February 19, 2012


Saturdays are usually pretty relaxed! I normally just hang out with my parents or run errands with them. I woke up, did my daily devotion, and just talked with my mom for a little bit. We ended up turning on Whitney Houston's funeral for awhile and saw most of it. It was so sad to see so much God-given talent and spirit taken away from the world so early, due to the fame and craziness of Hollywood. It was touching and sad to hear the things that all of her family and friends had to say about her, but also really moving to make a difference in the lives of others. During the funeral, I actually bought a couple of her songs that I'd been meaning to buy. It's bittersweet when a musical legend dies in the world; their music becomes well known again and new generations are introduced to it, and it's sad that it takes such a tragedy like that to make it happen.
On a happier note, my dad called my uncle (who lives in South Carolina) and it turns out him and my aunt were taking a trip over the weekend to see the house from Nights In Rodanthe. To top it off, they were going to have to go through Wilmington, North Carolina (AKA-Tree Hill)....can you say perfect trip?! I was really freaking out. He said they were going to take some pictures, so we'll see :)....

After we were all ready, we went out for lunch at a new local place called, Victor's! It's basically like Chipotle, but everyone I know thinks it's better. It pretty much is! Then, we ran to a couple places like Target and Ulta. I was in a really strange mood and I have no idea why, but eventually I started to snap out of it. We came home and I relaxed for a bit!

My fortune!

A little later on Hillary came to pick me up. We had planned on making blankets at our friend Ceci's last night, but Wal-Mart didn't have any good material or anything we wanted, so we just ended up meeting Ceci and Febe at the Dollar Store. We picked up a ton of junk food for our movie night, then headed back to Ceci's new place. It's so nice! I wasn't able to go when she gave the rest of the girls the grand tour for the very first time, because I ended up going out of town but I'm glad I was able to make it this time. She showed us how she'd decorated her room, we ate dinner, and watched some movies: John Tucker Must Die and Prom Night. John Tucker was amazing; I believe it should be a staple movie for all girls to see. Plus, even though Penn Badgley's character wasn't in it all that much I really loved him. I thought he was great :) Prom Night on the other hand, not so much. I'm not a fan of horror/scary/violent-ish movies where people get slashed and especially on what is supposed to be a big night. I also don't like the fact that people die within like the first five minutes. Sorry, if I'm spoiling things for you, but I'm just saying. I ended up leaving before the movie was over, but not because of that. It was a lot of fun just being with the girls and having a fun night in. It's not about what you do, it's about creating memories together...sorry for the really cheesy line, but it's true.

The candy!!!!!!!! 
The room watching movies!

I came home, got my stuff ready for church, and tried to get to bed a little earlier. I'm not sure how much that really helped, but at least I made an attempt.

That's all for now,

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