August 27, 2012

Week In Review

It was a pretty low-key week as most of mine are. I was home a good portion of the time filling my days with One Tree Hill, blog reading and other crazy endeavors related to such things. It was also filled with a lot of daydreaming about South Carolina/Wilmington, and how excited I am to finally be going back there. I was able to hang out with some friends, hook Netflix up to my wii, and just get some things ready for school getting ready to start. I even felt a little more inspired this week, so I decided to tackle a few simple crafts and brainstorming for a couple story ideas to work on. Friday's are always great, so my mom and I did a little shopping, had lunch together and I came home to get into my creative zone while watching Melissa and Joey. Here's my week in pictures. Because, after all...A picture is worth a thousand words.

Austin Nichols (One Tree Hill; aka Julian Baker)

edit I made! 

Happy Nathan Scott Day! ;)

Flashback, as I plan for my 21st birthday at Disneyland!! AH! (so, it's not until January...I like to plan ahead...)

I just found out they had an app! AH!!!

That's all for now,

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