November 1, 2011

My Thoughts

I used to really miss you! All those times you said you'd call and never did, all the times we were supposed to hang out but you made other plans, and all the times we'd gone months without seeing each other... I really missed you. I wanted us to hang out like we used to back in the day, when we were 13.

I knew as we got older things would change, and we wouldn't be as close as we once were. Though I got carried away with the wishful thinking a lot of the time. High school came around, and we went our separate ways; we made different friends, got involved in different activities, and although every once in awhile we would get together and had a great time, I was reminded that we weren't like we used to be. It was like we were living in the past, holding onto the memories we used to have.

I don't miss you anymore. Okay, it's not that I don't miss you, I do; I've just learned how to be okay with you not in my life. I have to wonder though, do you ever miss me? Because you've never seemed to make an effort to be in my life. I kept fighting, but you gave up. I'm okay with that now.
As we get older, relationships grow and relationships die... And it's all about knowing which is which. I feel like the best relationships are the ones that don't take a lot of effort to work out, everything just sort of works out for the best! I guess we'll see how ours works out in the end. I know you've always got my back, and I've got yours, but time will tell how close we'll be through it all.

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