December 22, 2012

Random Thoughts From My Constantly Chaotic Mind

John Krasinski is my new favorite person in Hollywood. There are just so many reasons that I think he's awesome...Like the fact that he majored in creative writing and wanted to be an English teacher. He just seems SO nice. He's hilarious without being crass, etc. You get my point though. 

My new year's goals and resolutions usually have to do with a TV show or a celebrity.

I'm debating on whether I want to audition for the youth band at church. GULP!

I NEED an internship at Warner Brothers Studio! I just have to at least once before I die. It's the perfect place for me, I'm sure of it. 

I really want to work in TV. I feel like I could be really great at it, yet I just get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that it might not turn out like I plan for it.

I wish Netflix had Something Borrowed. You already know my reasoning, so don't ask yourself why would she want that? It's pretty obvious really.

I sent in an application type thing to be a seatfiller at the People's Choice Awards. It would seriously be a dream come true if it all works out.

I should have been born in a small town back in the midwest or something. I just feel like I'd fit in a lot better around there. 

I feel like I'm totally wasting my life away. All I do is get sucked into TV shows and my life revolves around that. I need to find a more valuable way to pass the time. 

Something that makes me happy: When my best friend texts me and says she saw an Erin (from The Office) look-a-like at Chipotle one afternoon as well as an almost John Krasinski at the mall earlier in the day. 

I constantly have a notebook with me or at least be able to get to the notes in my phone quickly, because my head is always filled with ideas and if I don't get them out right away, I lose them. 

Sometimes the things that keep me up at night are hypothetical conversations I would have with my fave celebs if I were to run into them at an award show. Although, sometimes it also helps me fall asleep too. 

Welcome to my life.

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