November 1, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

I think the TV shows someone watches says a lot about a person. It shows what kind of people they hang out with, what they believe in, and the kinds of things they laugh at; all going back to their character. Here are mine!

Gilmore Girls has always been my number one favorite show since I was about 13 or 14, possibly even before that. It helped me through my Freshman year of high school and continues to pick me up when I'm down. I've always related to Rory Gilmore, more than any other character on TV. Not only are we both close with our moms, we were in student government in high school, known as the "good girls",  and are journalism majors. There's just something about that small town charm of Stars Hollow that keeps you coming back, makes you feel like you're part of something special. These characters come alive, and to me, Gilmore Girls has been so much more than a show. It will always be my number one show of all time, and even though I'm sad with how the last season ended, I still love it! So many life lessons and pop culture references have been learned from Gilmore Girls. They taught me well ;)

Friends. Well, this show is pretty self explanatory to everyone, because who doesn't love it? Everyone has seen it! The characters are so dynamic, have impeccable timing when delivering a joke, and really do become Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross. It's one of those shows that I'm sure my kids will be watching in years to come, saying they can't believe I'm that old to have been around when the show was new. Weird to think about! This show can always pick me up when I'm down, and always guarantees a laugh. If you're ever lonely, pop in a DVD of Friends, and you'll feel a part of the gang in no time.

My latest favorite show is One Tree Hill. If you haven't seen my other posts about it, let's just say I fell very quickly for this show. It has everything; drama, romance, friendship, life lessons, and how to deal with it all. I find it very insightful, because we've all known people like the main characters of Nathan, Haley, Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Mouth, and Skills. I've made it to the 7th season now, and it has been so cool to see the transformation and growth of these characters from the beginning to now. It may not be considered a "feel good" show, but it's helpful. You realize you aren't the only one going through crazy things in your life, and you realize that everyone has a shouldn't be so quick to judge. There's a reason they are the way they are! I love that.

These aren't the only shows I watch of course! I'm a big fan of old classics like The Brady Bunch, The Wonder Years, Facts Of Life, Who's The Boss, Saved by the Bell and a lot of shows my parents grew up on. I love Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire, Full House, Sister Sister, and all the 90's shows I grew up on. There's not really much I won't watch. As far as today's shows go I love American Idol, Ellen, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The New Girl, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, random Lifetime shows, shows on OWN, Glee, Rachel Ray, and so many others. What can I say?

So, if you haven't noticed, I watch quite a bit of TV; I think in terms of TV shows/Movies and terms used in Hollywood (scene, director, action, cut,etc.). Whenever there's a moment in my life, I refer back to something I've seen on TV whether it was happened to Lorelai Gilmore or Rachel Green, I remember those things and proceed to annoy my family and friends with stories about them. They tell me I'm obsessed...Nah! ;) I've also noticed that every year I have a show or movie I get into that ends up being my "theme"/helping me through the year. Here are some examples:
  • Freshman year: Saved by the Bell/Gilmore Girls
  • Sophomore: Days of Our Lives (go figure)
  • Junior: A Walk To Remember
  • Senior: Glee
  • Freshman in College: Boy Meets World
  • Sophomore in college: Pretty Little Liars/One Tree Hill

That's all for now,
Shelby xoxo

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