February 24, 2012

My Favorite Fictional Couples

I have this problem where I sometimes lose track of reality and find myself living in the dream world of my favorite TV shows. So, periodically I end up in Tree Hill or Stars Hollow hanging out with the Gilmores or the Scott brothers. And sometimes I end up making their problems my own. See what a predicament that puts me in? I'm very involved and become extremely attached to my movies and TV shows; that's what the great ones are supposed to do, right? Right. Moving right along, I'm gonna give you a run down of my favorite couples of all time. I'm sure I've touched on this before, but I have absolutely nothing else to do so this is what I choose to spend my time doing.
Luke and Lorelai: From the very first episode to the very last, we all knew that Luke and Lorelai belonged together. They could drive each other crazy at times, but they loved each other. Their friendship in the diner grew as the years went on and I think that's why their relationship was as strong as it was. Lorelai was the only girl that Luke truly ever cared about enough to do some of the things he did, like building the ice skating rink, building a Chuppah, watching Casablanca with Lorelai, and the list could go on and on. Luke cared for Rory as if she was his own daughter, while her own dad, Christopher was away. Lorelai had a hard time loving people, but Luke she never had any problems with it. They both really screwed things up at the end when Lorelai slept with Chris and Luke pushed the wedding back because of April. I really wish they would've gotten the definite happy ending they deserved, instead of leaving it up to the imagination of the viewers.
Dean and Rory: I truly believe that Dean and Rory belonged together. From the very first episode, I always thought he was perfect for her. He was charming, smart, loyal, kind, and he loved her more than anything. He would've moved Heaven and earth for her, and maybe at times that could be the problem, but he always had the best of intentions. He treated her with respect, like every girl wants to be treated. Honestly, he's the perfect boyfriend in my opinion. He's the one that caught Rory's eye, and she was never even into guys; she focused on school too much. Although, in the third season they really did make him out to be entirely too clingy and that was a real turn off. But, she went straight to Jess who completely disrespected her and Lorelai. I don't think she ever appreciated Dean and loved him the way he loved her, and that always made me a little mad. Every time her and Dean broke up, she always ended up going back to him, it's like she was always waiting for him to be pining after her (And usually he was). I still think out of everyone she was with on the show, they had the most chemistry!
Nathan and Haley: If this couple doesn't help you believe in love, I don't know what will. They've been through it all and still continue to push past whatever obstacle stands in their way every single time. They were high school sweethearts who got married their Junior year and had their first kid the same day as graduation. They did things a little different than most people, but it always seemed to be working for them. Nathan and Haley were a very unlikely pairing, and a lot of their friends and family weren't too crazy about the idea at first. But, they proved them all wrong. They are best friends, they respect each other, they encourage one another, and they love each other. They do the little things for each other like taking the time to listen, spending time with one another, etc. They remind me of a real life couple that I know, and it's beautiful to see that they represent those rare couples that are still in love and will actually last, because they work at it and do whatever it takes to make it work.

I go way back with Cory and Topanga. If you're a 90's kid, I'm sure you did too. I always wanted to find my own Cory Matthews, because I thought he was the greatest thing ever. I loved the fact that when they were just little kids, they knew they were going to get married. Again, they defied the odds when their parents thought they were so young or that they should see what else was out there. They didn't need to see the world or date anyone else to know who they were supposed to be with. Even when Topanga's parents went through a divorce, and she started to doubt love, Cory reminded her of what they had together. He was patient, but he fought for her and what they had. No matter what people came in between them, no matter what obstacles hit them, they worked past it...TOGETHER. And that is the key to any good relationship. When they got married, I cried and still do every time as if I'm at a wedding for people I know.

Good ole Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper. My dad used to watch this show a lot on Nick At Nite when I was younger, and that was our thing. I grew to love Kevin and Winnie as if I knew them personally. They were the epitome of "young love", "high school sweethearts" and best friends. They were childhood friends that went through everything together: loss of loved ones, 7 minutes in Heaven, drama at school, and the inevitability of growing up. Everyone pulled for them to stay together, and in the end, they didn't. I watched the series finale in my Bible class my Freshman year of high school (don't ask). I was completely shocked when I found out that Kevin picked up Winnie at the airport with his wife...HIS WIFE, meaning it was not Winnie. I thought about it off and on throughout the day, and still could not believe it. But, I guess that's the way life works-sometimes things don't work out. Now, I watch the show back on The Hub and realize why it probably wouldn't have worked out for them (this is what I mean about that reality thing for me). Winnie always sort of thought she was better than Kevin, and just never seemed to care for him as much as he did her. It's saddening really, but as far as when they were young goes..I thought they were adorable.
Monica and Chandler: I think this picture captures them to a T. It's also one of my favorite episodes, because, well...look at Chandler's smile! HAHAHAHAHA. For many years, I always thought I was team Ross and Rachel. That seemed to be the couple that everyone pulled for. However, when I seriously got into the show and watched from start to finish, Monica and Chandler really took the cake. They were so completely different from one another (which seems to be a pattern here), yet they fell in love. He was crazy and a little immature at times, and she was a control freak who loved to plan and clean. Monica changed Chandler's views on marriage and he helped her loosen up a little. They complement each other so well. They just seemed to get each other, it didn't matter if it made sense to anyone else. Plus, they're just absolutely hilariously when they go back and forth with each other.
Who can forget Harvey and Sabrina? I loved them almost as much as Cory and Topanga growing up. They were high school sweethearts and just so adorable together. They understood each other and no matter how many times Sabrina did things that she couldn't tell Harvey about, he trusted her and let her do her thing. It was another situation that no matter who Sabrina was with, she always went back to Harvey...in fact, that's what stopped her wedding to Aaron in the last episode. I couldn't have been happier. I'm pretty sure I teared up when their "soul mate" pieces fit together perfectly. They were meant to be!

And there ya go...Those are the couples that I absolutely adore! They believe in love and working it out and isn't that how it should be? The best things in life are worth working hard at and fighting for. When you've got a good thing, don't just let it slip away.

That's all for now,

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