February 29, 2012

The 1920's-What A Beautiful Era

The 1920's-What A Beautiful Era
Ah, the 1920's. What an era! Glamorous clothes, furniture, swing music, classy cars; I could go on and on. When I see pictures from this time era, I can't help but wonder what were they thinking? What were their lives like back then? What kind of house did they live in? What type of person were they? As I was starting to make this collage, a few pictures of my grandma came to mind and what I was about to write took a very different toll. She was also from this era. My grandma was born in 1928, and these are questions I wish I would've asked her while she was alive. I wish I would've listened more to random things she said, or asked her more about her life from her perspective, rather than just what I saw of pictures. 

When I was making the video for her funeral, my uncle sent me a bunch of old pictures of my grandma when she was younger. For some reason, that just made me cry that much harder; thinking about her as a baby and fast forwarding about 60 years to the inevitability of her death. It all just seemed too hard to handle. But, in those moments I learned even more about her and it reminded me to get to know the people around me while they're here! She was a beautiful woman with heart for Jesus and a wonderful sense of humor. She was fun to be around, and I can only imagine what she was like during her kid/teen years. It reminded me not to wait until we're all at another funeral, hearing stories of who they were and what they were like for me to realize I never got a chance to witness that for myself. I was really close to my grandma, but I think sometimes we tend to focus on people in our family as just labels or for what they are now. It's like we put them in this bubble, and forget that long before we ever came they had this completely different life that we didn't know about. I think we should get to know as much as possible about them, because all too soon, we're saying good bye! 
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