November 1, 2011

Goodbye October, Hello November

I can't believe how fast October went by, and now it's November 1 already. It's FINALLY starting to feel like fall again; the weather is getting chilly this week, and I'm getting extremely anxious for a few days off at Thanksgiving! :D School is driving me crazy, and I just want a short break.

What I love about November/Thanksgiving is that it hasn't turned into a commercial holiday. It's still exactly the holiday it was intended to be when the pilgrims came over here on the Mayflower. I love spending time with family, watching the Macy's Parade, and eating comfort foods. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Although holidays in general aren't what they used to be, it makes them feel that much more special. You learn not to take things for granted as much when family members aren't there anymore, as you get older and time together becomes more scarce, and everyone starts doing their own thing. That's life! Those times that we are together, though, are some of the best times I've ever known, some of the times I've laughed the hardest, and those moments I've been TRULY happy.'s to November! A time of family, good food, laughter, and a time of reflection on all that we've been given. It may sound cliche or a little cheesy, but I've found that they've become cliche's because they are true, and everyone agrees. I can't wait :D

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