August 27, 2012

"When we look back, these are the days we'll remember." ~Brooke Davis~

I had started writing a short "P.S." in my last post, but it turned out that I had a lot more to say than I thought...So, here it is.

If you're in high school and you're starting this week...Good luck and give it everything you have. Learn as much as you can, hang out with friends as often as possible, try out for the club you've always thought sounded fun, join the sports team that you might not have any business being on, and laugh... a lot. Get to know your teachers, say hi to the random kid that you always seem to pass everyday in the hallway on your way to Spanish, help a new student out, participate in rallies, turn your homework in on time, and go to football games. Study when you know you have a test, don't get distracted by that boy who will forget about you five minutes from now. Unless you're Nathan and Haley, high school sweethearts don't really come around very often, and they're fictional...So, there's that. Go off campus for lunch, don't always be so uptight, let your hair down a little-it's okay to let them see you smile. Speak up when you have something to say, hold your head high, and don't let anything hold you down. Ask for help when you need it, you're not the only one who has questions...It's just that no one else is bold enough to raise their hand, so be the first. When your friends text you, even if it's spur of the moment on a Friday night...Go with them. Be crazy, turn the radio up, laugh at the stupid jokes you come up with, and document it with a lot of pictures and videos. Don't feel like you have to be like everyone, because you don't. And you shouldn't want to. Be YOU. Because you're pretty awesome. You have a story to tell that no one else can. You don't need 1,000 friends like that girl in your English class. If you have a close group, that's all you need. Don't get paranoid if people don't invite you to hang out with them all the time, after awhile you just start to ignore what everyone else is doing. Make the most of every opportunity, so that when you look back 20 years from now, you never have to wonder..."What if?" or wishing you could go back to do something differently. 
Those moments are fleeting, and before you know it graduation day will be there. Be passionate, carefree, yet cautious. Only open up to a close group of people, you can't trust everyone, no matter how much you wish you could. Believe in the best of people, no matter how much they disappoint you. Don't let it make you bitter.  So, just do it. All of it. Oh, yeah, and have fun. Soak those moments up as much as possible. Pretty soon, you'll be out on your own, your friends will be in different states, getting jobs, starting families, pursuing dreams, and somewhere along the way, you might have regrets that you didn't do enough. You didn't say enough. You thought you weren't enough. But, you are...So, know that now. Live the life you want to have five years from now...Right now. Don't wait. 

I kept waiting for the right moment when it came to certain things in high school. But, that perfect timing never came. There is no such thing. Sometimes, you just have to jump and see what happens. I don't believe in regrets. I know God can turn things around, even if I missed one of my chances in high school, or took a different road than I should have. But are there still a couple things I wish I could've done back then? Absolutely. Every experience, heartache, trial, triumph, person, teacher, event, and obstacle makes you who you are. Enjoy every second of it. Let your light shine. Show them all you've got, and let them know that you won't let them tell you otherwise. 

That's all for now,

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