March 2, 2012

One Tree Hill-A Rush Of Blood To The Head Review

There aren't really any words for last night's episode except for WOW! BRILLIANT! AMAZING! SHOCKING! BEST OF THE SEASON and...Didn't see that coming! Mark Schwann definitely knows how to keep us on our toes and proves to us with each episode that he knows what he's doing. We just have to trust him. Judging by the tweets and texts I was getting about last night's episode, I knew I was in for something really huge. I was incredibly impressed with all the performances. Week after week the actors on that show kill it! Whatever the story line is, they deliver. They are so dedicated to the characters they play. When I watch episodes from the first season, I think 'yeah, they were really good', but now they are something special!

Bethany Joy amazes me with the way she flawlessly delivers lines and becomes so incredibly vulnerable when faced with a tough scene, like when they were shooting in the morgue. The way she is able to just let go and let the emotions go wherever they do is really unique. She's a a natural with all of it. She knows exactly where she's going with the scenes and you don't question her motives for doing it, you just know that wherever she's taking you with it is going to be great. As a director, she's amazing as well.
Austin Nichols is really blowing me away this season! I didn't always like Julian, like I've said before. There have been some pretty intense moments for Julian this season and he just nails each scene. He is a phenomenal actor and on top of that, a director. Some of my favorite episodes, including this season, have been my favorites and I didn't realize he directed them at the time. He's brilliant! He has a vision and he makes it happen! He's incredibly driven and I can't wait to see more work from him in the future.
Sophia Bush! Week after week she proves that she IS Brooke Davis. She has given everything she's had to Brooke and you can tell how much she means to Sophia. She knows exactly where she wants to take Brooke and how she wants to help add to the rest of the show when she is directing.The girl is unstoppable.

Back to last night's episode...We had Haley identifying a body which she thought could be Nathan, Clay has a son?!?!, Haley finally goes to Dan for help, Dan and Deb talk with one another in his trailer, Haley's monologue about the ice cream in the car, Julian being all protective of Brooke, and Brooke coming into contact with her attacker once again. Last night's episode started answering a lot of questions to things we've been wondering and is leading up to everything we've been waiting for.The entire time I was either tearing up, anxious, excited, sad, or angry. It made me feel SO many emotions, and I'm pretty sure it did for everyone else watching.  As for next week's episode with Brooke...I don't even know what's coming or what to expect with it. And I even read the spoilers! HAHA.

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What were your thoughts on it? What do you think is going to happen in the next few episodes? Feel free to leave a comment section below or on Twitter! :) I love to hear feedback.

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