November 4, 2011

November 4

November 4

H M short sleeve shirt
£7.99 -

Forever21 cropped jacket
$30 -

Miss Me buckle jeans
$109 -

Black oxford
$20 -

HOBO tan satchel
$26 -

Squirrell Another Rainy Day
$50 -

Glitter Iphone 4 Cover
$20 -

Really good day so far! It finally feels like the holiday weather is approaching; it's rainy and cold out, which is great since it's NOVEMBER yay! I went to my speech class (took a quiz and got out early), went to lunch with my mom and aunt, Target, got my haircut, ran to Sam's Club..the rest of the night is all mine :) Gonna hang out with my mom, and maybe watch a little One Tree Hill season 7 later on tonight!

P.S: It would probably be a good idea to start the math hw that I'm behind in, but that just does not sound fun to me AT ALL right now :/ And it won't get any better the longer I wait. 

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