November 4, 2011

Choir Practice # 2

Tonight we practiced the two hardest songs of our set list for the Christmas program, A Baby Changes Everything and Oh Holy Night. We also reviewed the songs from last week. This is my third year singing these songs, and I feel like this year it finally stuck. They weren't quite as hard as I remember.
As we were going over the alto parts, I totally remembered what it was supposed to sound like, before we went over it. That felt really good! I think being on the worship team has really helped me with learning how to hear parts, and has taught me a lot more about the technical side of music that I don't always quite understand.
I think the group is really strong! It seems that everyone has picked up on their parts really fast, all with a smile and a laugh. That's the best part of this experience! All of the friendships we're making along the way is the coolest thing to see :)
Until next week,

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