November 8, 2012

Day 6 Of Thanks

I am so thankful for Taylor Swift. I know that sounds lame and shallow once again, but honestly, she has inspired me like I don't think anyone else ever has. She has been around since I was in about 8th grade (14 years old), and she reminded me of the beauty of dreams. When I saw that she was writing and playing her own songs on the guitar, it made me think, 'Hey, I can do that too!" And so I started taking a stab more at writing songs, which was something I was new to. She wrote the songs of things I was thinking in my head, but didn't quite know how to put into metaphors and fancier terminology.

But, it's more than that...She has reminded me of how to treat people; she treats everyone the same, and she gets almost as excited about seeing a fan as she would her best friend. The times I've met her, I felt like I was talking to a friend; with about fifty million hugs, and just a constant ease and warmth, as soon as she walks into the room! She's right when she said she would never put up the barrier between an artist and a fan, and because of that millions of people all around the world feel like they can call her 'friend'. She's still so easily accessible to some degree, even though it's harder to meet her, because of her schedule and popularity.

When she releases an album, it becomes my soundtrack for that point in my life. I can still listen to a song off of her first record, and think back to how I was at that moment in time, and who I was thinking about. Her songs are the soundtrack to my life. Red is currently the album I can't stop playing, obviously, and even though I might not quite identify with all of the songs, because I've never been in that situation, Taylor's ability to write, allows you to picture and feel all of those emotions, which is quite rare.

There's so much I could say about her, but basically she inspires me, plain and simple. There are so many ways that I feel we're alike, as far as how our minds work. She's the number one person I would love to interview when I become a journalist, because I just find her so fascinating. We could talk about cats, the TV show Friends, the structure of writing, and most importantly, music. I have already had so many incredible memories with her and because of her, which has allowed me to meet some pretty cool people all around the world. Her music brings people together, and I can honestly say, she really brought me back into what feels so special about country music, and that's the storytelling. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her, and that I can say I've been there from the very beginning.

THANK YOU SCOTT BORCHETTA for discovering her!

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