February 27, 2012


My Saturday mornings are usually the same; there's no reason to rush or get ready in a hurry, so I take my time. I watched a little TV and just hung out.

 I got bored and decided to take pictures of things around the house....LOL.

I had lunch with my parents at Chili's, which was amazing as always and we went to Target for a little while to pick up some things and kill time. Well, my mom ended up realizing that she didn't have her sunglasses, so we had to retrace our steps all throughout Target, and she called Chili's. No one ever found them (but personally I think no one was just honest enough to turn them back in). On the bright side, I did get some new shorts and a shirt there :)
They had all the Easter stuff out!! SO exciting :)

Later in the afternoon, I went over to a friend's house for a get together with other people from our Young Adults group at church. All of my usual friends were there and a few new faces, which was awesome! We all just hung out, played Just Dance, tried playing horseshoes for a little while, made s'mores, and talked. It was quite an afternoon! That night, Viviyan, Febe and I ended up going off to the side-away from everyone else, to pray and had a really great heart to heart. It felt so good to things off of our chests that's for sure! It's so incredible how and when God works. He can show up at any time if you're open to Him. 

Makenzie, Viviyan and I ended up knowing one of Hillary's friends! We went to elementary school together. Such a small world!

After the BBQ, we went over to Hillary's  to hang out in her pool that had just been drained and to hang out by the bon fire in her backyard. We sat there and talked for awhile; when Febe got there we all decided to go to Starbucks, so we all hopped into one car, blasted music and off we went. We hung out by the fire pit a little more until we were all close to freezing, then decided to go back inside to watch The Walking Dead. That wasn't my choice of entertainment, but everyone else wanted to watch it, so it was fine. I thought I'd try it once just to say I did. I now see what they're talking about in how it would be addictive and you want to find out what happens next, but it's still not really my cup of tea. 

A couple quotes Febe read to us from Pinterest! Exactly how I was feeling! 

Watching The Walking Dead with all the lights turned off...eerie! ;)
What I was texting my mom during the show! hahaha

Febe dropped me off at home and I was ready to hit the hay! Although, I decided to watch an episode of One Tree Hill, which is when they're still freaked out about psycho Derek after he attacked Brooke and Peyton. Not the one to watch after you've just watched a show about creepy zombies, so I turned it off went to sleep. 

That's all for now,

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