February 15, 2012

Oh, Monday!

For being a Monday, it was actually a pretty good one. I was able to sleep off the crazy weekend I'd had and feel well rested. When my mom got back from the grocery store we had lunch and ran a few errands! I also got a couple Valentine's Day gifts : a card from Scotty McCreery and a piece of the RiverCourt from my parents!

We went to Home Goods looking for sprinkles for chocolate covered pretzels I wanted to make, but they were pretty much completely out of them except for a couple. However, they always have so many neat things I could've spent a good couple hours in there finding stuff I liked.

We ended up going to Vons and finding some that were perfect! We also ran to CVS pharmacy for some goodies and got yogurt!

Later that night, I made chocolate covered pretzels for my Valentine's Day party, and they came out pretty festive I must say. 

Dinner that night was great as well. I had shown my mom something from Pinterest, and she sort of put her own twist on it...it was delicious! 
Shrimp with veggies and rice! Yum :)


So proud of Adele for gracing the cover of the newspaper!!!! She OWNED the Grammy's!

That's all for now,

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