August 28, 2012

Day Two (OTH Challenge)-Your Favorite Female Character

Yet another tie.

Haley James Scott:
Haley James was always someone I resonated with the most, even before I really watched the show. From the few episodes I'd seen, I just really liked her. She was the good girl who got good grades, had good friends, and was into the music scene. No, I didn't get married or have a baby in high school, but I just felt like a lot of our characteristics were the same. She's soft spoken, until it comes to fighting for what is right or putting someone in their place, and I'm coming into that the older I get. She's graceful, classy, and managed to find a way to balance her home life and her career at the same time. She's also extremely witty and sarcastic, which is another thing we have in common. A lot of people call her boring, but I think there was so much depth to her character; even a little mystery. She wasn't afraid to be vulnerable in those moments that called for it. I love that she was always honest and as I'd like to say, "beautifully outspoken." She was strong, but wasn't afraid to let her guard down. And oh, how I love those feisty little incidents like when she slapped Renee, when she dragged Nanny Carrie out of the shower with Nathan by her hair, always let Rachel know how much she didn't like her, or just told Nathan how she felt when he wasn't being the best he could be. Haley James Scott is just what every woman should be!

Brooke Davis:
Oh, Brooke Davis. What a transformation we see with her from the second episode to the very last. It's hard to imagine what this show would be like without the spitfire that is Brooke. At first, you just see her as this party girl who sleeps around, drinks, and isn't necessarily the model student. And that is true at the beginning. But, as the show progressed, you see that Brooke is extremely fragile inside. That's the part of Brooke I can relate to. Sometimes I try to act like I don't care, but it's because I care so much that I tend to get my heart broken. She puts all of her friends and family first, but she tends to be the footnote in their stories at times. I get that. I think Brooke has some of the best "one-liners" when it came to things like loneliness and heart ache, because she knew all about that. She knew what it was like to love and not have someone love you back. She wore her heart on her sleeve, loved like there was no tomorrow, and all she hoped was that she could find someone out there who felt the same way. Brooke Davis is a fighter; she's passionate, she's driven, and she's extremely outspoken. Those are qualities I admire so much about this character, and Sophia herself. Neither one of them let others stop them from going after what they want. Despite all the challenges and heartache she went through, she kept fighting and she made it through. "The girl behind the red door" finally got her fairytale ending in the end, and you couldn't help but feel as though you were experiencing all of these beautiful moments with her as they happened.

Sure, these are just characters...But, I see a lot of Joy and Sophia in Haley and Brooke as well, and I think that's why I love them so much. They truly made you feel, week after week, that somewhere in Tree Hill, North Carolina, these women were out there making a difference. It reminds me that I can to!

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