October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I can't believe how fast October flew by. It feels like I was just getting excited that it was finally here, and now we're at the end of it. Crazy! I don't really have any plans for tonight, except for maybe a Bible study, but I'm just fine with that. I'm not usually one for doing much on this holiday.  I also finally tried a pumpkin spice latte yesterday at Starbucks and had a pumpkin spice bagel for breakfast this morning. I'm all for going all out, no matter what the occasion/season! Have a fun, fabulous and safe night! Here are some of my festive pictures in honor of the occasion.
Just a little Halloween humor from my "Friends"
I dressed up my meet and greet picture with Taylor Swift! ;) haha.
One of my best friends and I at a Halloween party a couple years ago! Fun times. I tried to find the picture of us when we went as the Powerpuff girls with our other best friend for her high school's Halloween dance, but never found it :/
My mom and I at the car wash the other day!
Past Halloween costumes back in the day :)
I'm not sure why I didn't post these before, but a couple weekends ago, we went to the pumpkin patch and carved them later that day. The pumpkins were all kind of messed up this year, but it was still cool picking one out. I never realized just how much I was missing out on when I didn't carve the pumpkins all those years. It may take me a little while, and might get messy and complicated, but that's the fun of it :)

Mom's pumpkin, mine, and Dad's.

My pumpkin! Everything looks better with a light in it haha.
I had attempted to carve Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift..but decided to leave that to the pros...LOL.

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