February 27, 2012

People That Inspire Me #2: Bethany Joy Galeotti and Shantel VanSanten

People That Inspire Me #2: Bethany Joy Galeotti and Shantel VanSanten
From the time I started watching One Tree Hill, Haley was my favorite character on the show, because as far as personalities went she was the one I related to most. The more I was watching, I became more curious about the real people behind the characters. I had known of Bethany Galeotti, but I knew nothing about her really. As I read more about her, I instantly loved her. We seemed to have so much in common with love for theater, music, acting, writing, the 1920's/flapper era, and all things in the creative areas. Plus, we're both the only children in our families, so we'd definitely have a lot to talk about there. She's so classy and has this glow about her that is just so timeless. Her voice and style are so unique for this era, and I believe she would have fit in no matter what era she was in; I love her style, she pulls whatever she's wearing together and makes it look so chic. Joy has a way of making each story line she's involved with look so effortless that you forget she's playing a character. The way she has helped Haley grow over the past nine seasons is incredible. She has stayed true to her character, but also gave her a new maturity the older she got and with the other responsibilities that Haley had to deal with. Joy is incredibly intelligent, passionate, and throws herself into whatever it is that she's doing. I hope to see her in many more films with One Tree Hill being wrapped, and that someday she'll get the recognition she deserves. I also hope to see her on Broadway someday because she has the vocals and acting capabilities to make a really great production. Seeing her at the Evening with One Tree Hill and meeting her at the Team True Beauty were both highlights for me. Even though I haven't been a fan for very long, it was great to be able to meet this fabulous lady. She has a very sincere, quiet, and calm demeanor. You can tell she's a little on the shy side, but has no problem talking to people, and honestly, I think some of the most creative people are the quiet ones because they have so much that they're thinking about they don't always necessarily express it.

I had no idea who Shantel VanSanten was until I started watching One Tree Hill as well. I really liked her character Quinn, and the fact that she was the nicer sister of Haley's, and the off screen friendship that her and Joy had. When I started following her on Twitter, I saw how much she was really striving to make a difference in the life of others by reminding girls that they're loved, they can do great things and other inspirational sayings. One night, I found this page called Team True Beauty, and found out Shantel was a part of it. When I saw how involved she was in a cause that's so close to my heart, that really made me admire her even more. When I met her at the True Beauty event, she couldn't have been sweeter. She's so humble and had this beautiful spirit about her. She's charismatic, lovely, and outgoing. I overheard conversations she had with other people and she was willing to talk about whatever as long as you wanted to. Shantel reminds me that life is worth living, to see the beauty in the small things, to be comfortable with who you are and to remember what's important in life. From her personality and the things she posts on Twitter, I'd say she's a Christian, but I'm not sure. Either way, she is a beautiful human being who inspires all of us and how we should treat one another on a day to day basis.                   

Both ladies are truly fantastic and I admire them for their strength, courage, and dignity. In this business, they possess qualities that are hard to find. I loved the humility they showed when they both introduced themselves to me, like they didn't expect me to know who they were and shook my hand. It's a small gesture, I know, but it says a lot about their character.

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