March 3, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star....

Last Saturday night, my friends and I were sitting in Hillary's backyard. We were gathered around the fire pit just talking, when I saw a flash of light fly across the sky. I immediately sat up straight and peeled my eyes closer, staring straight ahead. I could've sworn it was a shooting star, something I don't think I've ever experienced in my life as simple as it sounds.The rest of the girls laughed at me, because they hadn't seen what I just saw. For some reason, I couldn't get over how incredible it was. 

They say that when you see one you're supposed to make a wish, and I think I might've wished for something dumb and pointless. Something so frivolous that I can't even remember what I wished for. But, lately, when it has come to wishing on shooting stars or at 11:11, I've run out of things to wish for. It's not because I have everything all together or my life is perfect or whatever the reason, because it's not. But, I'm content with where I am and what I have. Are there things I'm striving towards? Yeah, but until then I'm enjoying the company of amazing friends and learning every step of the journey is a milestone.

When you step back to see those simple things in life, everything just sort of falls into place and makes sense. You learn to appreciate those moments, because someday you'll be wishing you could have them back. So, enjoy them while you can and wish on a shooting star whenever you see one, because it just might lead you to something wonderful.

That's all for now,

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