February 26, 2012

People That Inspire Me #10-Sophia Bush

I've pretty much always loved Sophia Bush, long before I even started watching One Tree Hill. I mainly just knew her as Chad's fiancé/wife at the time, but then I started paying more attention to her and immediately loved her as a person. I didn't necessarily follow her career, but I knew what she was on and in. I loved that she seemed to have this joy for life and her smile was infectious. She seemed to spread the happiness wherever she went and Chad was in love with her, so I knew she had to be amazing! Now, that I've started to see what she can do as an actor and director, I am completely blown away. She is phenomenal with both and has such a vision for whatever it is she wants to do. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and has such a passion and drive for whatever she wants to do. I also love how much she did with the F*&% Cancer campaign. Two of my grandma's passed away from two different types of cancer, and everyone in the world has now pretty much been affected by it in some way. Sophia has inspired me so much, that no matter how small the task, you can make a difference whether it's in your community or branching out in another country. A little bit can go a long way. She believes in everyone and especially the younger generation. She is an incredible woman and if more people were like her, we'd have a much better world! :)

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