November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This was quite the interesting Halloween! When I was little, I could always tell something different was in the air, the day of a holiday. As I get older, though, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate what makes that day any more special than the last. I remember all the little classroom parties, harvest festivals or even trick or treating around my neighborhood with my parents. Those were some really carefree, wonderful times that I'll always cherish. I was reminiscing on some of those things early in the morning before really starting the day.

Me as Belle (Beauty and the Beast). This was one of my earliest Halloween memories.

I woke up, had breakfast (bagel with pumpkin cream cheese) and watched The Today Show as they talked about Halloween party ideas and other festive activities to do for the occasion. The Rachel Ray show was just the same, but with better guests like James Van Der Beek. I also decorated some pumpkins that were just sitting around, not getting any use, which was fun. I painted my nails, and also looked for the perfect Halloween attire, since I wasn't getting dressed up to go anywhere. 

It was a nice of afternoon of not doing much. I downloaded some Halloween apps, and was keeping myself entertained with those, while trying to find holiday themed movies that were on. I had started watching The Adams Family movie, but they were just a little too much for me, so I turned it to something happier, yet still festive. I also got my new Taylor Swift "Red" Keds in the mail, so that was super EXCITING! If it had been another holiday, I would've worn them right then, but they weren't the right colors.

A little later on, I met up with my best friend, Marissa at the movie theater to see The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I have heard nothing but great things for this movie, so I was really excited to see it. It was also so good to see Marissa and catch up with her. We talked for quite awhile inside the theater before it started, which was cool. She always has a lot of stories to inform me of, which I enjoy!

Finally, the movie started. Let's just say, it was a little different than what I was anticipating from the previews and everything I'd heard...but wow! What a screenplay! Honestly, it needs to win "best" something at an award show coming up, because it was really eye opening. It wasn't quite as feel good as I thought it would be, but I think they did an excellent job at portraying all of it. I can't say too much without giving it all away, but there was some really terrific acting from Logan Lerman and Emma Watson in it. There were so many gripping moments and one liners. I'd definitely watch it again, and I think it would actually be easier.

When the movie finished, both Marissa and I were just in shock. It was one of those movies that had you thinking and just really "Whoa"-d out the rest of the night. We were both still a little distraught as we had dinner at Chic-Fil-A. Yes, that is my third time this week, and I didn't even mind. What can I say? I love their food and sweet tea. Marissa and I ate, and continued gabbing about our lives. We always tend to go to Chic-Fil-A when we have lunch, and I honestly think those are some of our best conversations. Never a dull moment, that's for sure! We finished eating, then came back to my house for a little while. 

My house was covered in trick-or-treaters when we showed up, which reminded me that it was Halloween. I was able to pass out candy to an adorable little bumble bee, who was so excited about her candy, and we headed inside. Marissa wasn't planning on staying long, but once again, we got wrapped in conversation in my room. We talked about our families and all kinds of other "girl" things. A couple hours later, she decided to head home, and I finished watching some of The X Factor with my mom. Around midnight, we called it a night, because we had to wake up pretty early the next morning.

I had to finish a creative writing assignment, so I was up until 2 a.m., but I think the beginning of my story turned okay for me feeling like I was about to fall asleep. All in all, it was a very good Halloween, even though it didn't even feel like it was Halloween. Maybe to some degree that's better? We'll go with that.

That's all for now,


Yesterday started out like any other day. I woke up, put my make up on, did my devotion and waited for my friend, Michele, to pick me up. Around 9:15 or so, we headed to Taft. We talked about a variety of topics including counselor meetings. She had just had hers the day before, and I was getting ready to have mine. I was nervous that once again I would have all of these classes to add to the next semester, setting me back further than I wanted to be. We arrived on campus; she headed to class, and I went to the front office to wait for my counselor to get me. It took a few minutes before she came, so once again, I just looked at my phone and observed the people that were around.

I made my way into her office, sat down, and she immediately started looking through my transcript and all of the classes I was taking this semester. She scribbled down numbers and started checking things off on the list, and said, "You're qualified to apply for graduation!" My heart immediately started pumping with excitement. Finally, the words I'd been waiting to hear. She handed me the application to start filling out as she printed off a few things for what I'll need to transfer. I'll still need to take one class in the spring semester in order to transfer, but that won't be bad at all. I'm hoping to take something like creative writing again or just another easy online class, so I won't have to go to the campus very often. I'll be able to graduate May 24 and start classes at the local university in August, if all goes according to plan. But, I feel like I've been in this position before, and then something always comes up to push me back. Like that expression, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." This is the farthest I've ever gotten in the process, though, so I choose to believe that it's all going to work out and I'm one step closer to graduation and living out a career I've always dreamed about.
I filled out a form for graduation, receiving my diploma and decided that I would go through with the ceremony. It should be fun! I mean, after all the time and effort I've put into it, I deserve that celebration. I can't wait for it either.

I called my mom as soon as I got out of the appointment to go over a few of the things my counselor had told me, and just because I was way too excited not to share the news! I went into the library to hang out with my friend, Amanda before our creative writing class. We talked about some of the "interesting" stories people in our class had submitted and a few other random things that came up. Then, headed over to the classroom when it was time. We took our seats with our other friend, Toni, at our usual spot and looked over some of our critiques, before class started. You just never know what kinds of things people are going to write, so that's the most nerve-racking part.
My short narrative got some pretty positive feedback, which I was happy about. The professor also gave our row a hard time, when it came to my piece, as well as giving an analogy of what he pictured while reading my poem. Me, in an empty white room looking extremely sad, while Toni and Amanda pass me by in their caps and gowns, earning degrees, while I'm standing in the same position. If I hadn't just found out about graduation, I probably would've been depressed about the mention of that, but this time I laughed it off. Picturing it myself was pretty hilarious!

After class, I met Michele at her car and headed back to town. I filled her in on the news, and she was so excited for me! I felt so good about all of it, like I'm finally on my way. I was reminded of God's goodness and how everything does always work out, so I should just enjoy whatever season I'm in, instead of trying to rush it all. We also talked about my mom's surgery coming up on Thursday, and how I'm really going to have to step up with chores around the house. I'm not used to doing anything, so this is going to be a stretch/learning experience for me. I'm nervous about it, to be honest. But, Michele said if I need any help, to call her, which is comforting.
I made it back to my house, ate lunch quickly, then off to the Bakersfield Art Museum my mom and I went.

I had only been to the museum a couple times for weddings, but I'd never been inside to actually look at the artwork. I couldn't believe how cool everything actually was! The way everyone comes up with such detail and the crazy, off the wall ideas is incredible. There were a lot of pieces made out of books, whether it was a painting or some sort of sculpture. Who knew you could even do such things with them?! It was a fun time. Although, I didn't care for the whispering the entire time. It was so empty in there, but it's so awkward if your conversation echoes HAHA! There's even a beautiful garden in back, complete with a gazebo and a bunch of different flowers. It was so nice just walking around, admiring everything.

Across the street, there were a couple huge antique stores that I wanted to check out. My mom and I never got a chance to do our special "fall day" because it hasn't felt like fall exactly, and now she's going to be down for awhile, so we thought we'd do a little bit yesterday. I just love antique stores, which is funny, because when my grandma used to take me to them all the time when I was younger, I got so tired of them. This one had so many neat treasures! I love guessing who might've owned them or what their story had been, or even where the person who owned the item was from! 

I really want to find a case like this! 
Vintage cameras are the coolest decorations!

My mom and I ran a few more errands, grabbed some tea from Chic-Fil-A, went to Kohl's to pick up a few things and headed home. It was a pretty chill afternoon, then we had to run some errands with my dad that night. The rest of the night we just watched TV, and I did some homework. Nothing too crazy, you know! I worked on homework, and tried to catch up on some things that will be due pretty soon that I've waited until the last minute on. 

That's all for now,

November 2, 2012

CMA Nominations

While I was waiting for my mom at the hospital, I made out my predictions for the CMA Awards and thought they had posted to the blog, but apparently it didn't. So, now I get to do it for the third time. I really hope you all enjoy this ;).

Music Video of the Year:       
Eric Church-"Springsteen"
Kenny Chesney- "Come Over"
Miranda Lambert-"Over You"
Little Big Town- "Pontoon"
Toby Keith-"Red Solo Cup"

As much as I'm not a fan of Miranda Lambert, I really think "Over You" should take the award. It has the most meaning behind the song and the video itself is beautifully shot. I love the symbolism that they used, and overall it was just the best as far as cinematography goes.

Musical Event of the Year:
"Dixie Highway"- Alan Jackson and The Zac Brown Band
"Feel Like A Rockstar"- Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney
"Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die"- Willie Nelson, featuring Snoop Dogg, Kris Kristofferson, and Jamey Johnson
"Safe and Sound"-Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
"Stuck On You"- Lionel Richie and Darius Rucker

As much as I would love to see Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars win it, I really have a feeling that Darius and Lionel will win it, just with all of the buzz circulating around Tuskegee. I really love the duet, their voices blend together so well, that you almost can't tell who's who at times.

Single of the Year:
Jason Aldean- "Dirt Road Anthem"
Blake Shelton- "God Gave Me You"
Dierks Bentley-"Home"
Little Big Town-"Pontoon"
Eric Church- "Springsteen"

Well, for one thing it seems like Dirt Road Anthem has been in a few circuits of these award shows, after being out for at least a good two years, I'm sure. To me, these seem like some random choices, though they do get a lot of airtime. I would have to say "God Gave Me You" because I think it's beautiful song. There are so many great lines, and I would like to see the original songwriter/singer get the credit he deserves, which is Dave Barnes.

Song of the Year:
Eli Young Band- "Even If It Breaks Your Heart"
Blake Shelton- "God Gave Me You"
Dierks Bentley- "Home"
Little Big Town- "Pontoon"
Eric Church- "Springsteen"

Once again I'm going to be the "picky fan" and say that I'm not that crazy about any of these songs. But, since I'm going to call my prediction, I'm going to say that Eric Church wins with "Springsteen." I'm not a fan of his attitude/persona, but I think these are some genius lyrics.

Album of the Year:
Luke Bryan- Tailgates and Tan Lines
Eric Church- Chief
Miranda Lambert- Four The Record
Dierks Bentley- Home
Lady Antebellum- Own The Night

I absolutely adore Lady Antebellum, and I think Own The Night is the best record they've ever done. Each and every song was top notch, and they're really coming into their own artistically. But, as much as I'm pulling for them, I hear a lot of these albums are fantastic. I think there has been a lot of hype around each of them, so it could go either way. I have a feeling Eric Church is going to take it once again.

Vocal Duo of the Year:
Big and Rich
Love and Theft
The Civil Wars
Thompson Square

It seems like duos are a thing of the past, and none of them have really stood out in the past year. If I had to take a guess at who will win, I'd say Sugarland deserves it the most.

Vocal Group of the Year:
The Band Perry
Eli Young Band
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Zac Brown Band

Now, this is a tough category. All are extremely talented, who have had great years, so how the Country Music Association is going to narrow it down is beyond me. As much as I think Lady Antebellum deserves it for the amazing year they've had, I have a feeling The Band Perry will win. I think they've really grown over the past year and have had a lot of success and recognition. They're on a roll.

Male Vocalist of the Year:
Jason Aldean
Luke Bryan
Eric Church
Blake Shelton
Keith Urban

First off, most of the guys in this category aren't "vocalists". They're great songwriters and performers, but their voices aren't anything to rave about. What happened to Brad Paisley's nomination? Or have they ever thought about Chris Young or Darius Rucker? They deserve it just as much, if not more than some of the other nominees. However, I LOVE Keith Urban. He is is one of my favorite artists, and one of my favorite people period. I would love to see him win...But, I have a feeling once again, it's going to be Blake.

Female Vocalist of the Year:
Kelly Clarkson
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

I'm a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson, don't get me wrong. But, I just don't think she has earned the right to be in this category just yet because she's had one Country remix song and a couple duets over the past couple years. I really think Reba's management is pushing her people hardcore. But, I feel like this is the year Carrie is finally going to claim the title once again, like she rightfully should. I'm all for some girl empowerment, though, so I really love seeing how the girls of country music are proving once and for all that girls are just as good as guys.

Entertainer of the Year:
Jason Aldean
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Taylor Swift

Ah, Entertainer of the Year! To me, this is the highest achievement that any artist can attain. It's much more than just getting up there and putting on a concert or two. It's about your brand, your appearances, the way you carry yourself throughout the year, your music, ticket sales, album sales...All of that goes into consideration. I think Kenny, Taylor, and Brad best display those achievements this year. I've seen Taylor and Brad in concert several times, and they're phenomenal. Visually, they have so many elements that really tie everything together, and they just have a certain charisma and charm on stage. I hear Kenny is incredible live, but I've never seen him. Plus, I just became a fan of his recently. I think Taylor will take it just like she has the past two years, because the girl is setting the world on fire with everything she has done. She sold out how many stadiums and arena shows for the Speak Now World Tour?! She came out with perfumes, she's constantly designing cards, making appearances, and has continued to sell move up on the charts for Speak now, two years later, even while releasing her fourth album. Sure, I am biased, because she's one of my favorite artists, but the facts are also there. She continues to step up her game every year and challenge herself. That's what an entertainer does.

That's all for now,

P.S Stay tuned for my recap of the show later on!

October 31, 2012


I'm going to do this week's post a little differently, because there has been a lot happening. I think it'll be easiest to post one day at a time.

Monday was quite an interesting day. I woke up early, and my mom and I had it all planned out that we were going to run to one of her final doctor's appointments before the surgery (that wasn't supposed to take too long), then we would head over to the art museum for a project I have due in art. Well, the doctor's appointment took a lot longer than expected and after looking up the website to the museum, I found out they're closed on Mondays, so that was a bummer and switched things around. Mom took care of what she needed to, while I sat in the waiting room on my phone and watching whatever the TV had on. We were there probably a good hour and a half, when the nurse realized there was a paper that they had left out of her hospital packet.
We ended up having to go back and forth between doctor's offices because of their mix up, which was incredibly annoying and something we shouldn't have had to do, but what can you do? We were able to grab lunch from Chic-Fil-A in between, so that made everything better.
When we were finally done with the doctor's, we had to go to the grocery store to stock up on food while my mom's down for awhile. Since I don't drive yet, that might make things tricky. I also don't cook, so it looks like we'll be having soup a la carte for most of the days ;).  It didn't take too long there, which was great, because after the day had gone, being at Wal-Mart wasn't exactly the most thrilling of ideas. I couldn't believe how busy it was, but usually we're there earlier in the day.
We were home the rest of the afternoon/night, where I tried to get homework and planning for the rest of the semester done. There's going to be so much to do that I don't know when I'll find the time to do it all. At least if I have a game plan, I can work around it easier.

My new Betsey Johnson bag!
The new app on my ipad that is helping me stay organized!
What a day! My mom and I were both pretty wiped out after that. Here's to seeing how the rest of the week goes.


October 30, 2012

Thoughts While Watching Gossip Girl:

I've been watching Gossip Girl lately on Netflix, because I was just curious of what it was all about. While I was watching, I started thinking:
  1. Penn Badgley is single, since Blake is now married to Ryan, and that's good news to all the single ladies out there. Yet, I can't help but feel sad for him, because I thought they were a cute couple.
  2. I want to go to New York really bad...especially for the holidays.
  3. I really need to update my wardrobe to be up to par with Blaire and Serena's standards.
  4. I hope I can catch up on all the seasons before the last episode.
  5. I really want to know who Gossip Girl is.
  6. Also, I'd really like to start a column/website like her, because it would be fun to follow the lives of others and comment on their every move. Although, it's also slightly creepy.
 I will keep you posted as I make progress through each season.

That's all for now,

Just A Girl In College

(Sidenote: I had started writing this over the weekend, and just decided to finish today. Things are subject to have changed since then.)

Ah, the joys of being a girl in college. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying these years! I feel like I've had time to branch out a little more and get involved, as well as continue towards the career I want to have. I've been growing a lot, and that's important too. However, I never imagined it would be so hard to figure everything out for the future. I thought since I knew what I wanted to major in, it would be smooth sailing from there. But, I tend to feel just as lost and confused. I feel like I'm where God wants me to be, heading to where He wants me to go, but at the same time still feel like I'm just not doing enough.

I'm getting towards the end of my time at the junior college I'm attending, yet I feel like I'm nowhere closer than when I started. It's like all of these classes I've been taking aren't quite adding up to transfer to another school, which just really makes me question why I'm even still sticking it out.
I just feel like I'm wasting time, while it seems like everyone else has it figured out. I feel like I'm constantly wandering around, just hoping it all works out in the end. I know that everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan, but it's not always easy to remember. I just don't want to be stuck here the rest of my life, and right now, I feel like that's where I'm at.

At family gatherings, I feel like I'm bombarded by questions of the future. It's probably not quite that dramatic, but in my mind it is. I worry enough on my own, so I don't want to feel like I have to answer to everyone exactly what I want to do or where I see myself or how I'm going to transfer or what colleges I've checked into, because I don't know if I'm certain about any of those things myself right now. Since I was five, I've known what I wanted to do, but the closer that "real life" gets, I feel like I have no idea. I'm so lost at what comes next.

I always have breakdowns at all the wrong moments: when I'm out of town, in a restaurant, in a car full of people, or somewhere else that's just really inconvenient. I'm tired of hearing people tell me or act like I'm never going to move or I'm going to need to marry rich, just because I don't necessarily do much now (no job at the moment) and I can be a little high maintenance. I'm going to school to get a degree in a field that I really enjoy, so that I can make a decent living for myself. It's not like I'm just lying around doing nothing at all. I intend to get a job soon, but I've been trying to focus on school for the most part. I want to prove them all wrong, that's all I have to say.

I just hope to see some changes happen pretty soon, because I'm tired of being at a stand still. I want to see some big changes. 

That's all for now,

October 28, 2012

The Weekender

What a beautiful weekend it was! I'd like to call it the last hurrah for awhile before my mom has her surgery :( Sad day! But, it was a fun way to do it. I woke up, put my makeup on, got dressed, and listened to some music to get pumped for the day!

The new DVD player in our car!! :0

My grandparents met at our house, and we headed to Valencia. We wanted to take them to lunch at one of our new favorite restaurants, Lucille's BBQ. It was delicious! While we were waiting for a free table, my mom, grandma and I walked over to one of my favorite stores. They seriously had so many sweaters! It was fall shopping central. My dad called, and we headed back to Lucille's. We had great conversation about how I'm going to be a nice little housewife these next couple weeks while mom is down from her surgery. My grandpa seems to think this will be good training for me to find a rich man. I was like, "Nah, I don't need a man. I'm going to get a degree in Journalism and make my own money." Everyone just keeps telling me that I need a rich man, or basically I'm going to go nowhere in life. I really hope to prove them all wrong, because I'm extremely annoyed with that, just because my parents buy everything and I'm high maintenance. I'm going to college for a reason...Though, sometimes I still wonder why. However, I did get fried pickles, and those make up for everything. Theirs are the best too!

Somehow, I always manage to do all of my over thinking and over analyzing at the worst possible moments, and this was one of those moments. I put myself in a bad mood, and trying to get out again is always the hard part. It also makes it difficult when you're out and about, and were aiming for a good time, but then...Ya know. We went to Stein Mart, which I don't care for, but I always find a ton of stuff. This trip was no different. I found a Betsey Johnson purse and a red sweatshirt. I was really excited! We looked around a little while longer, then went over to Wal-Mart, so my grandpa could pick up an ink cartridge. I was starting to poop out (I think I have low blood sugar, and just start to crash after awhile. Just ask my family; they'd vouch), but we went to a couple home decor stores.
The first one...Let's just say there were a ton of helpful people that Lorelai Gilmore would have made a really witty remark about. I'm not sure what, I just know she would have. They had some really cool furniture, which always makes me mentally decorate my future apartment or house.
I want this! It's both a desk and a dresser. 
Next door, there was another decor store, but this one was packed with Christmas decorations. Every nook and cranny was strategically placed like a magical wonderland forest. It really has me giddy with excitement for Christmas and all of the other holidays coming up. I also can't wait until I have a family of my own to go all out for Christmas with the kids. It's just something I like to think about these days. Seriously, if you were looking for something in particular to decorate with, I'm pretty sure they had it...and then some. 
This would totally be Katy Perry's Christmas tree...

Old fashioned Christmas lights make me REALLY excited! 
We headed back towards home not long after that, but stopped at Denny's for some dessert. I got Banana hush puppies and ice cream. Although, they turned out to not be banana; still good and ate them all, so obviously it wasn't a big problem. It was really good talking to my grandparents, and just joking around with one another. Our waitress was a hoot too! She reminds me a lot of what Minnie Pearl would've been like. She was giving my dad a hard time about everything, which was hilarious. It was a nice little pitstop. 
The sunset on the way home.
The rest of the night was spent hanging out on the couch, spending time with my parents and not doing much of anything.

I must've woke up on the wrong side once again, because I did NOT want to get out of bed, and when I finally decided to, I was not charming at all. The service at church was great! One of my friends' dad's/former pastor spoke about faith. I guess I really needed to hear that this week, and it is an eye opener that I need to start believing again. Big things are going to happen, I just need to get back in the game of life with a new attitude on it.
We had lunch at Chuy's, which was okay! My parents and I ended up talking about the debate and the choir coming up at church for Christmas. It's going to be hard for me to really do it this year, because I don't drive and with my mom having surgery, it'll throw things off a bit. This is my favorite time of the year, and I hate to miss out, so I hope something works out.
After we finished lunch, we made a quickish trip to Michael's to pick up decorating tools for our pumpkins. It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but it still payed off. I could go crazy at Michael's. I'm such a craft nerd, so going in a store filled with things of that nature, it's like, "Oooh! Shiny!" Plus, as we were walking in, a car drove by blasting Red by Taylor Swift.
We made it home, and I spent a couple hours taking a theater test, which was totally pointless, but we'll see how that goes. As soon as I was done, I worked on my pumpkin and watched the Halloween episodes of One Tree Hill. It's the last week to really do all of these "Halloween" festive things, so I want to do it right. After I was done with mine, my dad told me I could use his to carve if I wanted to. Of course I did, so I went with the typical "Jack-O-Lantern" look, although, I ended up butchering his face a bit. Oops! And the pumpkin guts leaked through the paper onto the carpet. I had a blast, though ;) That's all that matters, right?

My "One Tree Hill" pumpkin. Didn't exactly turn out like I thought, but it was fun!
My dad picked up dinner from Taco Pronto, and brought it home. Afterwards, I ended up VOTING! Since I won't be able to visit the actual voting location the day the polls are open, we decided to vote by mail. This is my first time voting in an election for president, so this was a HUGE moment for me. Being able to exercise my right as an American citizen, where it matters what I say and what I think is SO cool, and as I get older, I'm appreciating it more and more. I have to win this election! Every time I vote for something or someone, I usually win...It's just like American Idol ;) Totally kidding, but you catch my drift. 

Now, it's time to gear up for another crazy week! My mom has surgery this week, so that'll change things up around here for a little while. Prayers are very much appreciated :) I will be sure to keep you updated on my life as it happens.

That's all for now,