December 21, 2012

Beauty Products I Use (Makeup)

 1. Bare Essentials mascara// I normally buy the cheap brands, just because it's easier, but this one goes on really well without clumping my eyelashes together like the last one I bought. It also makes them look fuller and longer without having to do anything else.

2. Smashbox eye liner// Once again, I usually just buy whatever brand I happen to find, whether it's Ulta or some other brand at Wal-Mart, but my mom happened to give me a Smashbox pencil one time when I needed a new one. She doesn't use black, so I took it and loved it! After using other pencils, I can tell a difference. It just tends to go on a lot smoother.

3. Bare Essentails Warmth bronzer// This is obviously a bronzer as stated in the title, but I use it for blush. Sometimes it makes me a little too tan, especially in winter months, but also helps give me more color when I'm starting to look a little pale. It's great to blend them.

4. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream// I've used several primers before, but this line is probably the best! It almost works as a foundation, which is nice.

5. Covergirl Nature Luxe foundation// I've used MAC, Bare Essentials, and a few other brands, but I'd say this one works as one of the best. The color seems to work really well with my skin and it goes on smoothly.

6. Covergirl TruBlend pressed powder// I switch around with different lines of powders as well. Most of the time because they don't work and other times, just because I'm bored and feel like I need to change things up a bit. It's pretty simple, really, but it does the trick of settling the makeup in. And all of their powders always smell really fresh and clean, which is nice.

What are some makeup products you guys use? Tell me on Twitter or in the comments below :)

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