November 1, 2011

"If I Could Write A Letter To Me..."

The other day it hit me that I turn 20 in about two months. It had me reflecting on the kind of life I've had so far. Its been so great. I've had more love than I know what to do with, fun experiences, and incredible friends. But it has also had me thinking about the things I haven't done; regrets. If I were to write a letter to my younger self, it would go a little something like this:

I wish I hadn't been in such a rush to grow up. I would tell my younger self to just enjoy being a kid, work in your own time frame; don't worry how or when other people did things, do what works for YOU!
It's okay if that first relationship doesn't work out and all those crushes you've had don't turn into anything-it just means the one is still out there waiting for you.
Jr.hi will be some of the best days you've ever had. All of your friends were together, you learned a lot, and you started coming out of your shell. Sure there was a lot of drama, but you learned something from each thing that happened, and you always worked it out.
High school was nothing like you thought it would be. Those TV shows are really deceiving that you'll be homecoming princess, wear your football player boyfriends jersey, you won't be a cheerleader, you won't go to the prom with the man of your dreams, and you won't marry your high school sweetheart. Don't get your hopes up, but realize God has a reason and a special timing for everything that happens!
Don't be afraid to speak your mind, within reason. Be honest and kind with your words, but if people have a problem with that, don't worry about them. They weren't worth your time anyway. It's okay to let people see the real you, they'll still love you.
Don't be in such a hurry to grow up; to get to high school, to turn 18, to be on your own. You'll have the rest of your life for all of that, but days of youth, you can't always get back. Just remember to breathe, take life day by day, and remember to enjoy yourself. Don't take everything, including yourself so seriously, learn to lighten up. Life is short.. So don't be afraid to live it. It's worth the heartache, pain, hard times and lousy times to get to the other side. You just have to ride out the waves sometimes! :D

So, here's to your 20s and the rest of your life! It's your time!


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