February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Ah, what a Valentine's Day it was! I had classes as usual (and it's unfortunate that they didn't cancel them seeing as it's such a special occasion...HA); those were interesting. Geography is getting harder and harder to go to because it's so boring. We just sit there, listen to lectures, and if we're lucky we get to watch a video. On the plus side, yesterday he gave us 10 bonus points for staying through the entire class, since quite a few people had left. Then, it was time for my first quiz in sociology; I think it went pretty well for the most part.
Cute little thing I found online and immediately posted to Instagram!

After school, I ran some errands with my mom! We picked up cookies my mom had ordered and a ring from the mall my mom was getting sized.
The beautiful scenery on the way home from class!

I entered a contest to win a trip to London
We came home and had to watch Valentine's Day, because what other day is going to be more appropriate? It's a great movie and will probably be a tradition for many years to come! :)

Last night, I got together with the Young Adults group from church for a potluck! There was a ton of food, a lot of awesome people, Wii (Just Dance), and board games! It was great getting to spend time with the people I've grown the closest to over the last few months and who I have grown to love SO much. It was a really great time. I'd never done the Just Dance thing before, and I NEVER thought I would do it in front of a big group of people because I so don't do that. I was really proud of myself, and the fact that I actually had a lot of fun doing it. It's a great workout!
We played Cranium after we mingled and did some dancing, which was interesting. The group wasn't kidding when they said they could get competitive haha. I had never played before, and let's just say it was...interesting. There were a lot of weird challenges involved like humming, puppeteering, sculpting, scrambling letters, and a whole bunch of other random things that I was trying to figure out. By the end of the game, our group had pretty much given up on even trying. We were having fun amongst ourselves, though, and that counts! ;)

I photoshopped this on my computer....LOL. 
It was getting a little later, and Ceci and I were starting to get tired...so we decided to head out, and a few others followed behind us. By the end of the night, I'm not gonna lie I was discouraged about the whole idea of "falling in love" and I was so over Valentine's Day. I'll be sure to post a separate blog about all of that! 
The ride home with Ceci was entertaining that's for sure! I won't go into detail, but I got something accomplished that I've been putting it off. Sometimes you just need a friend to help you put things into perspective. Big things are in store, I feel...I'm not exactly sure where they're headed, and maybe right now, I'm not meant to know. I'm just gonna enjoy the journey until then! 

After I got home, I opened a Valentine's Day gift from my parents and talked with them for a little while...mainly about Whitney Houston for whatever reason LOL. I have no idea what even brought it up! Finally, I was getting tired so I went to bed. All in all, it was a good day. The most important thing for me to remember is that I am loved; surrounded by incredible family and friends, and a God that will never leave me! That's a comforting thought. 
My Valentine outfit and gifts from my parents (candy and Dodger blue converse)

That's all for now,

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day! Any stories to share?

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