February 23, 2012

John Tucker Must Die-Scott (Penn Badgley)

I'm convinced that Penn Badgley's character, Scott, in John Tucker Must Die represents perfect boyfriend material. He's the typical underrated, best friend who wants to treat the girl with respect. He's the indie/coffeehouse kid who's interested in the same things the girl, but not obnoxiously so. He still has his own opinions about it, and she would tell him hers. He's sort of the nerd, but he's so charming and witty you quickly forget that he's the "underdog," especially when his brother is player, John Tucker.

I don't watch Gilmore Girls, and for some reason I've never been much of a Penn Badgley fan. However, I've been seeing more of his work (John Tucker, Easy A, and a cameo he made on What I Like About You), and I'm impressed with him. There's something about him that just really warms you up to him. Plus, he's a cutie so that doesn't hurt ;).

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