February 16, 2012

California Sky

I go from place to place
Always looking for something different
Want to try new things
Meet other people
Out with the old and in with the new
Seems to be my motto
I want to fall in love with another city
Be taken aback
And feel the excitement
Of the first time exploring
But something stops me every time

There ain't nothing like this California sky

There ain't nothing like the palm trees swaying in the breeze
The lights of Hollywood
Nothing like the sun in the summer
Or all the hot spots in town abuzz with laughter
What I love most is just driving around
Under this California sky

I could travel the world
And not feel the way I do when I'm in California
It's where I belong
My heart will always be here
No matter the love I have for other states I've been
Cuz there ain't nothing like this California sky

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