June 2, 2012

This Is My Saturday!

Got my CD in the mail!!!! Already listened to it; It's great!

Ohh, Colton! This is why I love you...I mean the most attractive thing to me is the way a guy wear his faith proudly. Colton does that and he's so good looking!
I started watching this and got about halfway through, but I had too many other things to get done. I'll have to finish it some other time!

See ya later,

My Week In Pictures

I had a really great week! It was mainly getting ready for Nashville, running errands, I got my nails done with my mom, my first pedicure and I finished my math homework for summer school yesterday thanks to my incredible aunt! Pretty successful week all in all, other than getting sick yesterday. But, I'm feeling a lot better now and ready for a week in Nashville!! Yay :D

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June 1, 2012

Those Darn Brady's

It's 5: 40 a.m and I woke up sick...again. I always feel really creative at this time of night/morning, so I thought I'd get something done while trying to take my mind off of being sick. I turned on The Brady Bunch, which I haven't seen in the longest time. It's the episode where Marcia's journal gets mixed up with the other books that Carol is giving away to charity. In it, she's written her innermost thoughts and feelings...mainly about Desi Arnez Jr. I used to love this episode when I was younger and still do. As much as I want to make fun of her for talking to her diary about some crazy, far-fetched celebrity crush...I've been there too, I'll admit, and I'm sure you have too.

I love the scene when Alice and Marcia are talking to one another at the kitchen table and Marcia is going on and on about how cute he is and how wonderful he is when Alice says, "I knew his mom's housekeeper. She says Desi Arnez Jr. is a real groovy kid." Marcia responds with, "I just knew it!" I couldn't help but laugh at that one.
Then, when Cindy says to Marcia, "You're talking to me still? But, I thought I ruined your life." Marcia says in a cheery tone, "You did, but I forgive you." Which I took this to translate to, "Yeah, you did ruin my life, but I'm going to grace you with my forgiveness and you should really feel special about that fact." Is it just me or was Marcia just a tad overly dramatic with everything that happened to her? (i.e football nose breaking incident) Or maybe it wasn't so much the incident that happened to her, it was what she made everyone go through after they did something to her...ON ACCIDENT.
And of course, the infamous scene when Desi Arnez Jr. kisses Marcia on the cheek, "I'm never washing this cheek again!" She holds her hand close to her cheek with this ginormous smile on her face. I know my family and I have imitated that scene on several occasions, not always with the cheek though, because really it's interchangeable with a lot of things.

As I was watching, I noticed a couple things that I'd never really noticed before. First off, how put together Mrs. Brady always was. She just always seemed to have the answer to everything, it didn't matter what was going on. But, I guess most of the mom's at that time did. They could do everything from grocery shopping and doing the household chores to solving problems and making everyone else feel bad about themselves, because after all...they aren't them. And they always just had a certain charm and elegance about them, making even the worst of compliments came out sounding so good.
Another thing I noticed was...Why did the girls always call Mike, dad? I mean Marcia was probably ten or so when he came into the picture and Jan was just a couple years younger. They were both old enough to realize what was going on and to remember their dad for the most part...so why wouldn't she call him Mike? Maybe its just been awhile since I've seen the earlier episodes. Besides, whatever happened to their dad in the first place??

See...this is what I do with my time. I sit here and analyze old TV shows. You're jealous, I know ;) (Totally kidding!) Well, I've moved onto I Love Lucy now. I shall let you know if anything really sparks out at me with this show that I feel the need to blog about.

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May 31, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Recap (SPOILER ALERTS)

What a roller coaster ride this season is! We finally get to see more of the plot unwind with the curse, the doppleganger details, the Werewolves and more vampires coming to the surface in town. There are many complications with keeping secrets, protecting Elena and her family, and everything that comes when fantasy characters are involved. I really loved this season and all the action, but I have to say I thought there were a lot better moments in season one...or maybe that's just because I was hardcore shipping Stelena. I'm not totally sure.

Alright, if I'm being honest (and I am) I thought some of the action got a little cheesy. But, then again it's a show about vampires, so what do you expect? So many villains started coming into the picture to make things messier than they already were, like Isobel, John, and of course, Klaus. Isobel soon kills herself after coming into the picture and John's not really a bad guy after all....well....and Klaus is just down right evil, there's no way around that one.

When it came to everyone being mad that Elena wanted to play "the martyr", I don't understand what that was all about. It's her decision and yeah, it might not have been the smartest, but it's her choice to make. Sometimes I think Stefan could be a little too overbearing and protective, when he should give her more space. When Elena does something, there's usually a reason behind it. 

I have to say my favorite scenes are always the ones between Stelena or Delena. I loved it when Damon was straight up with Elena and told her he loved her. I felt like he had been trying to play too many games all along and he finally let himself feel something again, laying it all out on the line. But, I was still pulling for Stelena. When things start getting pretty heated with everything going on, they have to call it quits for real...not just trying to fool everyone around them. The look on Stefan's face broke my heart and the two of them crying was really sad. I don't care who you ship, that's an incredible scene. Paul and Nina are great together and killed that! Another favorite scene I have of theirs is when Elena and Stefan walk up the hill together and she admits to him that she didn't want to be a vampire. She wanted to be 17 and think about her life as it came, rather than having to think about such big decisions at that moment.
When Damon makes Elena drink his blood to save her from being turned to a vampire, I was in complete shock! It seemed like a really selfish move to make, but he really was just trying to do what was best for her...or what he thought was best for her.
Damon kicks up his bad boy vibes and you can't help but love it. However, just when I'd start to really pull for him with Elena, he'd do something stupid or would go with other girls and would just kill that idea.

As Tyler starts learning more about his werewolf-y ness, he becomes more alive, I think. I really didn't like his bad attitude at the beginning of last season, but he really grew on me. I liked the friendship that him and Caroline started to have. They were able to help each other out as they transitioned into vampire and werewolf. But, as that relationship was developing, I started getting extremely annoyed with Caroline and Matt. I think she should have just told him or not, because they kept going back and forth and he kept complaining that she wasn't telling him anything. After awhile, you just didn't really care.

I love Bonnie and Jeremy together. She's the first girl that he actually really fits with and has chemistry with. I think it's fitting that they really understand where the other comes from and they're on the same team to help each other hit when crisis hits. And we all know it' Mystic Falls, so it WILL. And Bonnie really comes into her powers as a witch as well. As for Lucca and his dad, they were bad news and ended up dying in the end. I wasn't a big fan of them!

Jenna dying SUCKED BIG TIME! I feel like there was so much they could have done with her and then with her and Alaric's relationship. I thought they were really good together and could've actually tried to make some normalcy out of everything for Elena and Jeremy. After everything those kids have gone through, they needed that stability. I really liked her! Watching the funeral and seeing Elena say goodbye by placing the flower on her grave and her parents' grave is just tough stuff.

Everyone wasn't kidding when they told me the last few episodes and season finale were crazy! It was all of that and so much more. Stefan gives himself over to Klaus to save his brother from the werewolf bite that was causing him to die. Stefan starts going crazy and Elena starts falling for Damon, even more than she probably already was. They kiss and she nurses him back to health, while Catherine brings over the cure. And they end the season with Jeremy seeing Anna and Vicki....WHAT THE WHAT?!!??!?!?! I don't know how people do it where they go months and months at a time without finding out what is happening. Shows are just too much stress on my life or maybe my problem is that I'm too invested.

It's 2:30 a.m, and I'm thinking I should probably get some sleep.


Fall Primetime Television

With all the TV station upfronts and talk about the new fall season shows, I thought I'd talk about my top picks that I'd like to check out and can't wait for.


Revolution: It's a new sci-fi drama by J.J Abrams (Felicity, Lost) and Jon Favreau (Supernatural). There's not much about the plot line exactly, except for the fact that all technology goes away-computers, cell phones, and cars. Apparently, many years later society falls apart because it can't survive without the technology and it becomes overtaken by warring groups and militias. But, there might be a hard drive to help a certain family out. I'm not exactly sure of what to think about it, honestly. I'm not a big fan of "sci fi" and all that, but I've been surprising myself lately. However, I know that Supernatural and Lost were both incredible shows with great teams, and I was a fan of J.J Abrams' Felicity. I think this is a show worth checking out at least once.

The Voice: Obviously not a new show, but it will be interesting to see a new group of people coming on. I wasn't able to watch much last season, except for the first few episodes and even then I wasn't paying much attention. I really loved the concept the first time around; I loved that it truly was all about the voice...not the back story, the looks, the begging or pleading or any of that. It was about raw talent!

Dancing With The Stars: Back for its 800th season or so it feels. I love the show, I do! And I thought it wouldn't last after the first season. When I heard the title, I thought it was the cheesiest thing I'd ever seen in my life. But, I see that it quickly caught on. When they get people that are actual celebrities, it makes it more enjoyable to watch. I hope they get a better cast this time.

Nashville: As much as I love the city, I've yet to see a show or movie that doesn't stereotype the country lifestyle and make it incredibly hokey or like every country star is just depressed and miserable (i.e Country Strong). The trailer is extremely long and looks really good showing the highlights of town-The Grand Ole Opry, downtown and everything else that Music City is known for. The idea of the show is that an older country star is being pushed out of town basically by the new girl, played by Hayden Panettierre who she is touring with. She's finding it's a different industry than it used to be. I'm interested in seeing how they switch things up with this and I'm crossing my fingers it will be better than I'm hoping.

The Bachelor: I've been watching faithfully since I was in about the 4th grade. As much as I hate the drama and crap that goes on season after season, I just can't turn away. There's something in the show that just makes you want to keep coming back to find out what happens. It's basically a waste of time because none of the couples in the 16 seasons that it has been on have actually worked out, except for Trista and Ryan and maybe one other couple. Those aren't very good odds, but hey, it makes for great TV right? And that's what America is all about after all.
The CW

The WB always had most of my favorite shows growing up and even to this day. When it became the CW, they changed their direction a bit and became more hip, fitting in with the trends of the day.

The Vampire Diaries: I just got into this show on Netflix and will be caught up in plenty of time for season 4. I don't know about everything that happened in season 3, so I'm not even sure what to expect. But, I know there will be plenty of vampire drama and of course with the love triangle between Damon, Stefan and Elena. I hear it just keeps getting better and better, so I can't wait to see what the writers do to keep everyone on their toes. Unfortunately, this season it starts a little later than usual in October instead of September. It would figure that when I start watching, the premiere day gets pushed back.

The Carrie Diaries: (Starting in January) I've only seen bits and pieces of Sex and the City, but I'm familiar with the characters and some of the plots. I'm really curious to see how they're going to portray a younger Carrie Bradshaw and whether it's just going to be another Gossip Girl type show. If nothing else, I'm looking forward to seeing the fashions and how AnnaSophia plays Carrie.

Beauty and the Beast: This is not your typical Disney fairytale story. It's about a girl who witnesses her mother being killed by a huntsman and meets up with him later on, taking place in New York City. The CW says it's supposed to appeal to fans of The Vampire Diaries who just can't seem to get enough of that fantasy world. I'm really into the darker fairytale/legends these days, so I'm really looking forward to watching this one!

Hart Of Dixie:
I watched the pilot last season and a few throughout, but for some odd reason I just didn't get hooked. It's strange, because I love shows about small towns with that southern charm and drama dealing with relationships and everything in between. I think it's a really cute show and I love that it shoots on the same lot as "Stars Hollow" for Gilmore Girls and all the Country music they'd play, but it was just too slow. After watching the season finale, I was really impressed enough to want to get back into it. If Netflix puts the first season up sometime soon, I'll just spend a day watching it and it'll probably be my new favorite show!

Apparently, it's based on the comic superhero, The Green Lantern. I guess superheroes are really making their comeback with The Avengers and all of the other movies being released this year. I'm not a fan of superheroes, but one of the entertainment bloggers I really love watched it a few weeks ago and said it was the best pilot she had ever seen. I want to watch it out of curiosity to see for myself how good it really is.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Sophia Bush's new show, Partners. I actually went to a rehearsal of the pilot episode a couple months ago. However, they said there could be many changes from the costumes to the actual writing of the show. Besides that, there have already been some adjustments to the cast. I thought this show was really funny; honestly Michael Urie had the funniest lines and had impeccable comedic timing. As for how long it will last, that I'm not so sure about. It doesn't seem like there will be many story lines to carry out an entire season, because it felt like everything that needed to be solved was solved in the first episode. I love Sophia Bush and I'm pulling for this to work out for her, so I'll be watching to support her.

So, there ya have it! Those are the shows on my radar! What are some of yours?

That's all for now,

May 30, 2012


Really loving these items from Anthropologie! Great for Summer :)

May 29, 2012

Hospitals Freak Me Out

It's 10 p.m on a Tuesday night. I'm sitting in the ER of our local hospital surrounded by screaming kids, sick people coughing, people with interesting language and looks and the aroma of that nauseating hospital smell as you walk through the doors. I always think it will get better... But no, it never really does. I'm a germophobe when it comes to these things and I feel like I have to burn everything and shower immediately after getting home. Throughout my life, hospitals have always seemed to play a big role. Both of my grandma's were diagnosed with cancer. One when I was ten years old and the other when I was sixteen. Both were in hospitals for a month or so at a time and we were there daily. Hospitals just make me anxious and awkward, but it became easier to be around to some degree. But gosh, that smell never goes away. Ick!
My grandpa was admitted into the hospital this evening because he was having back pain. They were running tests so we weren't sure whether or not he could have visitor's. My dad decided to come down here anyway, but apparently only two people at a time can go to his room. So, my mom and I are just sitting in the waiting room...fun, fun!
As I sit here, it seems as though all of the noises are heightened and everything is so extreme. I'm trying to keep my head down as much as possible. I learned that little tip from Luke Danes of Gilmore Girls. Wise guy, that one! The second he looked up, he saw a guy with a screwdriver stuck in his head. So.. The moral of the story is: When you're at a hospital, keep your head down as much as possible and you'll be good. You just never know what you're going to see here!

That's all for now,

Pop Culture Expert

Since I was really young, I've always been a TV junkie and into the entertainment business. As I've gotten older, its become an even bigger passion of mine. This is also why I got into Journalism...so I can still be involved in the media field and around the art that I love so much.
I love analyzing characters and story lines and comparing my real life situations to that of a TV show! There's something about the world of television that has always drawn me in: plots, the ability to solve a problem in 30 minutes-an hour and the overall structure a TV show takes.
I'd like to tackle as much pop culture on my blog as much as possible from music and TV to celebrities and film and a little of everything in between, maybe even with a little commentary of some sort on the side.
I'd like to have my own entertainment show someday where I can talk about the shows that are hot at the moment, possibly with its cast and director so we can take a deeper look at what's going on in the show for aspiring actors and directors, etc. But, it wouldn't be one of those boring, run of the mill, "let's dissect this" and "analyze this" type things. It would show people behind the scenes footage of what happens on a daily basis, how do the actors get into character and how the TV world really works. Think of it as a how-to guide!
I'd like to scope out the sets and how it all comes together. Sometimes I like processes!
I have a lot of opinions when it comes to pop culture and I'd like to share them with people... One way or another.

Good In Goodbye (Fiction Series) Part Two

"Hi! How are you doing tonight?" I asked the first contestant of the night, Sky, giving her a side hug.
"I'm doing fantastic! I can't believe that I'm standing here at the finale of American Idol, talking to you. It's all so surreal," She looked around us, her eyes filled with wonder.
"What has this entire journey been like for you?"
"It has been growing experience that's for sure. I've been able to meet so many cool people out here and do so many things I never would've been able to experience. And these people that have been through it with me will be friends for life absolutely!"
"I can imagine! Well, you look fabulous! Have a great time tonight," I added. She smiled, thanked me and the red carpet coordinator helped her down to head inside.
Pretty soon, I had a line waiting to see me. I talked to the judges, a few more contestants, and a few of the American Idol alum from past seasons.
"Next up is Carter Danon..." Sheila announced, and I flipped to his page in my notes to review what I had written down.
A few minutes later he walked up. He was a lot taller and a even better looking than I thought he would be. Normally, I wasn't into guys like him. He had a two tone mohawk and dressed a little more on the punk rock side.
"Hi Carter, it's nice to meet you," I stuck out my hand and he shook it firmly.
"So nice to meet you too! You look great by the way," No one else had commented on that, and we were almost finished. "Thank you! You look pretty dapper as well."
"Thank YOU," he smiled and chuckled to himself.
"Now, a lot of people thought you would be in the top two tonight..what are your thoughts on leaving the competition so early?"
"At the time I regretted doing the song choice, but now I realize that it was just my time to go. God had other plans in mind."
"Absolutely, everything happens for a reason. Your faith is a big part of why you do what you do...if this Hollywood career doesn't work out like you want it to, would you like to get involved in ministry?"
"I think I would probably go down that route, but honestly it just depends on where God calls me," he shrugged, "At this point I'm open to anything."
"God definitely has incredible plans for you whatever they may be!"
"Thank you! I appreciate that."
"One last question before you go, because I know you need to get inside pretty soon..."
"Oh, no rush!" He stood there, like he didn't have a care in the world.
"What was your favorite performance of yours from this season?"
"Hands down, Dare You To Move . It's one of my favorite songs of all time and I had really wanted to be able to perform that one! Being able to do that was a dream come true."
"Well, you did such a fantastic job with it. I loved that you were really worshiping up there; it wasn't just a performance."
"And that was my goal. I want people to see that I'm not doing it just for the sake of doing it or to get the emotions of America. I'm doing it because it's in my heart.We're all here for something so much bigger than ourselves and it's up to us to do something about it."
"I think that's the perfect way to end our interview," I smiled at him, "Thank you so much for stopping by."
He walked down from the platform we had been standing on, and I wrapped up the segment. "That's all I have for you right now. But, on the bright side this is just night one of all the American Idol festivities. We'll back again tomorrow night to announce the winner and more coverage from all of your favorite contestants! Stay tuned," I smiled and nodded to the camera as the red light flashed off.
"That's a wrap," Sheila started packing up her camera gear, "Fantastic job!" she gushed with a huge smile on her face.
"Thank you! You seem really happy," I noticed.
"You totally just met him..."She stated, as if I was supposed to know what she was talking about.
"Him? Who's him?" I asked puzzled.
"Your future husband! It's that guy right there; Carter Danon! I don't know how I didn't see it before. You guys would be perfect for each other."
"Oh c'mon," I put my ipad in my Coach bag, and pulled out my phone. I had all kinds of tweets and missed phone call alerts on the screen.
"Did you not see the way he was looking at you?"
"That doesn't mean we're going to get married...maybe he thought I was pretty or maybe he's just really excited to be here. I have no idea! And he probably didn't even think that. You're crazy. Did you forget that we are at the American Idol finale?"
"No, I did not forget that...but, you wrapped up the segment and he's been waiting down there, glancing up at you every few seconds. Just watch," she nodded towards Carter.
"Fine," I continued to act like I was talking to her, watching Carter out of the corner of my eye.
Sure enough, about ten seconds after, Carter nodded my way and smiled. I politely waved back.
"That still doesn't mean anything," I shrugged nonchalantly to Sheila. I had finished packing up and helped her put a few camera chords away.
"Alright, but I'm telling you one of these days you'll believe me when I come up with some crazy brained scheme, such as this one."
"Right," It went in one ear and out the other, "I'm gonna start heading inside," I told her.
"You just want to talk to Carter, and that's completely fine!"
"Shut up!" I shook my head at her, and walked down the steps.
"Hey!" Carter nodded to me as I walked by. "I really enjoyed our interview!"
"Me too," And that was the truth. I had felt more relaxed with him, "I feel like we really have a lot in common."
"Okay, so I wasn't just imagining that connection back there?"
"Apparently not! My friend that was running the camera keeps sa- keeps giving me a hard time about you," I rolled my eyes. I had started to go into detail with more of her crazy ideas, but decided it was best not to open that can of worms quite yet.
"I've been getting all kinds of tweets about you saying we'd be the cutest couple. Apparently people thought we'd known each other awhile."
I pulled out my phone quickly, and read a few tweets I had gotten while filming.
*Oh my gosh! Are you guys dating?
*They are so adorable together.
*I was really hoping he would win, but if nothing else maybe he'll get a date out of it
I laughed out loud...literally. "It looks like you're not the only one who got those!" I showed him the screen, scrolling down to all of the different comments I had received.
I looked down at my phone again and saw there were a few texts from friends and family.
"I think you should get that guy's number! He is a CUTIE AND A CHRISTIAN...Winning? Uh yeah!" my best friend, Miranda had sent me.
"You two totally clicked! Maybe you should get to know him a little more. Love you and have fun~mom," yeah that was from my mom. I felt my cheeks warm up.
"And there ya go..." I shrugged, not sure of what else to say.
"Yeah...."He just smiled, "So are you from around here?"
"No, I'm actually living in San Francisco! I'm just here for the next week and a half covering this and a few more things that The Chronicle comes up with."
"Oh, that's awesome! I've never been to San Francisco but it always looks beautiful from the pictures."
"It's home! I can't imagine myself living anywhere else. I'm originally from Texas, though."
"Do you travel a lot with work?"He looked at me sincerely. It was like he really cared, he wasn't just being polite or trying to make conversation. I had been with a lot of celebrities to know when someone was being fake, and that was a good portion of the interviews I covered.
"Quite a bit, but mainly just to LA and New York or where most of the big events take place."
"I'm sure you enjoy that! You're such a natural with what you do."
"Thank you so much! It definitely had its moments of being tough. When I was engaged, it was really hard on my fiance..."
"Oh, so you're married?"
"No, thank goodness! That's a long story...How about we save that one for another time?"
"That sounds great!" he smiled, and just when I was about to see what his plans were for the rest of the time being, someone stepped in to pull him away.
"You're needed inside, Carter," the woman in black with a headset tugged at his elbow, pulling him towards the entrance.
"Oh, right..." He had lost track of time. He looked at me, "Stacey, right?"
"Yeah?" I smiled in an obvious way.
"I'll find you on Twitter or something. Maybe we can keep talking."
"I'd like that," and I really meant it.
"Totally your future husband," Sheila said watching everything as it happened. I could see Carter pulling out his phone as his figure wandered off in the distance down the red carpet.
"Shut up!" She had finished packing everything up, so we headed inside.
We walked inside the Nokia Theater and found our seats. The show started taping on time, seeing as it was live, and we were out within an hour. The two final contestants, Ashley and Paul performed three songs a piece. They both had music in their blood from the time they were born, and had a lot of experience. It was going to be an extremely close race with these two. Everyone I asked on the red carpet had a different answer, so it would be interesting to see who went home with the title and the million dollars.

I was able to chat with several celebrities I had interviewed previously like, Tim Allen, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Jennie Garth after the show ended, and they gave me a short piece about their review of the show that I could use for my blog review. I couldn't believe how chaotic the crowds were and how tension was running extremely high, especially with the crew. There was still so much to be done before tomorrow night's big result show. It was an absolute zoo just trying to make our way out of the theater.
"There's your lover boy," Sheila teased, and I could see the tips of his mohawk.
"That's nice, but he is not mine. So we had a nice talk..big deal, Sheila."
"You're afraid of getting hurt again," she got me.
I bit my lower lip, nervously. I knew she was right, because I had just almost admitted it to her in the room just last night. I was afraid of needing someone to only have them let me down in the end, especially some rock star that was known across America.
"You're right, I am. So, I'll gain a friend out of it, but honestly I don't want anything more. It's just too soon."
"What if it's not?, and this is what God has had planned for you. Don't just write it off like this isn't what you've had in mind, because it probably isn't. What if it's so much better than that?"
"When did this just become an episode of One Tree Hill? You're getting extremely deep on me," I laughed and kept walking.
"Carter's heading over this way, he sees us!"
"Well, you can stay and talk to him if you want to so badly. I'm going back to the room."
I knew Sheila was growing more frustrated with me as the seconds passed. She didn't want to, but she followed behind me as we walked back to the hotel.
"You know, you can't ignore me forever," she finally said as we walked into the lobby. There were a lot of people that had just come from next door and were chatting.
"We do still have another week and a half here...it would be hard to do that in silence," I joked.
"I'm only doing this because I love you. I know you've been hurt and I know things didn't work out with whatshisface, but you have to move on. It didn't work out for a reason, he wasn't the one for a reason...and maybe that reason is because there's someone better out here or somewhere."
"It's just hard. You know how much I hate change. I get comfortable in my little rut; I get my routine's down and I stick to them. Why change a good thing?"
"Because maybe you'll find something better..."
"I guess we're just going to keep going around and around..."
"Look at it this way...When you and I met we were strangers, right?"
"Right..." I said, listening closer to where she was going to take the rest of this.
"Okay, so we started out as strangers and I'm sure you didn't want to let me in. But, you did eventually, and look where we are today. We're the best of friends. I know I can't imagine my life without you, and you can try to deny it all you want, but good or bad you know you can't imagine me not being in your life either."
BAM! Right where it hurts. I just got a big dose of reality, and there was no way around it.
"Stop being practical and let God do His thing. Maybe Carter's not gonna be anything more than another follower on Twitter or someone that you can add to your list of celebrities you've interviewed. But, maybe this will be your wake-up call to moving on."
"Maybe I'll give it a chance, but please just stop pushing it on me..."
"Deal!" Sheila squealed and threw her arms around me, giving me a hug.

Later that night, as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, I decided to pull my Blackberry Curve out. I went through some e-mails and replied back to texts that I hadn't had a chance to earlier. A tweet flashed up on my screen just a minute or so later.
"It was really nice meeting you tonight :-) Tried to catch you after the show, but u had already left ~CD~," It was from Carter. My heart did this weird flip flop. I just ignored it. It was way too soon to start getting attached to a guy I didn't even know.
I decided it would only be polite to respond the gesture of following him and replying back. "It was really nice meeting you too! Hope 2 c u 2morrow :-)~SR~" I decided it would be best to turn off my phone, so I did. Turning over on my side, I said a prayer, asking God for guidance on what to do next, because right now I wanted to hide in a corner or stay in my bed the rest of the trip; hiding from the rest of the world.

**To be continued...Part three coming soon :)**

For The Plane Trip To: Nashville