February 25, 2012

This Week In Review

This week was pretty laid back! A few exciting things happened, but for the most part I just wanted to chill out and relax. It gave me time to actually get some things accomplished. I've felt extremely exhausted and I'm not really sure why, so it was nice to have a little break! Other than that, it was a really good week. I spent more time with God, got school work done, got involved in prayer day at school, had practice for the worship team at church this weekend, etc. 
I felt so much love from my family and friends after being baptized last Sunday. I had a few messages on Facebook and my friends were just there for me during the week when I needed prayer, and I don't know what I would've done without them. I'm so thankful to my wonderful church family and the fact that they care so much about me. 

I was really into looking up quotes or saving the ones that I thought fit the mood I was in:

I think we established it would be the friend....hahahah

Downloaded The Message Bible app on my iPad...it's amazing!

I want to be a Ruth! 

Our new exercise bike! 

The moment realization hit for me... 

My mom won tickets at our radio station, KUZZ, for The Lorax!!! YAY!
Easter candy is out! Malt balls are amazing!
I got some of my pictures developed from this year so far and scrapbooked them!

Yesterday was a lot of fun! I had my geography class where we got the test back from our previous class. Let's just say it did not turn out like I thought it would :/. After, I headed over to the quad area with my friend Michele for the prayer day we were holding. Her brother played guitar and we sang and prayed over the campus. Something really crazy happened while I was out there. About a month ago at our renewal we had at church, there was a girl who tapped me on the shoulder and said she thought my voice would heal a lot of people. Well, it turns out, she's friends with my friend Michele. She's been telling me all about her, and how hopefully I'd get to meet her soon! It turns out we'd already met; who knew?! God works in mysterious ways. I was only able to stay a few minutes, then I had to get to my sociology class. As soon as that ended, I went back out to pray a little more with the group, which had gotten bigger. I even prayed out loud, which was a big step for me. I get really nervous praying as a "leader"; I sort of stutter and repeat myself when it comes to that, so I usually try to duck out of praying. But, lately, I've been trying to practice little by little whether it's just with my family or a few friends! I'm getting there :)

Last night, we had practice for church on Sunday! The choir is joining in the worship set we're doing, which works because I'm already scheduled to sing with the worship team. We went over the songs that we're singing, which I'm really excited about. They're songs we're all really familiar with and are fun to sing! It also gave Viviyan and I a chance to catch up a little, since we haven't seen each other in a few days ;) haha. That's a long time for us to go without seeing each other lately, when it has been just about every night. I came home and watched American Idol, which I can't say I'm too excited about this season. It just doesn't hit me like it used to...because the talent just isn't what it used to be. I do really like Baylie Brown, but other than that I'm not impressed. I hope to have a favorite by the finale, because we're going and that would make it much more exciting. On another note for talent and past American Idols, Miss Carrie Underwood has a new single out after a long time! 

Today...FRIDAY! It was wonderful :) I slept in a little bit, watched The O.C and One Tree Hill on SoapNet, then finally decided to get ready after being lazy for awhile. And I found out ....CARRIE UNDERWOOD GOT A TWITTER! I never thought I'd see the day! 

When my mom got home from running errands, we went to lunch and made a trip to Target and Ulta. It was such a beautiful day outside that I didn't want to go home. 
Penny for your thoughts...random picture!

Tonight, after dinner my parents and I decided to rent Moneyball. My dad and I got malts at Baskin Robbins before, and we picked up the movie at RedBox. It was kind of slow, but I thought it was good! We almost had the chance to be extras in the movie, because they were doing stadium shots when we were in the area. Unfortunately, it ended up being the day after we left.  It was great getting to see the behind the scenes stuff of baseball, and it had me excited about this year's season of the Dodgers! :D

"Don't say I never gave you anything!" (#ItsanOTHthing) My mom just didn't understand...

A few of my favorite quotes were:
"When your enemy's making a mistake don't interrupt them!"

"How can you not be romantic about baseball?"

"What's your biggest fear?" "A baseball being hit in my general direction!" (Actually, this is mine. I don't like getting close seats, which might be a problem for at least one game this season).

"When you get the answer you're looking for...hang up."

And so begins the weekend. :)

That's all for now,

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