loge level to see if any celebs were around, but all we could find was Larry King, who was nothing new, because he's been to a lot of games that we have over the years. We took a few pictures, then decided to head to the reserve level where our old seats used to be, because Viviyan wanted a picture with an Ethier graphic that has been on the wall. Well, we got up there, only to find out that it had been removed, which was a total disappointment, and at that point, we didn't have much time to do any more exploring, so we headed back to the elevator to go down. Scariest elevator experience I've probably ever had. For one thing, it was pretty packed (close quarters), and at first it wasn't moving, and then it took forever...and long story short, I was just glad I could breathe again when the doors finally opened to the level we needed to get out on. I thought with our luck at times, we would've been stuck in there and missed the game..HA! Crazy imagination, right?

We made it to our seats and had a little time, when the pre-game festivities started up. I was a little disappointed with some of the entertainment, especially since it was opening day and all, but it's all good. The Blue Man Group was cool since I've heard nothing but good things from their Vegas show! The audience was a little dead when it came to "crowd participation", but still cool. I have no idea who sang The National Anthem, and then it was game time. There's such a rush on opening day that I can't explain. I mean, just thinking about all of the BIG moments and opportunities that will occur during the season gives me chills just thinking about. Everyone has a little bit of greatness in them to make it happen, too.

We were able to snack on Dodger Dogs and nachos, watched the game, and even saw Chris Mann from last season's The Voice, sing God Bless America, which he did a pretty good job at. Yet, no one had scored in the game! Because my mom had driven down there that day, she didn't want to have to fight all of the crazy traffic after it was over, so we decided to leave early. Well, as we're walking out of the stadium, we see that someone hit a home run. It isn't until we get into the car and are getting on the freeway that we find out it was Kershaw...Like, what!? He never hits those...And come to find out, it was the first ever in his career and since high school, period. And we missed it...LOL. What are the chances?!

We finished listening to the game on the way home, then listened to whatever other random stations were playing good music. I jump around way too much, but what can you do? We also stopped at Wal-Mart, because I had been wanting to look for a Kershaw shirt, but they ended up not having any. We made it home in pretty good timing; Viviyan went home and my mom and I went to our Wal-Mart to look for my shirt and to pick up a few other items. 

It was a really good day, and I'm so glad we were still able to go! It's going to be an amazing season, and you can definitely tell that there are some major changes going on, in the best ways possible. So, hopefully, it will start to reflect in their playing again. We can only hope :)

That's all for now,