March 9, 2013


Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling much better than the day before. I talked to one of my best friends about our plans to go antiquing, and she kept making sure that I felt well enough to go, otherwise we could do it another time. But, I'd been looking forward to it and felt good, so we set a time and went from there. I spent most of the morning just hanging out, watching Full House, then decided to get ready, eat lunch and just waited for her to pick me up.

Marissa picked me up, then we went back to her house to meet up with one of her friends, Michael, who was going to come with us. We'd only met one other time, so it was a chance to get to hang out with him too, which was fun!
We headed downtown, laughing, then just randomly stopped at a few antique stores. We didn't really have a plan, which made things more exciting. I found SO many amazing things in the first store we went into, which lasted for close to two hours, I'd say! There were so many trinkets, furniture, postcards, and just about anything else along the lines of home decor. If you didn't look carefully, you could miss a lot. I was really wishing I'd had more money. I ended up buying too many postcards, and that took most of my money, but I thought they were really cool and rare, so there's that. I hope I can find a way to use them for decoration in my room somehow; maybe Pinterest has some ideas.
We went to another antique store just at the corner of the street, which had a ton of old collector's items as well. I just love all of the stories that are in one place that have been donated over the years. It's cool to wonder what happened to them or who they belonged to all of these years. I found this really amazing plaid suitcase that I was starting to wish I'd saved my money for, but, maybe next time I'll learn.

A little while later, we went to another antique store, In Your Wildest Dreams, which my aunt had told me about. She had gotten a lot of my recent birthday and Christmas presents there, so I wanted to check it out. Well, they were getting ready to close, but I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. We got to the store, and it was HUGE. There were several levels and it went pretty far back, so there was a lot to cover. They had a lot of amazing clothes; past and recent, as well as furniture and other home goods. Marissa and I were joking that I need to get a job and she'd look for a new one so we could buy a place together and decorate it with all of the antiques we'd been seeing.

When we knew the store was about to close, we headed out, and I figured that would be the end of my day, but, apparently that was just the beginning of the fun. I just really love our downtown area! They're fixing it up a lot, and it looks beautiful. There are so many cool coffee shops and stores that I'd like to try out. We said we'll have to do the antiquing thing again, but start earlier, have breakfast and make a list of the places we want to go. 
I ended up going to dinner with Michael, Marissa, and her boyfriend, which was a blast! It was my first time of getting to hang out with them on a normal night, because they do stuff like that all the time. I felt like I hadn't been out and about in weeks like that, so I was up for anything. Part of my initiation was picking the place to eat, and I did it in a pretty quick manner, I'd say. I picked a delicious, local burger place, which was tasty! Then, the guys were still wanting to do something else, so we went bowling! 
It was very entertaining! I hadn't been in awhile, so it was fun to do something different than normal, and the drunk guys next to us definitely made for an interesting time. One of the guys had everyone's names memorized in our lane and the lane on the other side of them. After awhile, it was a little creepy, but I don't think that's what he was going for. 
After two games, we played a few games of air hockey in the arcade, which was fun. I hadn't played that in ages, man, I forgot how tiring it can be! It works the arms A LOT! It was hilarious watching the guys get so into it (while Marissa and I were having "girl talk"), and then Marissa and I who would accidentally knock the puck into each other's goal to score, when we actually played! HAHA. 

It was starting to get a bit later, but the guys were hungry again, so we ended up at Sonic. I just had an ice tea, and we all sat in Marissa's car talking about random subjects like The Office and American Idol to the famous goat videos. Marissa can now not listen to "I Knew You Were Trouble" without hearing the goat. hahahahahaha. Mission accomplished. I don't think I've had that much fun in awhile of just having a simple night like that. Also, I was voting for American Idol...Yup, that's talent. I hadn't watched yet, but when you have a favorite, you stick by them...And of course, Kree and Angie were incredible, so I felt good with my voting. 

Finally, after the lights turned off at Sonic, we took that as our clue to leave, and it was close to 11 anyway, so it was good to get home. Marissa dropped me off, and I hung out with my parents for a little while. It was seriously one of the best days/nights I've had in a really long time. It was a great reminder to me that I'm still young, and I should get out more and just be in good company, instead of acting as if my life has already passed me by.

I definitely can't wait until we all hang out again!

That's all,
Shelby :)

March 8, 2013

Icky Sicky

Just when I thought I was starting to feel better, I got hit again with feeling sick and throwing up. I was watching Full House and just having a pretty normal afternoon, when I got really sick and was down for the rest of the day. I felt SO miserable.

I tried to pass the time by reading, watching TV, getting artsy, writing, etc. I started feeling better in the late afternoon, but I was still trying to take it easy.

That night, I had soup for dinner and watched The Bachelor and was still feeling good, but when I was getting ready for bed, I got really sick again. I have no idea what's going on. I was even starting to think that I need to make a doctor's appointment, which is something I NEVER, EVER suggest! But, it's getting to the point that I'm tired of feeling crappy all the time.
I went to bed a little earlier that night, and got a lot of rest, so that I'd be able to keep my original plans for Tuesday with my friends.

That's all for now,

March 7, 2013


What is it about me that is so unforgettable? Is it that I'm not pretty enough? I'm too quiet? Something about my face in general? This question has been haunting me again over the past couple days, and it was something I thought I'd long forgotten.

Over the years, I've always been the one that people "forget" about or just don't choose to remember because they don't care. Alright, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but that's how it feels at times. I've been left out, a substitute teacher that had me in their classes over my four years of high school thought I was new, and Carrie Underwood didn't remember me last time we met (I actually just threw this one in for kicks. I totally don't expect her to remember, even though she does a lot of other people. And it was a weird night). I know these are little things that wouldn't bother most people too much, but to me, they do. I take everything personally, so I feel like I'm doing something wrong in my life if I'm not that memorable.

I've always been quiet and haven't spoken up a lot, but I've never wanted to blend in either. I guess I've just been afraid. My biggest fear is that I'll be average; that I'll never do something that changes the world or something that'll just blow everyone away, because I'm not really "the best" at anything I do.

Maybe this is just me having a pity party or maybe I'm onto something! All I know is I want to be the girl that lights up a room, that makes people's day better just from a simple smile, and I want to do something really BIG that gives people no other choice but to remember me.
Or maybe, all of of these unmemorable moments are leading me up to something that I've waited my entire life for, and this will give me that shove that I need. I don't know, but it couldn't hurt.



Sunday was a pretty typical day; woke up, went to church, the usual. It was another great service, part of the dream again series, which usually has me in tears by the end of it or thinking of what I need to do to get started on the life God has planned for me. We didn't stay long after the service ended, just said hi to a couple of people, then had lunch at Outback. Things got really cooky there; we sat in booth 23, and "Stars Go Blue" came on over the radio. So, if that's not an OTH moment, I don't know what is. I had my parents cracking up, which is always fun and I don't remember laughing that much in a really long time, so it was nice.

We came home for a little while, then my dad and I went out driving. It has been several weeks again since I've done it, so it was rather interesting to get into it again. I wanted to come up with an excuse as to why we couldn't go, but I had nothing, and know I need to get my license SOON! I think I made quite a bit of progress. I made a few Uturns, which was exciting, because I've always been a little terrified of how that works, and drove out on a country road several times. Well, while I was making a sharp turn, I somehow lost control of the car a bit, going off into the dirt, then hit the gas instead of the brake, because I freaked myself out! HAHA! But, we survived, and then I knew what I had to do to avoid that the next times. 

After about an hour, I drove home, and bought some music on itunes, wrote in my journal and relaxed. It was a pretty perfect afternoon for doing just that, since the weather was a little gloomy outside. Then, we went out for dinner at Arby's, which was cool, then came home and played Yahtzee! I forgot how much fun it could be, because it has been years since we last played. My dad cranked up some of his music, then I switched it to Taylor Swift's Red. We were laughing and joking, and it reminded me once again of the things you can do when you just put your phone down or step away from the computer every once in awhile.

I went to bed feeling like things are about to turn around. I have a new outlook, and I hope that I can make it last; maybe I'm finally out of this "funk" I've been in for way too long now. I also started feeling sick again, but figured it would pass. It didn't. 

That's all for now, 

March 5, 2013

"It's Moving Day, It's Moving Day...Hey, Baby, Hey!"

Saturday morning I woke up to my alarm clock going off much earlier than usual. And it was on purpose. I opened my eyes around 6:45, did my devotion, put on my makeup, and was ready to go by 7:30. My parents and I had breakfast at Denny's, which was amazing! Pancakes had sounded great the night before, so we decided we'd either go to Denny's or ihop the next morning. That was a really great decision!
I had also deleted my Facebook and Twitter apps, so that I can start to be truly engaged in conversation and spending time with family/friends, rather than checking what's new with most people that I really don't even contact with anymore. So, we finished breakfast, and had to stop by my dad's work to get a few things, then went up to my grandparents' place to help them move. Luckily, they were just moving into a smaller place in the same complex, just a few steps away.

There was quite a bit to move, and it was hard trying to figure out where everything would go, but the process was fun. I was glad I got to see my uncle, because I haven't seen him in awhile, and some other relatives that I only see a couple times a year, if even that. I love having all of those silly moments that families have while moving! It was like a sitcom waiting to happen. Good times! 
I also fell in love with the patio/view at my grandparents' new house. It's right above the freeway, so you can watch the cars go by and it's a terrific view of the city; you can see for miles around. If only we hadn't been there to work, I would've been pulling out my notebook to write some ideas down. It's the perfect place to think. 
Then, when I had a moment free, my grandpa asked me for some help with something, and we ended up talking for quite some time. He told me all about who he thought should be president in 2016, his life on the farm, among other things. I was really trying to soak it up, because you just never how rare those moments will be. 
We moved things around for most of the morning, then took a break for lunch. We ordered pizza, and all just sat around talking about politics and whatever else. My uncle always likes to talk to me about American Idol, so that's what we did. We talked about our favorite contestants and some of the others we were shocked they kept. 

After lunch, we got back to work, and things got a little more intense as it all started winding down. My cousin's daughter, Kylie, is such a big helper. She's only 7, but she was probably doing the most, if you want to get technical. She was willing to do whatever anyone needed her to, and she is great with organizing things. So, once all of the main furniture was moved into the new place, Kylie told me I'd be helping her put everything back in the fridge, and make sure nothing else was left in the other house. She was definitely putting me to work and I liked it. We also organized their bathroom, and a few other little things here and there. It was fun and tiring.
Once everything was settled into its place, Kylie wanted to show me a little pond with some fish in it, so we walked over to that area, watching the fish, and she tried to make "traps" that would catch the fish. I don't get to hang out with kids very often, but I'm always in awe at their hearts and passion. And it reminds me of when I was younger, and you start to wonder what happens along the way that just all of a sudden makes you change your mind. We were over there for a little while, then decided to head back to the house.

Everyone was pretty pooped out, just watching TV, and a few others were still getting some of the last stuff at their other place. After a few minutes, we all started heading out. We said goodbye to everyone, then my parents and I went to chipotle for dinner, which was so tasty. I was starting to crash at that point, and there were a lot of college age kids in there being loud, so that was not helping. Finally, we were done, went to Target, then came home to watch Jeopardy and eat Cinnamon rolls.
It was one of the BEST days I have had in awhile. It reminded me of what life is supposed to be about; the simple things-family, togetherness, and not always being in such a rush. It reminded me to slow down and notice the details of things around you. It helped me to appreciate people again, rather than just being with them and not listening to what they have to say.
I'm so glad I helped and got to spend some time with the ones I love :)


March 4, 2013

Random Playlist

Every once in awhile, I'll pull out my music i.d. for a random song I like while I'm in a store or if there's a song playing in a restaurant, or sometimes if I'm just wanting to take a look at the lyrics when I hear something I haven't heard in awhile. I've been checking out my last that I've had running from over the past couple years, and found that there is quite the assortment of songs. Some are fantastic, and others...I'm wondering how the heck they even got there. Take a look:

So, I realized that I really like the "When It Comes To Love" song...Because I've looked it up, like, four times. Weird. And I was reminded of how much I miss 90s country songs, and wonder why they don't play a lot of them on the radio today...Major bummer. 

That's all for now,

March 3, 2013

The Weekly Review

Not much to report on; I was sick for most of the week, worked on homework, procrastinated on homework, went to worship practice, started a new project with one of my good friends on YouTube, daydreamed...A LOT, and watched a lot of TV, of course. Friday, was errands with mom and usually a day I look forward to because it gets me out of the house, but I just couldn't seem to get myself out of a funk, which seems to be a major problem lately that I need to work on a lot, and just learn to enjoy each day as it comes.

throwback picture that made me smile! :)