September 17, 2011

"Friday, Friday...Gettin' Down on Friday!"

Alright, so I'm no Rebecca Black fan, but hey, it HAS become the theme song for Fridays pretty much! Anyway, today was pretty great. I only had one class, ran some errands with my mom, and hung out at home awhile. Tonight, we went to a free show at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace for Casey James. It was a lot of fun! He's an amazing musician! I really enjoyed his songs! I got some videos, but the pictures didn't come out so great, so I'm not sure if I'll post those or not.

Here was my day in pictures:
The road I travel to school..not much to look at...haha.

Old picture I found of me and Shaq back in the day!

Blooper on Friends! You could see the lighting in the background

Trying to do math, and being extremely frustrated

Me ready for the concert

Painted my nails for the occasion lol
Pictures from the Crystal Palace!

Casey James!

Casey posted this after the concert!

Well, that's all for now! I'm gonna try to finish some math, and get to sleep at a decent hour. I'll be posting videos, some past pictures, and video updates soon! :)

September 16, 2011

Crazy Week!

School is crazy this semester! And math has not been my friend at all, which makes things much more difficult. Somehow I have to find a way to pass, but enough of that. It has been an okay week, but thank God it's Friday!
Helped my friend organize some books for her classroom! :)

Mittens crying..silly cat!

Mom made me a coffee drink while I was hard at work!!

Homework and looking at's what I do.

Got my pictures from vacation in the mail :D


Working on hw some more ..... :( Still not done

Mom made blueberry muffins!

Turkey hat at Target I found! Joey Tribbiani could totally pull that off if he were real. I so want it for Thanksgiving.

Nick Jonas live chat!!

We made cupcakes! I got lazy with the frosting, so it looks crappy :/ Tastes great though.

Dinner last night. Yum!

Signed up for the Rachel Zoe newsletter. This was the trend today!

My cat decided to jump on my lap while I was doing hw.

Team Jonas sent an e-mail about being in a video of theirs tomorrow! Wish I could make it!!

It has been a good week; busy and stressful, but good. You only get one life, so I need to make the most of it. Life is too precious to waste. One more day, and only one class, which is speech! And then it's time for a great weekend in LA.

"Own the night", and have a wonderful weekend! :D

September 15, 2011

Oh, There's Nothing Like California...

Here is the tourism California commercial! I LOVE it! It's pretty funny..but it's true that there are a lot of misconceptions about the state lol. Not everything out here is as exciting as they make it appear in the movies, let me tell you! But, to me, it's home :)

Here are some other great shows though that have to do with "stereotypical" California!

The O.C
This is the California I wish I knew, and daydream about living on the beach quite often :)

More of Past Events

Mario Lopez was filming Extra!

Hilary Duff book signing! She was so sweet!

Me and Gregg Sulkin

My dad sat court side at the Laker game, close to Denzel Washington and Adam Levine

George Lopez

Our family friend/pastor's wife singing the national anthem for the Lakers

My dad with
 Pirates Premiere (we hung out by the gates of Disneyland):
Kevin Sorbo

My friend, Mandy and I, with Francia Raisa

Corbin Bleu! One of the nicest guys around

Adam Sandler

Me and Ashley Tisdale

David Cook

Blake Lewis

Adam Sandler

Dodger games have taken up the past couple years for us :) lol

Andrew Garcia

Big Mike

Melissa and Joey autographs. We hung out with them on set for a few minutes after the taping! :D SO cool!

At Sweet Harts yogurt after the show! Melissa Joan Hart's shop! Tasty :)