November 5, 2012


What an extremely long and emotional day! In some ways, it almost feels like I was in an episode of one of my favorite TV shows or something, because it didn't really feel like my life. I woke up around 6:45 to go to the hospital with my mom for her surgery. I watched KTLA, put on my makeup, and that felt like any other morning for the most part. But, then we headed to San Joaquin hospital downtown so she could check in. We sat in the waiting room a few minutes, and my grandma showed up. My dad had to go to work, so he left, and the three of us headed upstairs.

Mom and I split up from grandma to head to the pre-op area, where she ended up staying for a couple hours. I know she was extremely nervous about everything, but she stayed incredibly strong. If it had been me, I would've been freaking out, yelling at everyone, I'm sure. My aunt came in for a little while, as did my grandparents to pray for her. And let's just say, hospitals are the best places to listen to conversations. Actually, we hadn't planned on listening in, the people in the cubical next to us were just loud and we could hear every word. It was pretty easy to figure out what kind of surgery he was having, if you know what I mean.

After a couple hours, mom went in to surgery, and I met up with my grandparents and aunt in the waiting room. They had redone it since the last time I'd been in there, and there was plenty more room now, which was nice. We talked for a few minutes, then decided to grab something to eat at the cafeteria downstairs. That smell is nauseating, so we got out of there as quickly as possible with our muffins and soda, before heading back up to the waiting room. We were there for quite some time; I stayed occupied with my iPad, watching one of the screens in the waiting room, texting family to update them, and waiting to hear on mom's progress. Finally, after a couple hours, when she made it to the recovery room, my aunt and I said goodbye to my grandma, then headed to a diner downtown for lunch.

I just love diners! And they really are the same way everywhere you go. All of the regulars tend to sit at the counter, while they have conversation about previous matters with the waitress. It's too cool. It has always been a dream of mine to find my "Luke's Diner" and to be a regular, where they know my name, my life story, and what I order. I loved listening in to some of the conversations and how the waitress knew them. Plus, the french dip I had was so good! When we finished eating, we still had a few minutes to kill, so we went to Rite Aid for a few minutes to look at the magazines. I came out with a couple, to keep me busy while in the hospital room.

It was my uncle's bday, and we always joke about Scotty McCreery's song "I love you this big!"

We walked up to mom's room, where she was still sleeping. We tried to wake her up a little bit, but she was still pretty tired. I looked through my magazines, and chatted with my aunt, trying to make plans for the rest of the night. I decided to go home for a little while, because I would come back with my dad later on, and spend the night. 
My aunt dropped me off at home and I scrambled to get things together, shower, and get ready for the night. I thought I'd have a little downtime, but no such luck. I had finished getting ready, listening to Taylor Swift, then turned the CMA's on. I watched a few minutes of the opening monologue, when my dad got home. I was extremely stressed out, and trying to find things I needed to bring to the hospital. I was starting to lose it. My friend, Mandy, asked if I wanted her to stay with us, just so I'd feel more comfortable. I've never done the hospital thing with my mom, because this was her first time staying overnight, so that helped me out a lot. I just always end up feeling like I'm in the way, so at least if I had someone else, it would take the ease off. 
In honor of the night; me and Carrie are twins! ;)
Dad and I stopped by Carl's Jr for something to drink (I wasn't hungry at the time), and headed back downtown. I was filling him in on the CMA's, and my thoughts for how I thought the evening should go as far as nominees. I was also telling him about all of my friends back in Nashville who had met Taylor and some of the others at the red carpet, trying to convince him that we should go next year. It would be so much better than CMA Fest, because there's so much to do, and not quite as busy. So, we'll see :)
Mom, dad and I watched the CMA Awards; nothing can hold us back! HAHA. But, usually when we're at home, I'm going off about this or that, or how so and so didn't deserve this award, and I knew I had to refrain from doing that if that happened. Mandy had to run a few errands before coming back to the hospital, but she brought us McDonald's on the way back. YUM! We finished watching the awards, and let's just say I was disappointed with most, and you can expect another blog on that SOON! But, Brad and Carrie were fantastic hosts together again. 
Could the TV be any smaller?

When the awards ended, my dad headed home, and we started getting ready for bed. I had started not feeling good, though, and it just started getting a little worse. I won't go into detail, but it was around midnight and Mandy and I headed to Wal-Mart to get some medicine and a few other items. It was quite an adventure. She was telling me I need to get into the doctor, because this problem happens all the time, and I'm starting to think she's right, but I avoid the doctor as much as possible. The rest of the night was quite a trip too.

Mandy and I slept in chairs all night. I had dozed off for a little while, but it seemed like most of the night. When I realized the time, it had been around 45 minutes or so that I'd been out. I tried to wiggle around in the chair to find a better position and didn't really sleep much at all after that. I spent most of the time looking at Twitter and finding pictures from the CMA's. It didn't help that the nurses would just come in whenever either, turning on the bright lights. Mandy had planned on waking up around 5:30, but when that came around, she kept hitting the "snooze" button, and it ended up being close to 6 or 6:30. Right there at the end, I started feeling really sick and ended up throwing up right before we left. I was feeling pretty lousy and was just ready to be home. 
I went with Mandy back to her house for awhile, so she could get ready. I tried to perk up a little and played with her dog, Brody. He had a lot of energy, which was fun! I kept myself entertained with my phone, finding updates and whatever else was new on Twitter.

So excited about Nicholas Sparks' upcoming show ideas

The girl is selling records like this for a reason...SHE'S TALENTED! Has anyone else done this lately?!
When Mandy was ready, she dropped me off at home, and I thanked her for everything! She was seriously a lifesaver. It was such a blessing that she ended up staying there. My dad was still home, so I talked with him for quite awhile and filled him in on how mom was doing and how I'd gotten sick the night before. After a few minutes, he had to get to work, and I wanted to try to rest a little before going back to the hospital. I hopped in the shower, took my time getting ready, changed my parents' sheets, and got some things together in my room. I was thinking I'd have a lot more downtime, but mom was pretty close to getting released. Almost as soon as I was ready, my aunt got to our house to pick me up.

We headed to the hospital and waited with mom for a little while, then she was ready to be released. We came home, my aunt stayed for a few minutes, then took off. My mom and I ended up sleeping the rest of the day, since neither of us had slept the night before or felt too hot. It was 4:30 before I knew it. I headed out to the living room, made us some soup, and we watched a few recorded shows on our DVR. It was a pretty easy, relaxed day, just making sure mom was feeling okay and had everything she needed. I watched The Vampire Diaries and kept myself entertained; it was nice.
Got our Carrie concert book in the mail! WOO! It came out SO cool! :)

That's all for now,

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