December 19, 2012


It was a pretty typical Monday for the most part. I stayed at home most of the day, still working on my final project for English, which was stressing me out. I guess I shouldn't have waited until the last minute, but I didn't really think it was going to be that time consuming...But, oh well. My mom went to the grocery store, while I stayed at home working on some things. Then, decided to get ready around 2 or so. My friend, Amanda, also text me that she wasn't going to be able to come, which was a bummer. I was really starting to rethink the whole thing, because it was going to be later, and I was just starting to think it would have been easier to turn it in earlier, and avoid this altogether. But, I knew my other friend, Toni, from class would be there, as well as Michele, who was giving me the ride.
I didn't really do anything else that's noteworthy until that night. My friend, Michele, picked me up and we drove out to Taft for this reading that my creative writing class was putting on. She was a little late, so she asked if I wanted to take the road we normally take to get there faster, but for some reason I just had a funny feeling about it, so we went the other way, and still got there in plenty of time. 
When we drove into town, it was all lit up with garland across the buildings, which made it feel like something out of a Lifetime or Hallmark movie. It made it look quaint and charming. It really resembles Tree Hill a lot at night, though without the Cape Fear River, Riverwalk, or the River Court. 

The ride over was fun! She updated me on the progress of her internship, I told her about our church Christmas concert, and we just talked about our schedules and finals coming up, as well as a few things next semester.

Well, when we got up to the door of the local restaurant it was at (Black Gold), it had already started and everyone was sitting down. We weren't really sure of what to do, but I was like "let's just go in." So, we walked in, I glanced around...And people are interesting, so it felt like they were just kind of giving me the stare down, even though I tried to smile. Not even five minutes later, after the last reader finished, my professor noticed I was there and started saying all of these nice things about me. I thought that was strange, but about the same time that I started picking up on what he was doing, he announced me to come read. I was still trying to adjust to the fact that we were late and the restaurant was pretty small, but knew there was no turning back now. I hadn't even decided if I for sure wanted to read, but again, it was too late to think about that now. I got up to the mic and started flipping through the catalogue I had made of my work, trying to find something short enough to read, and went to one of my latest pieces. I didn't make any eye contact, and it felt like my voice was shaking, which it hasn't done since jr.hi or high school. I hurried back to my seat and tried not to look around too much, but it was alright. There was only one or two more people after me who read, and that was it. I think we were probably only there a total of fifteen minutes for the reading. 
We hung around after, because my friend Toni wasn't able to make it, and wanted to get things squared away with him, and Michele wanted to say hi, since she'd had my professor for English last semester. I ended up running into one of the ladies that was in my speech class, because she was one of the mom's of a guy in my class! Seriously small world. I thought she said something about me being a good speaker, but I'm not really sure, because I was still in a daze from what had happened earlier.
Mr. Dyer came over to chat with us a few more minutes, said some nice things about my writing to Michele, told her about his new baby and how his wife was doing. Then we decided to take off. We had originally planned on eating there, but since there were still people there, Michele was going to take me to one of her favorite Chinese places. When we got there, they were closed, and because we aren't too sure of what else is in the area, we decided to head back to Bakersfield.

Michele and I just ended up eating at Panda Express since there was one right around the corner from my house, and it was delicious. We were so hungry at that point, I don't think we would've cared what or where we were eating. We even made plans to hang out over break, possibly going to LA for ice skating or even just a day exploring, because she's from down in that area. We also made plans for a Pinterest party and making crafts all day. Needless to say, we're pretty excited about all of this. After we finished, she dropped me off at my house. 

Once my dad got home, we went to Wal-Mart, Kohl's, and yet another Wal-Mart to get a few things that we needed. That was quite an entertaining trip! I had fun just listening to the Lady Antebellum Christmas CD in the car. That was entertainment enough for me. 

We got home, and I watched more of The Office, while studying. Smartest idea I've ever had? No. But, also not the dumbest. Besides, it has come to my attention that when I watch some of my favorite shows, I can concentrate better on my work, which makes me do it better. So, really...It's a great study tool for someone like myself. You're welcome ;)

That's all for now,

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