February 26, 2012

People That Inspire Me #8-Lady Antebellum

Normally groups don't impact me quite as much as the individual singer. I'm not sure why, they just usually don't. But, they also haven't been Lady Antebellum. I still remember the first time (or one of the first times) I heard 'Love Don't Live Here' on the radio. I was instantly drawn to their incredible harmonies and the lyrics in general. I was extremely excited that we would see them at CMA Fest that year, which I believe would've been in 2008. From there, my love for them and their music grew and continues to. At the CMA Fest convention center signings in 2010 I was (somewhat) able to meet them. I had tried to get an official pass, but they went extremely quick. If you've ever been back there during that week you understand just how crazy and chaotic things get. Anyway, while they were signing, plenty of people stuck around hoping to just see them or maybe grab an autograph or picture with them on the way out. They were only set to be there for thirty minutes, so the chances of hopefuls getting through were very slim. Well, they ended up staying an extra thirty minutes or so until closing to meet people. I was able to get all three of their signatures, mainly because people were kind enough to hand my program over to them, but I did tell Dave "Thank you," to which he said, "You're welcome" and gave a wave or a head nod. I was on cloud nine the rest of the day! They are so incredibly sweet, talented, and you can tell that they enjoy what they do. They haven't let the fame go to their head, and you can see that they're still just taking it all in. I watched their Backstory on GAC and I loved them even more after that. Hearing all the struggles they went through helps me believe that I can do it too, and everything happens for a reason. I love that their music is more than just putting words to paper or throwing a melody together, they want to make a difference and touch people. That's what it should be about! :)

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