August 29, 2012

Day Three (OTH Challenge)-Favorite Couple

Well, if you couldn't tell by now...I reallllllly like Nathan, Haley, Julian and Brooke...So, naturally those are my two favorite couples.

NALEY: They were my very favorite from the beginning of watching. I thought that was just a given that everyone 'Shipped' them, because obviously they're pretty much perfect together and had their lives practically figured out before they even graduated. They have so many adorable moments together, such as, "Don't say I never gave you anything," rain, Nathan making it into the NBA, the pep talk Nathan gives Haley before Lydia's born, the night of their Senior prom, the time they crash HoneyGrove and their talk under the gazebo. So many sweet moments that any love story would envy. They're seriously one of those rare couples that just got it right the first time. The fact that they both came from completely different worlds just goes to show you the power of love. They went through some pretty tragic and crazy times, like Lucas' approving of Nathan at the beginning, psycho nannies, Renee, Chris Keller, deaths, the birth of their son, Nathan's accident, Haley getting hit by Dante's car and countless other things...But, they didn't give up, they stuck it out...Because that's what love does.


For not really being too sure of how I'd like Julian with Brooke, he grew on me pretty quickly. As I started re-watching episodes after I'd gone through the entire series...Part of me started wondering whether I might even like them a little more than Naley. *GASP* But, I love them both equally now for totally different reasons. Oh, the life of a "fan-girl". Anyway, I loved that Brulian was a little more realistic...They always seemed to be a page off from one another at the start of their relationship (most of the time, thanks to Alex), and that's how some relationships start. They'd bicker with one another, but understood each other in a way that no one else did. Julian cared for Brooke more than anyone ever had. He fought for her the way she wanted Lucas to after they broke up, he treated her with respect like her relationship with Felix defeated, and Julian wanted to start a family with her, unlike Owen. Although, I do give props to Chase...I liked them together for the time being. Julian was the entire package, and Brooke gave him the attention that the girls in high school sure didn't. I just wish it wouldn't have happened to be another one of Peyton's old boyfriends...I mean, Brooke deserved more than that.

All in all, they each found who they were supposed to be with.

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