February 22, 2012


You try to handle it all on your own
But when will you learn?
That you need someone to hold you through the night?
I was trying to be there for you
But all you do is push me away
We were gonna get through this thing together
But you didn't want me to stay
So I walked out
Cuz you needed to do some things for you
Just know that I'll be there waiting

Everyone needs someone to lean on in the rain
Everyone needs someone to help them through the pain
If you'd just knock that wall down and let me in
I can try to make things okay again
But you just have to learn...to trust

You drive everyone away that you care about
Cause you're afraid of being hurt again
If you ever want to really love someone
You're gonna have to get over it
We can make it work
But only if we're in this together

Whenever you need me
I'll be by your side
I'll be the one to hold you when you cry
And I'll be the one holding you to get you through the night

~Shelby Nicole

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