August 27, 2012

Weekend Review

Yesterday, I slept in until almost 11, got ready...blah, blah, blah, and eventually my parents and I went down to LA for the day. We couldn't decide on where to eat, and I wanted to try something new, so we decided to try this burger place in Burbank. We've driven past it quite a bit, but have never been there. I hadn't been in the best of moods, which is no shocker, unfortunately, but lunch really perked me up. We were laughing at the dumbest of things and it was great. I don't even remember what all we said, but somehow we found it hilarious. 

After just watching the episode of OTH where Brooke's attacker Xavier follows her into the parking garage, and waits for her as she gets out of the elevator...This was a little eerie.

After lunch, we walked over to Urban Outfitters. I could seriously live there! I loved just about everything I saw, which would be a real issue if I actually had money, so it's a good thing I'm broke. However, it gave me some outfit ideas for trips coming up, and just my style in general. I ended up getting some new Oxford shoes, which I was really excited about! I can't wait to wear them more for fall. We were pretty clueless about what to do after that, so we just drove around town, throwing out random ideas, but not really coming up with anything. We ended up driving through a different area of Griffith Park, and it was really gorgeous through there. There were horses walking up the mountains and the sun was beaming through the trees. It was the perfect summer drive! As we were about to turn a corner, we saw what we thought was a kit fox, and it ended up being a coyote! He was adorable! And it was almost like he kept posing for the camera as soon as I took it out. When I was done, he crawled up into the bushes. 
Finally, after a little while, we made our way to Dodger stadium with some time to kill. We ended up hanging out on the level beneath us for a bit. I needed sugar, so I got some cotton candy and an ice tea, then we went exploring. We looked around the dugout, and waited for the National Anthem and all to happen, since there's a better view, then headed back up to our seats. We even got to see the US Water polo team that had just played at the olympics! That was really cool.
The game felt really long, but it was actually done pretty quickly...The innings just lasted long! There were no celebrities in the crowd, which is weird, because there's been someone at every game, but oh well. It was still a lot of fun, of course. And the Dodgers won, which helped too! :)
When the game ended, we had dinner at one of my dad's favorite places, Ernie Jr's. He practically grew up eating there, since he was from the area. We were one of two tables out of the entire place, since they were getting ready to close, so it was almost like we had it to ourselves. Again, for some reason we were all in a great mood, laughing and joking around, making fun of each other, and I was planning out the One Tree Hill episodes I want my dad to watch. I can't wait! 
We got in the car and headed home, rocking out to Taylor Swift, saying "What?!" as I recited the rest of the song. It was a blast, and I love that my dad seriously tries to get into the stuff I'm into or at least puts up with it, even if it isn't his cup of tea. He's seriously one of the most selfless people I know! It was a fun car ride home. 

Friends Fountain at the 2nd WB lot...One of these days I will get in. I am determined!


This morning, I woke up and headed off to church with my parents. It was such a great sermon on making decisions on having an "I will" attitude. I really needed to hear that, because I've been feeling discouraged, and just slipping back into old habits, forgetting what I've been working so hard on this year. I want to remember all that God has already done so much in my life, and the things that He promises, He is going to follow through with. I have to believe that and do something about it. This is MY season, and I am choosing to trust God with whatever comes next. Instead of having a negative attitude, I want to choose to look on the bright side of things again. I want to have a joyful attitude rather than a debby downer one...Because she's no fun to be around. 

When church got out, we grabbed Panda Express, and took it home. The rest of the afternoon consisted of me watching random shows on Netflix, scoping out Calabasas (aka where the Kardashians live), and hanging out. I think I've got it all mapped out. A little while passed, and as I was sitting on the couch, I got a phone call from one of my really close family friends, telling me that she wanted to go back to Washington D.C during Thanksgiving break if plane tickets were cheap enough...Would I be interested? Absolutely! However, it would mean missing Thanksgiving day with my family, so I'm not sure. It would be so much fun, though...And it would definitely make me feel like an adult, having to miss the holidays. So, we'll see what happens. 
Around 6, we headed up to my grandparents house, after picking up KFC for dinner. I seriously need to do a diet before we go to South Carolina, because I want to be able to eat a lot of southern goodness back there, and right now I've been eating way too much. Oh, summer...We made it up to my grandparents house, ate dinner, enjoyed one another's company and watched an interview with Mitt Romney. I found it extremely interesting and helpful with this election coming up. 
We spent a few hours together, then came home. My last official day of summer. I caught up on some recorded shows, edited some pictures...The usual. And now, it's time for classes to start up tomorrow. Ah! It feels like we were all just talking about summer, and here we are starting up again. Summer classes can really throw things off a bit, but I'm so glad for it...Because it gets me that much farther ahead. I was going to try not to stay up too late, but, that didn't happen. I decided I'd stay up super late on purpose just for the heck of it. You're only young once, right? Someday soon, I'm gonna miss these moments or not get the chance to just sit around, so I thought I'd take it as it comes. 

That's all for now,

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