February 16, 2012


Oh, what an eventful day it was; emotionally exhausting and thoughts wearing me out. It was a pretty typical morning for the most part.

So true, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard! 
My cat! After I wake up, she takes my spot...
I went to geography, where I got a couple old quizzes back (with a couple not so great grades), took another quiz finished watching this video on Hurricane Katrina, and went over what will be on our first test. I'm still sort of confused, because he was just kind of rambling. We'll see how that turns out.
I headed to Sociology after that where we went over some new guidelines and power points. Towards the end of the class, he wanted to show us this video on slavery that was pretty gory. He said if anyone had a weak stomach, they were free to leave-so I did. I didn't want to sit through it, so I left.

I got home and had lunch, and worked on some homework! I even tried one of the chocolate covered fortune cookies that was in my Valentine's Day basket, which were very good! And I got a cool fortune :)

My pen pal, Steph, sent me this sweet little Valentine card which really made my day! Notes and cards are seriously the best pick me ups! So, I sent her one on Facebook in return! ;)

Mr. Nathan Scott;  courtesy of The CW

I had dinner, watched American Idol and was texting with my friends most of the night. I also got into the app Temple Run. Everybody and their brother has been getting into it, but honestly I haven't had the desire to. Well, I got bored tonight and started playing it. I can definitely see how it becomes so addicting so quickly! LOL.

Spontaneously, Hillary decided we should go to the beach tomorrow-so it looks like we're going to Venice or Santa Monica...I seriously can't wait! I've been wanting to do a serious road trip with friends for a long time :D YAY! It's gonna be a blast!
A picture my mom took awhile back in Santa Barbara! Inspiring for the beach tomorrow ;)
Nothing too exciting this week, but I'm sure I'll make up for all of that tomorrow!

That's all for now,

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