August 28, 2012

One Tree Hill Challenge

I'm pretty sure I've started this before and not finished before...Or maybe I've actually done each task, but I feel like it was time to start it again because I'm much more of a hardcore fan than I was at the beginning. I remember more of the moments, and I'm even more attached to the characters, if that's even possible. So, here we go:

Day 1- Your Favorite Male Character

Day 2-Your Favorite Female Character

Day 3- Your Favorite Couple

Day 4-Your Favorite Friendship

Day 5-Your Favorite Actor

Day 6-Your Favorite Actress

Day 7-Your Favorite Cast Friendship

Day 8-Your Favorite Secondary Character

Day 9-Your Favorite Season

Day 10-Your Favorite Episode

Day 11-Your Favorite Quote

Day 12-Your Favorite CODA

Day 13-Your Favorite Song Played On One Tree Hill

Day 14-Your Least Favorite Male Character

Day 15-Your Least Favorite Female Character

Day 16-Your Least Favorite Couple

Day 17-Your Least Favorite Friendship

Day 18-Your Least Favorite Actor

Day 19-Your Least Favorite Actress

Day 20-Your Least Favorite AU couple

Day 21-Your Least Favorite Secondary Character

Day 22-Your least Favorite Season

Day 23-Your Least Favorite Episode

Day 24-Your Least Favorite Quote

Day 25-Best Acting Performance From Sophia Bush

Day 26-Best Acting Performance From Hilarie Burton

Day 27-Best Acting Performance From Bethany Joy Lenz

Day 28-Best Acting Performance From Chad Michal Murray

Day 29-Best Acting Performance From James Lafferty

Day 30-Your All Time Favorite One Tree Hill Scene

I can tell you right now this is going to be one of the hardest things I'll ever have had to pick favorite's of. Get ready for a lot of indecisiveness-You've been warned.

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