February 26, 2012

People That Inspire Me #7-

I had always been a huge fan of Demi's on Camp Rock, So Random, and of course, her music. I loved her style, her friendship with Selena and she just seemed to be the kind of person I'd like to hang out with. Honestly, as weird as it sounds, I became an even bigger fan of hers after she entered rehab. I admired the fact that she knew she was on the wrong path, admitted she needed help and did something about it. Instead of being proud of the mistakes she'd made, she wanted to use her own experiences to warn others and help them. When she talked about a lot of her body image issues in People magazine shortly after being released, I realized that we had a lot in common. I had been teased in school and had never really been able to talk to my parents about just how much it had hurt me or why I'd lash out at them when they'd make comments about my appearance (no matter how insignificant). After reading the article, my mom and I were able to have a short heart to heart about how I felt and I was able to move forward from that. Demi's courage of being in the spotlight and being so open about what she did really shows that she is a woman of integrity. She is incredibly talented-She's spot on with the comedy she's done, has proved that she's better than the average Disney actor, and she's a great songwriter. I love the fact that she also uses her faith in God as a motivator to keep her going, and that that's why she's here- to serve a greater purpose. I would love to meet her someday!

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