February 29, 2012

Gilmore Girls!

Gilmore Girls!
As you all know, this is my favorite show of all time. But, every now and then it'll hit me just why I love it so much. Sometimes I'll see a certain scene and it deals with what I'm going through or they say something that I needed to hear at the perfect moment. That happened today! Its been a tough morning and sometimes when you can't be near your friends, the Gilmore Girls will give you just the company you need. I pulled out my Gilmore Girls Companion book and started daydreaming of how I so wish that I could've worked on this show or even as just an extra in the background. Amy Sherman-Palladino was a genius when it came to this show. She's witty, charismatic, very referenced when it comes to pop culture and all of those qualities come through in the characters. There's a little bit of her in each person, I believe. I was extremely sad that her and her husband weren't able to work something out with WB for the last season, because they would have given it the send off the show deserved. 
Stars Hollow, CT represents all of those people in small towns that you wish you could know. To be able to walk into Luke's Diner and everyone knows you. The town meetings. Doose's Market. It's so charming; who wouldn't want to live there? It has you longing for a place you've never been. That was Amy's intention all along. The Gilmore Girls been there with me since about 6th grade...it feels like they helped me through those teen years and all the drama of high school. Whenever I was down, I'd pop in my favorite disc and be fine. This afternoon, I jotted down all of my favorite episodes from each season, and wanted to try to do a top ten list. However, as I sit here, trying to narrow it down that seems next to impossible. There are so many great episodes depending on the topic and the couple, so bear with me as I try this.

  1. Kiss And Tell: Ah, Rory and Dean's first kiss. Need I say more?
  2. Rory's Dance: When Rory and Dean go to her school dance. Tristan (played by Chad Michael Murray) is extremely jealous of the fact that Rory brought someone and turned him down. Him and Dean get into a semi-fight and Dean shows his protective fight. This is also the night that he and Rory become "official."
  3. Star Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers: Rory and Dean's three month anniversary. He tells her he loves her, she says nothing...they break up.
  4. Love, Daisies, and Troubadours: Rory finally tells Dean that she loves him and all is right with the world again.
  5. Road Trip To Harvard: After Lorelai has just called off her engagement with Max Medina, she spontaneously decides to take a road trip. Her and Rory pack up the car and just drive. I love everything this episode represents; just discovering something new, and that sometimes it's nice not to have an agenda.
  6. The Bracebridge Dinner: A lovely idea that Lorelai and Sookie put together for their inn. The snow is falling, all of their friends in town end up coming together, and it's really magical. This is the first time we start to realize that there might be a little more sparking between Rory and Jess than just a budding friendship. What I don't understand is when they do horse drawn carriage rides...Clara (Dean's sister) claims him and Rory isn't invited, practically pushing her into the arms of Jess, even though there's plenty of room for three. If Dean was so worried that Jess could swoop in, I would think he would've asked her to go with them or tell Clara to wait. 
  7. A Tisket, A Tasket: This is the first time we've really seen Dean's jealous side when Jess comes into the picture. Part of me is annoyed with him for acting like that, and the other half of me knows he's just trying to protect her. Jess was bad news all along. Plus, I love the idea of that "special someone" bidding on a basket and having lunch with him. They always had the best town events. 
  8. I Can't Get Started: A lot is established in this episode. Obviously, that Rory has to make up her mind about plans for the summer...and will it be Dean or Jess? What I can't get over is when SHE kisses Jess and tells him not to say anything. I was really not happy with her.
  9. Lazy Hazy Crazy Days: Rory comes back from her summer trip to Washington D.C. and is still flakey with her relationship with Dean. All she can think about is impressing Jess from the moment she gets into to town. However, by the end of the episode she sets things straight that she's going to make it work with Dean because she loves him. Oh, how she messed with everyone's emotions that season.
  10. They Shoot Gilmore's Don't They?: The dance marathon. Another concept that I truly enjoyed as far as town gatherings go. But, the entire time Rory keeps paying attention to Jess and the girl he brought. By the end of the night, Dean has had enough of it and breaks up with Rory in front of everyone. Was that the way to do it? Probably not. But, I can't say that I blame him. She didn't appreciate what she had with him. I just wish he would've talked to her about "the crush" she had on Jess and maybe none of that would've ever happened. 
  11. A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving: I just love everything about it. Every Thanksgiving I watch this episode and wish I had so many different gatherings to go through.
  12. Chicken or Beef: Dean's wedding...and it's not to Rory. Who saw that one coming? I actually didn't. He jumped into a relationship with Lindsay way too soon, when he still clearly had feelings for Rory. Rory has an awkward run in with him at Kim's Antiques as they're setting up the town for the wedding the next day. He invites her to come and she doesn't know what else to say and agrees to it. Dean still had feelings for Rory,  which he admits to Luke at his bachelor party. His drunken speech about her actually kind of breaks my heart, "why didn't she love me?"
  13. The Incredible Sinking Lorelai's: Rory and Lorelai have always been super close, but when Rory goes away to college, it makes their relationship a little bit harder. Anway, they keep missing each other in the midst of all the chaos they're surrounded by...and they end up turning to the guys that are always there for them. Dean and Luke. It's a really sweet moment for Luke and Lorelai, because you get to see them have a more serious personal moment. And for Dean and Rory, you realize that he'll always care about her no matter what.
  14. Raincoats and Recipes: This episode is quite filled with intrigue! It's the opening of The Dragonfly Inn. Rory and Dean exchange a few glances with each other, Dean thinks she's seeing Jess again which makes him mad, and they almost kiss in the Inn while he's working. Lorelai and Luke are "dating", but Luke hears that she might still be with Jason, which makes him a little insecure. Luke pretty much pours his heart out to Lorelai and they kiss, while Kirk runs past them naked because of night terrors. That's not where the fun stops, though, folks! Lorelai runs home to get something and to inform Rory of what just happened when Dean and Rory stumble out of her room in a panicked state, because they had just finished the deed. Lorelai is not happy with Rory because Dean is a married man and Rory doesn't understand why Lorelai isn't celebrating with her because she dated Dean first...and Dean wasn't happy. They end with Rory sobbing on the front porch and Lorelai walks out to try to talk to her. 
  15. The Party's Over: I'm just going to sum up all of season five with this episode basically. Dean turned into hillbilly farm boy that just wasn't good enough for Rory, and they were fading quickly. Rory's grandparents throw her a party at their house with all of Yale Alumni and their sons to try to hook Rory up without actually saying it. Dean shows up to their house for a date, and Rory stumbles out with several new guy friends. It hits Dean that they are from two totally different worlds and don't belong together, and drives off in his truck. Part of me wishes they would've done something different with his leaving; they were together for so long and so in love...and then, all of a sudden, that's just it. I'm sorry, I think I'm still just bitter because I always wanted to see a Dean/Rory wedding. And the grandparent's were always butting their way into relationships where they didn't belong. See next episode with Luke and Lorelai.
  16. The Perfect Dress: This episode is just wonderful for a slew of reasons. One, it finally hits that Luke and Lorelai are getting married. She finds the dress, the flowers, the chapel, and they set the date...June 3rd. Everything is coming along so nicely, but that seems to bother Lorelai, because it's not supposed to be that easy is it??
  17. Friday Night's Alright For Fighting: The scene at dinner with the grandparents, Rory, and Lorelai is just epic. I love the camera angles they use, the impersonations, and it's some of the wittiest/quickest dialogue they've ever had. I so would've liked to have been there for the filming of that scene if nothing else ever.
  18. Super Cool Party People: This is the first time Lorelai actually comes into contact with Luke's daughter, April. She helps out with April's birthday, because that is not Luke's area of expertise. However, once Anna (April's mom) catches wind of the fact that that happened, she is NOT happy and asks that Lorelai not really come around April anymore. Which is extremely dumb! And Luke ends up pushing Lorelai even more...like postponing the wedding wasn't enough?
  19. Partings: Oh, how this episode breaks my heart. And those moments just kept coming for me with Luke and Lorelai in season 7. This is when Lorelai gives Luke an ultimatum. She said she's tried to be patient with April and everything going on, but it's now or never. And the two basically just walk away....But instead of just going home and watching The Godfather, Lorelai sleeps with Rory's dad, Christopher. It's all downhill from there.
  20. The Long Morrow: This episode will always hold a special place in my heart, because I was actually on the Warner Brothers lot the day they filmed this, or at least the scene when Kirk crashes into Luke's Diner because of the new red-light camera that is installed. I didn't get to see anything or anyone, but it was weird seeing Luke's without glass in the window. The ending of this episode is great, yet extremely saddening at the same time, when Lorelai blurts out to Luke that she slept with Christopher. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the season. 
  21. Hay Bale Maze: Once again, Stars Hollow has another crazy event, and this time it's a hay bale maze that takes up the entire town square. While trying to find her way out, Lorelai stumbles into Luke and they have a nice little talk about everything that happened between them. It might not be exactly what we'd always dreamed of, but it was getting them back on track to who they used to be. 
  22. It's Just Like Riding A Bike: Lorelai's jeep that she has had for years and years goes out, therefore, she needs a new car. Luke ends up helping her with it, by going to the dealership. Pretty soon, they're going back and forth with each other and picking on each other, like the days when they were friends. 
  23. Bon Voyage: Honestly, this was not the last episode I would have envisioned for a TV show that left such an impact on the WB/CW. There were a lot of story lines still left up in the air, and the entire last season it felt like the characters were doing things that they wouldn't usually do. 
As far as favorite moments, I could go on for days about that! I was going to post some pictures of the mall from the episode in season four, "Scene In A Mall", but I can't seem to find them on my hard drive :( If I find them, I'll be sure to post it.  I'm making it my goal in life to visit all of the filming locations for Gilmore Girls, and so far I've been to/seen all of the main ones at Warner Brothers, but it's the more obscure ones around LA that I haven't made it to yet. But, one day SOON, I will.

  • The town gazebo
  • Mrs. Kim's Antiques
  • Luke's Diner
  • Miss Patty's
  • Doose's Market
  • Stars Hollow High
  • Babette's house
  • Lorelai's house
  • Chilton
  • Sookie's house
  • The Red, White, and Black Theater
  • Stars Hollow Video
  • Stars Hollow chapel
  • The Gilmore house (grandparents). We were able to walk around the living room/dining room/patio
  • New York area (when Rory spends the day with Jess there)
  • The theater when they go to see The Bangles
  • The bank/bus depot

The Gilmore Girls film locations at Warner Brothers.
That's all for now,

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