November 10, 2012

The Weekly Rundown

It has been a busy week, but not in the usual way. Normally, it's from running around, but this time it was more about doing stuff at the house. I'm not a girl who is used to housework ....Like, at all. Now, that my mom has been down a bit for the last week or so, I've been trying to do more, like dishes and laundry. It has been really good for me. Even in these little steps, I can see my independence breaking out a bit. I also have a newfound appreciation for everything my mom does on a regular basis. I had no idea of how much energy it really takes to make sure everything is on track, and remembering to do all the little details is quite a stretch too. I also never realized how much I depended on my mom to do everything, until she wasn't always there with me to keep informed or tell me what I needed to do in a certain situation. I have come to the conclusion that I don't mind laundry, sweeping, washing dishes or most things like that...But, I don't care for doing things in the kitchen when it comes to cooking or using things like the oven.
There were a lot more grown up moments for me this week, as I start planning for the future of transferring to the local university in town, and just learning that I'm going to have to start taking up more responsibilities as I go. It's exciting and a little intimidating, all at once.
There were also moments of great joy as we prepare for the Christmas season at church, and reconnecting with friends around there. Anyway, here was my week:

It was a pretty chill day around the house, until later in the afternoon when my aunt came over. She picked me up and we went to Sam's Club to get my mom's prescription. There was a bit of a mix up at the pharmacy, so it took a little longer and was frustrating, but the problem was fixed. Hallelujah!

Gilmore Girls. I think it's time to do another re-watch of the series SOON! 
My alarm went off as usual at 7:45. I always ignore it the first time anymore, and finally get up at 8, when I really have to get up. Normally, I'll click it over, and just take a few minutes to process that it's morning, and start getting ready. This time, I apparently turned back over and fell asleep. The next thing I knew it was 9:15, when my ride to Taft gets here at 9. I immediately jumped up and started panicking. I couldn't believe I had done that. I never have that hard of a time waking up. I checked my phone and saw that my friend, Michele, had been texting and calling me from out in front of my house, making sure everything was okay. I threw whatever was clean, scrambled to put my shoes on, and I grabbed the makeup off my counter, so I could do it in the car. My head was all over the place. My friend has a class at 9:40, and was a few minutes late, but she was totally fine with everything.
I went to the library, per my normal routine, and hung out with Amanda and some others, while trying to get work done. At 11, it was off to creative writing to listen to critiques.
The rest of the day, I still could not wake up. Something about waking up late, can really throw a person's day off. I was just completely out of it; my mind wandering in 1,000 different directions. I decided to go on a bike ride, to clear my mind and get some ideas running for a story I wanted to work on. There's nothing like a fall day and some music to focus your energy, let me tell you. I also spent some time on my front porch, writing and just taking in the beauty of the day.
It was also election day! AH! It was my first time voting; I'm sad I had to do it by mail, but it was still a big deal. I watched some of the coverage, and of course, Twitter and Facebook were enough to keep me posted. Whether or not I'm happy with the results, I think it's important that we just rely on God in this time, as a nation. We need to pull together; we're all Americans, and instead of choosing sides because of parties, let's just focus on how we can be better!!!

Now, that is the face of a president ;)
We had to be festive!! 
I just love Wednesday's. I slept in, wrote for a bit, and tried to get some homework done, though with being so close to graduating, I feel that spring fever coming already. I keep wanting to delay, and there is NO time for that. I finally went out for a bike ride, later on in the day, then got a little more done. All in all, it was a good day!
New story I'm working on!! :)

Colton Dixon's girlfriend like one of my pictures on Instagram!! 

Since I had class again, I made sure that I didn't oversleep this time. I set almost four alarms, to make sure I'd get up. I was a little paranoid after Tuesday's unfortunate occurrence, and it worked. I had plenty of time to get ready, start my devotional, and do a few things online. I love not having to rush!

Michele came a few minutes later, and we headed to Taft. We always have some great conversations on the way out there, which I truly enjoy! I told her some pretty heavy things that were on my mind, and she shared some feedback, which was helpful. We made it to campus, and went in our separate directions. I always love going to the library, because you can do a lot of people watching in there. I sat with Amanda and her friends, and there was really no point in even trying to get work done there that day, because I didn't. Most of the time we were laughing at the guys with their in depth video game talk or YouTube videos. One of the guys wanted to show me a Jenna Marbles video. Normally, I'm not into her, but I thought I'd give it a shot. She's definitely very original when it comes to ideas for videos LOL. By the time all of this happened, it was time for creative writing.
This time, I was up for critique. I wasn't very nervous, considering most of the feedback had been pretty positive, and I was really happy about that. When my turn came for critique, I felt pretty at ease with it. I really loved hearing the comments, because I feel like this is a story I can continue and want to give my best at, so the questions they had were great. My teacher even made a comment like, "I love how she even put this disclaimer like 'oh, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea and it's a pretty rough draft, so I'm sure there will plenty of things I can change' and then she comes out kicking @*&!" I would say that's a pretty high compliment, haha.
After class, I met up with Michele at the car and she dropped me off at home. It was a pretty chill afternoon. Later on that night, my aunt came over for a little while. It was her birthday, and since my mom's down, we weren't able to go out to dinner. She opened her presents, we chatted a bit about an upcoming trip she's taking, and then she dropped me off at choir practice for the Christmas concert that's coming up at church (which will have its own post).
The rest of the night consisted of me making Manwiches and us watching TV. Good times!

I woke up pretty early, though I wasn't sure I really wanted to. I decided to get up and get ready, because I wasn't about to stay home and miss out on something. I went with my mom and aunt to run some errands; we went to my mom's doctor's appointment, since she can't drive right now. My aunt and I grabbed hot chocolate in the cafe downstairs, then headed up to the doctor's office a few levels up, then kept ourselves entertained with our phones and watching The Today Show in the waiting room. The appointment wasn't too long, so we were out pretty quickly.
It's finally fall!! Look at the leaves!!

Mom was feeling pretty good and the doctor said everything was looking good, so we had breakfast at Denny's to make up for not being able to go to dinner with my aunt, then went to Wal-Mart and Kohl's to pick up a few things! I found some really cool clothes at Kohl's, but most of them were nicer, if you have somewhere to go on New Year's Eve, which as of now, I don't. I really hope something changes by the end of this year! I don't want to be the single cat lady that is forever alone. And as you can tell, I'd really like to go somewhere special. *SIGH* Moving on...There's still time, right?
We came back to our house for a little while, then my aunt had to go. The rest of the afternoon, I worked on homework, actually got quite a bit done, then worked on my application for the university, since it's due by the end of the month. I had no idea what a long process the application deal is. Now that I'm really filling out the paperwork and all this stuff is coming up, it's beginning to feel more real...Cue freak out! This is big! And since I was in the mood for making changes, I decided to clean my room and bathroom, along with starting to make a game plan on how to clean my closet. I'm ready to get organized; apparently it's supposed to clear out your mind, and I could use some of that right about now.

Last night, we ended up eating Chipotle for dinner, watching TV and setting up our new electric fireplace! It's a little bit smaller than we realized, but it's still nice to cozy up next to, and is perfect for decoration with winter here now. It does warm up the room a little more too, which is nice.

It was a really great week! I'm starting to come to some realizations and BIG things are still in store for me...I have to just keep telling myself that, no matter what things may look like at this point in time. I have to just have faith in God that things will work out in time the way HE wants them to, not the way I want them to.

That's all for now,

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