October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend (Friday/Saturday)

Friday afternoon, I helped set up the fall carnival for my old school (also my church), which was a lot of fun. It gave me a chance to hang out with friends, meet new people, and get experience with giving back. I've been cooped up in my own little bubble for too long, and it is time to expand my horizons. It was superhero themed :)

Cotton Candy=pure sugary goodness!

My parents and I decided to take a random day trip to the beach. It was beautiful and perfect weather for October. You know, every October we used to go over there for my grandma's birthday, and this was the first year we'd been over there, during the same time, since she passed away. She really would have loved it yesterday. And even though she wasn't there, she was definitely on my mind and in my heart. Her memory will never fade away from my life.
It was really good to get away for the day; to clear my mind. I feel renewed! :)There's something about the ocean that wipes away the worries and uncertainties of life. I believe that's the beauty of God speaking to us.

"If grace is an ocean, we're all sinking..."

My messy heart...because sometimes love is messy!! (So true Viv)

My new boots!

New phone case


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